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Don’t Californicate our Texas

In Business, Economics by Allen West

Last night I spoke at an event in Fredericksburg, Texas, and if there is anything I enjoy, it’s riding through the Texas Hill Country. I love coming down Hwy 281 through Burnet to Marble Falls, then hitting Hwy 290, Texas Wine Row. I have ridden my motorcycle through Hill Country several times and each time it is exhilarating.

Now, I have to tell you, the only issue I had was going through Johnson City, Texas. That is the home of former President Lyndon Baines Johnson, the “Man from the Pedernales.” Johnson is not exactly one of my favorites, and you can understand why.

But, as I travel all across Texas, either in my truck, Jeep, or on my motorcycle, I am just proud and honored to call the Lone Star State home, again. The incredible beauty and blessings of this state from the pine trees of East Texas to the Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend Mountains, over to the Gulf of Mexico — and all parts in between — just blows one away. What’s even greater is that Texas moxie, that renowned swagger that says, “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

I am also thinking about another state, one that is picturesque and offers a variety of breathtaking scenery and terrain, California. The so-called Golden State was once a strong conservative state. Heck, Ronald Reagan was once its governor, but look at what it has become!

Just days ago, it was revealed that California, which has the highest state income tax, also has the highest poverty level. One in every five Californians lives in poverty. We know about the abhorrent and medieval conditions resulting from the homeless situation in California. Yet, the useful idiots that populate that once thriving state elected the “Walking Brain Dead,” who spend more time passing laws about plastic straws, and now banning plastic shampoo, lotion, and conditioner bottles from hotels.

And, now we have the most recent evidence of incompetence and ineptness emanating from California.

As reported by Fox News:

“Power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses went out early Wednesday, affecting millions of people in California. PG&E said it will turn off power to 800,000 customers — that means about 2 million people — in 34 counties in northern, central and coastal California. In Southern California, SoCal Edison warned that it might shut off power to more than 100,000 customers in eight counties as high winds are expected to hit the region Thursday. The city of San Francisco isn’t covered by PG&E’s shutoffs. But much of the surrounding Bay Area and beyond are expected to go dark, including large swaths of Silicon Valley, the cities of Oakland and Berkeley and much of the Northern California wine country hit by wildfires that killed 44 two years ago. The outage also affects parts of the agricultural Central Valley, the state’s northern and central coasts and the Sierra Nevada foothills where a November wildfire blamed on PG&E transmission lines killed 85 people and devastated the town of Paradise.

Thousands of students were getting the day off Wednesday, and possibly Thursday, as school districts across Northern California announced plans to cancel classes. Some school districts in the power outage area, like Berkeley, said they planned to stay open Wednesday but told parents to stay tuned. The University of California, Berkeley, Sonoma State University and Mills College canceled classes Wednesday. While critical emergency city and county services were expected to operate, residents were urged to call ahead about routine office hours as many may be closed. Hospitals have backup generators and could stay open, along with all emergency services. Cellphone companies have said most cellphones should work as long as they’re charged.”

One of the great things about Texas is that it has its own power grid! Yes, the Lone Star State is not connected to either the East or West coast grid, thank God. But, think about another one of the ramifications to what is happening in California: electric cars. Yep, you know, the grand scheme of the left to force us all out of internal combustion engines to electric vehicles? Well, even if you had a natural gas vehicle you would be protected from this travesty, but brilliant little progressive socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are against that means of energy which does reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

So, now there are massive lines at electric charging stations all across California with folks taking up to 30-40 minutes, per vehicle to get a full charge. Hmm, it only takes me about 1-2 minutes to fill up my truck, Jeep, and even less for my motorcycle.

Perhaps the elected progressive socialist clowns in California should have been allocating more funding to hardening their electric grid and strengthening those power lines? Instead, they are more focused on providing free healthcare, and other benefits, to illegal immigrants.

Back in July, I shared with y’all an article from The Economist that was titled, “Texafornia.” The premise of the article was that the future of these United States of America comes down to a choice between two different States, California and Texas. One has to ponder, why would anyone want to “Californicate” the Lone Star State of Texas? Yet that is happening.

Consider the fact that this November, Texans will vote on a ballot initiative on whether or not Texas should have a state income tax. As well, just a few months back, the Austin City Council, yes, the capital of Texas, voted to allow the homeless to erect tents within the city limits. It just begs the question, why do progressive socialists move into successful red states where there is growth, opportunity, and prosperity — they are fleeing the lack thereof — and bring their failed ideology and agenda with them?

Folks, that is what ya call the “locust effect,” and it has overrun states like Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Virginia. And this pestilence of ideological stupidity and ignorance now has set its sights on North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and yes . . . Texas. This cancer seeks out and establishes itself in the major population centers, where all over the United States you witness the failure of progressive socialism in the urban centers, which they control. The failure of constitutional conservatives has been that we have not gone on offense against this scourge and consistently play defense, as they overtake our States. All for one thing: political and electoral gain, power.

I often tell folks that when they see that U-Haul pull up into their neighborhood here in Texas, they should find a moment to welcome the new neighbors. Take them some nice Texas dessert, show them that Texas hospitality, and then, with a smile on your face say, “Welcome to Texas, now, why are you here?” Your purpose is not for them to drone on about the job they have moved for, but ascertain their philosophy of governance. Get them to think in-depth about why they have come to Texas or any other successful conservative state. And even better, ask them why they left wherever they were previously.

That is not being intrusive, or nosey. It is a valid, and vital question to ask. See, if we, who are proud to call Texas our home, do not ever explain the reason for our pride, then the infection spreads. You fail to inoculate the new neighbor from the condition called progressive socialism.

As well, folks, we must do a better job of talking with our kids and grandkids as we come to realize that our schools are being transformed into indoctrination centers. Think about it, on a daily basis, how much time do you spend with your child, as opposed to a teacher or professor? This is why I was speaking at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas, and will be going into our Texas colleges, universities, and high schools.

Read the article in The Economist titled “Texafornia.” There are those who suffer from delusion believing that Texas can never be flipped. I am quite sure many said the same thing about California.

I remember a poll taken this year that said some 46% of people wanted to leave San Francisco. They listed Idaho and Texas as their preferred destinations. Y’all do us all a favor, think about the principles, values, and idiocy that caused you to flee . . . and do not Californicate Texas or other states who were doing well until y’all showed up.

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