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The End Result of Socialism

In Economics, Front Page by Allen West

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of being on The Rubin Report with host Dave Rubin. The interview with Dave Rubin and my dear friend and founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation, Chad Robichaux and I will air next week. But, before we went on air, Dave shared with me that when he was on the far left side of the political spectrum, part of the Young Turks, he and his comrades would watch videos of me and assert that I was crazy. My response was “now look who is now on your show.” He has had a complete philosophical change of heart, and mind.

We no longer have to convince anyone who the other side is, these progressive socialists. They are now firmly telling us exactly who they are and what they believe. Heck, yesterday Bernie Sanders delivered a speech about why he is a socialist. I can answer that — without giving a speech — in three words: “stuck on stupid.” Some people do find a solvent to unstick themselves, like Dave Rubin, others just continue on the path of being useful idiots.

So here we are today. We do not need to look back into history to understand the abject failures, and dangers, of progressive socialism. We have modern-day examples playing out right now.

As reported by Fox News:

“Hong Kong authorities fired rubber bullets, tear gas, and high-pressure water hoses on demonstrators who had gathered outside the city’s headquarters on Wednesday to protest a controversial extradition bill that is widely seen as Beijing’s encroachment over the semi-autonomous territory. 

The escalation of force came hours after the government postponed debate on the bill until later this month. The crowd of mostly young demonstrators dressed in black filled nearby streets, overturned barriers, and tussled with police outside the government headquarters and offices of the Legislative Council. Under its “one country, two systems” framework, Hong Kong was supposed to be guaranteed the right to retain its own social, legal and political systems for 50 years following its handover from British rule in 1997. However, many regard China’s ruling Communist Party as having reneged on that agreement by forcing through unpopular legal changes. Hong Kong’s 70-seat Legislative Council is controlled by a pro-Beijing majority.

Speaking about her commitment to her job, [Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie] Lam became tearful and her voice cracked as she said: “They said I’m selling out Hong Kong. How could I do that? I grew up here with everyone else in the city.”

Lam added that she has never “felt guilty” over the issue and insisted she believed she was doing the right thing. She said she felt “worried and sad” about young protesters — many of them teenagers — on the streets, but said that as a parent to two sons, she believed it would be wrong to cave into young people’s “willful behavior.”

What is at issue? It is a proposed extradition law that would allow the communist Chinese government the ability to arrest and send to trial anyone in Hong Kong to mainland Chinese courts. That means anyone, including tourists. Can you imagine what that means for the thriving business, free market, sector that operates in Hong Kong? That means, as we all know, there would be no more individual freedom in Hong Kong. Carrie Lam’s assertion that it would be wrong to cave into young people’s “willful behavior” is exactly the thinking of communists when faced with freedom loving people, young or old.

Let us not forget that last week was the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Those were young people also. Sadly, in today’s communist China, there is no free flow of information, so chances are many who had no idea of the solemn date, and certainly were being monitored if they spoke about it. In mainland China, you can be arrested for having a dissenting opinion. There’s no freedom of expression, only ideological domination.

Should we be surprised that we hear very little from the likes of Bernie Sanders on what is happening in China or Venezuela? It is not hard to imagine if the left in America could have a surveillance state to lock away dissenting conservative voices, they would. They are doing their doggone best in America to shut down voices like Dave Rubin, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Live Action, and others. The left’s drive towards a “Fairness Doctrine” was just a devious façade to take down conservative talk radio.

Socialism or communism, they both always end up the same way, as we can see in China or Venezuela. The fact that our Democrat (socialist) Party in America says little to nothing about these repressive regimes should tell us all we need to know about the progressive socialist left in America. They, too, want ideological domination, wealth redistribution, government control of economic means of production, and a large welfare dependency state.

I find it interesting that the left is now even using terminology such as “capitalist socialism.” Yes, it is clearly an oxymoronic term, emphasis on “moron.” But, if you think about it, that is exactly what we find in China. China, a communist Nation, has adopted the free market system only as a means to sustain its communist structure and fuel its global hegemonic intentions. They firmly comprehend that a pure socialist economic system cannot sustain itself over the long-term. However, this aberration of “crony capitalism” where the Chinese government controls economic means of production, major companies and corporations have enabled this dangerous communist country to thrive, combined with their incessant bullying, forced transfer of technology, and theft of intellectual property.

Everyone keeps talking about how we need to present a “face-saving” avenue of engagement with the Chinese. I say to heck with that! The only way to deal with a communist China, led by a dictator and bullies, is to meet them head-on with strength and resolve, not appeasement and compromise.

President Barack Obama turned his back on the Iranian Green Movement and allowed Russia to overrun the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. The people in the streets of Hong Kong are brave, courageous, just the same as the people in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela. They want freedom but are being collectively subjugated, imprisoned, and even killed for the crime of loving liberty. Funny, we have young people dressed in black here in America taking to the streets wanting to live under the very same tyrannical political and economic system others are protesting against. Remember, we told you about the five Ds to describe American progressive socialists.

Then again, if you switch over to the Democrat (socialist) news networks, they are more concerned with the Mueller investigation than the clear and present evil evidenced in China and Venezuela. Hey, London Mayor Khan, whaddya got to say about the threats to democracy in Hong Kong, Venezuela? Yeah, I figured: crickets.

Y’all ask yourselves a serious question: what is the difference between Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the rest of these leftists in America, and the rulers of China and Venezuela?

There ain’t a difference . . . and it always ends up the same.

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