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Don’t Try that Virginia Mess in My Texas!

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In full disclosure, I am a Life (Benefactor) and Board member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), since 2016. I am also a Life (Benefactor) member of the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), and also a Life Member of the Dallas Safari Club (DSC), and a member of Gun Owners of America (GoA). Any of you who follow me, know very well that I own a nice collection of firearms. I am a full supporter of the Second Amendment. This past week I spoke on the campus of the University of Michigan for Young America’s Foundation on the subject of the Second Amendment and campus carry.

I say all of this as a precursor to today’s missive.

If there is one thing I have to admire about the progressive socialist left, they are relentless. They will not stop until you absolutely crush them, and I mean their will, spirit, determination. If there is one thing that the Republican Party, as a whole, fails to embrace, it is a killer instinct.

I am referring to the ideological civil war in which we are embroiled. The left in America is fully out of their “closet” and have no issue with expressing their desires for the fundamental transformation of the United States of America. They have proven that they will use any means of coercion, lies, deceit, threat, intimidation, manipulation, bullying, and violence to achieve their ends. This is not a debatable issue anymore.

Throughout the history of the world, no endeavor to rule over people has been successful without first disarming the populace. As I have stated, going back to October of 2012 at a Friends of the NRA dinner in Palm Beach County, “an armed individual is a citizen, and unarmed one is a subject.” Those words were first uttered by one of our Founding Fathers, John Adams, who used the reference “man.”

Throughout the history of the world, no endeavor to rule over people has been successful without first disarming the populace. #2A @SecondAmendment Click To Tweet

We all watched as a new Virginia legislative body was sworn into office and they made one of their first duties to disarm law-abiding, legal gun owners in that State. The new Sons of Liberty, led by the Virginia Civil Defense League (VCDL), organized, 91/95 counties became sanctuaries for the Second Amendment. On January 20, 2020, three years after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, where Antifa mobs roamed the streets in violent rage, those Patriots, citizens of Virginia took to their Capitol in Richmond, armed, exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech, to assemble, and to petition their government for redress of grievances. They could do so because they were citizens, not subjects…and there was not an incident to be heard of, reported…matter of fact, they left the grounds in a better state of appearance — contrary to the chaos of leftist groups.

Just this week we learned that the measure to ban semi-automatic rifles in Virginia failed in the State Senate Committee of oversight. The Patriots of Virginia had won a great victory . . . but as stated earlier, the progressive socialist left in America is relentless, and their thirst for power, control, is insatiable.

Therefore, Michael Bloomberg and his anti-Second Amendment flying monkeys are seeking to descend upon another state, and wreak their havoc, tyranny, by way of gun control.


As reported by The Blaze,

“A gun control group co-founded by 2020 presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced a multimillion-dollar effort to support anti-gun candidates in Texas. 

In a news release issued on Wednesday, anti-gun organization Everytown for Gun Safety said that it planned to spend $8 million in an electoral effort focused on the state legislature and congressional races as well as “educating the voting electorate in order to make Texas competitive at the statewide level.”

According to a corresponding memo about its plans for the Lone Star State, the group plans to put resources into 27 different House district races either trying to oust “gun lobby-backed candidates” or re-elect pro-gun control candidates, with a big focus on the Dallas and Houston suburbs. The memo also claims that the state House is “just nine seats short” of a pro-gun control majority.

On the federal level, the memo also says that the group will put effort into trying to flip control of seats currently held by GOP Reps. Michael McCaul, John Carter, Dan Crenshaw, and Chip Roy, as well as three House seats currently held by Republicans who are retiring. The group also plans to defend two Democratic seats held by Reps. Lizzie Fletcher and Collin Allred.

“Gun safety has become a top issue for voters — especially in the suburbs — as Texas becomes younger and more diverse, and after years of horrific gun violence and lawmakers who fail to address it,” a statement from Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, which is a part of Everytown, says. “That’s why we’ll focus on electing gun sense candidates up and down the ballot in Texas, where a majority of households own guns because polling proves gun-owning and non-gun owning parents alike want their children to keep their kids safe.”

As stated, they are relentless and truly believe that here, in this state where the battle cry that established Texas is “Come and Take It” that they can do exactly that. It is here in Texas where there is a delusional former member of Congress and presidential candidate, Robert Francis O’Rourke who infamously asserted, “hell yeah, we are going to take (confiscate) your guns.” The left believes their Virginia playbook will work here.

One thing that Shannon Watts needs to understand is that Texas women carry. Texas women believe in protecting themselves, their homes, their loved ones, meaning children. Here in Texas, Ms. Watts, we have an issue with illegal immigration, meaning we have issues with criminal illegal immigration and gangs.

Texas is the number one state in America for human and sex trafficking, Dallas and Houston are the two top cities for this scourge. If there is one place where you will not be able to turn citizens into subjects it is here in Texas. If there is one place that embraces victors, and not victims, it is here in Texas. I will make sure you are resoundingly defeated and never seek to return this tyranny to the Lone Star State. You are just a new version of Santa Anna in a doggone dress.

The left truly believes that the demographics of Texas has so changed, like in Northern Virginia, that they can force people into accepting their gun control agenda. If there is one thing to realize, this objective is going to cause people to rally, Republicans, Independents, and Democrats…Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians…everyone and I mean law-abiding, legal gun owners, and liberty-loving people. Thanks, Ms. Watts, just gave We the People of Texas a resurrected battle cry: “Molon Labe.” We have seen what happened in Virginia, and will not succumb, surrender, or retreat.

I have a simple message to these “targeted” Republicans: do not go and get weak knees. To the Democrats this gun control organization believes they can spare, your days are numbered if you side against law-abiding, legal gun owners in Texas. In November 2008, the Republicans lost 12 State House seats. Thanks to Ms. Watts, we shall be winning those back, along with those nine State House seats. Otherwise, it would give the progressive socialist left a majority in the Lone Star State, and that ain’t happening.

Shannon Watts is not about protecting children, she is just another liar, a manipulator of the progressive socialist left attempting to mask their real and true intent. Michael Bloomberg, the feckless candidate that believes he can buy the presidency and impose this tyranny, stop running ads in Texas. There is no way this diminutive Napoleon complex personality will ever be our president, especially as he is personally safeguarded by armed security.

Ms. Watts, I hope that this missive reaches your desk, seen by your eyes, and here is my challenge: let’s have a debate about who you are and what your intentions are. Do not hide — like Bloomberg does — running incessant, insidious ads. Come out and be exposed for who you are . . . meet me on the debate stage!

Lemme tell you about my mom, a real American woman, Elizabeth Thomas “Snooks” West. My mom had her own .38 Special handgun. When drug dealers, pimps, and prostitutes tried to establish themselves on our street corner at the intersection of Kennesaw Avenue (our street) and Ponce de Leon in Atlanta, my mom went down with her pistol and a baseball bat and forced them away. She kept at it until they realized she was not relenting. That is how an American mom protects her loved ones and her home. I do not know what kind of mom you are, but my mom demanded action by exercising her Second Amendment right!

Ms. Watts, you and your organization are not concerned about our right to defend ourselves, you are just a bunch of charlatans, paid by a power-hungry billionaire, “Mini Mike.”

Gun safety boils down to this: don’t put your finger on the trigger until ready to fire. Or, keeping your weapon on safe, and turning the selector switch to “semi-automatic” when ready to fire. Oh, by the way, there is no such damn thing as “fully semi-automatic,” so stop having CNN use dumbasses to make their ideological agenda talking point.

Ma’am, “Come and Take It” is not a bumper sticker slogan, it is a way of life. Your San Jacinto moment is coming.

Molon Labe!