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Doggone, Now the European Progressive Socialists?

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From SlaveryGreetings folks, I am in Washington, DC, to address the Young America’s Foundation gathering of conservative high school students.

Yep, we need to train our future generation of constitutional conservatives and enable them to stand up on the every day ideological battlefield called our schools. I had a young man from Culver Military Academy in Indiana email me, telling me about his Humanities professor who is an avowed Marxist, and proclaims so in his class. Boy howdy, we have our work cut out for us!

Well, we are going into Day 2 of the complete apoplectic meltdown of the left in America, with respect to anything, and everything about President Trump. Of course their soup du jour right now is the naming of a second SCOTUS nominee.

I just had to laugh when the Women’s March folks issued a press statement denouncing President Trump’s nominee XX. And, how about all those signs carried by leftists Monday evening at their cute little SCOTUS protest in DC that had every nominees name? In other words, they were there to protest, period. If I were President Trump, I would’ve had someone dress up as Mickey Mouse and announce him as my nominee! Yes, I do have a whacked sense of humor sometimes.

Allen West Old School Patriot Women's March SCOTUS statement

It’s going to be a very ugly confirmation process, and the left is so willing to fall on their sword, again. Dang, that recurring wound has got to hurt. Sadly, what our dear leftist chuckleheads fail to realize is that they are only making it worse for themselves with the continuous “doomsday” rantings. How many came out and ranted that because of Kavanaugh people, women, the earth, the universe all will soon die? That hyperbolic delusion does not rally too many people to the cause, hence the #WalkAway movement.

But, as President Trump departs America, and heads overseas, it is rather comforting to know that the global, progressive, socialist, leftists are all united in their foolishness. Contrast Obama’s first trip to Europe, also known as the “Apology Tour.” Boy, did those Europeans welcome him with open arms, and why not? It pleased them to no end to see a weak, acquiescing America bowing, kneeling before them. And, to have an American president denouncing his own country? Well, that must have been orgasmic for the progressive socialist leftists of Europe.

My, how times have changed! Now they have an American president, with full bravado, sticking his finger in their collective chests. How funny it was to hear the EU President Tusk tell us, America, that we should “appreciate our allies, because we don’t have that many.” Hmm, let me remind that kind sir: this is the year 2018, and 100 years ago we sent Americans to Europe to end the mess, the “war to end all wars.” that they were struggling with. It was not too much longer that, due to the reticence, weakness, of European leaders, that the world witnessed the most vicious threat to global liberty — the rise of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. And, once again, it was these United States of America that sent its most precious treasure, its sons, to storm the beaches of Normandy to liberate the continent of Europe.

Perhaps EU President Tusk should take a visit to one of the many US national cemeteries in Europe before he starts to flap his lips again, and embarrass himself. All during the threats of the Cold War, and the ominous might of the Soviet Union, America stood ready, at the Fulda Gap, to shed its treasure once again. Perhaps this cheeky fella Tusk has forgotten? No, we are not asking to have our hand kissed, but you could show some regard, and respect. Instead we get European tariffs placed against our imported goods and services. Instead, we have NATO member countries that do not want to pay their “fair share” of 2% of their GDP for the collective defense of Europe. America makes up nearly 70% of the NATO budget.

Maybe President Trump is not so sophisticated, but one thing is for certain: he wants what is best for his country. I find it hilarious, hypocritical, that the left always talks about “fair share” when it comes to wealth redistribution, taking from one to give to another in order to resource their ideological agenda of welfare dependency. But, when it comes to fair share for defense, well, they get their feelings hurt.

I, for one, find all the hysteria — manufactured, mind you — of the left in America, and Europe, quite disturbing. I truly believe that they will only drive themselves into some rage that will end with hurt to themselves. Trust me, we Old School Patriots ain’t gonna lay down and allow y’all to inflict any hurt, pain, or anguish on us. As well, we are too busy working, and producing, to have all this time to protest and go around wailing like crying babies — which y’all seem to enjoy murdering in the womb.

Yep, the progressive socialist left is having a hissy fit, but just wait. Wait until the day after the November midterm elections . . . They are going to riot. Let’s not even begin to talk about November 2020 . . .

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