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Expose Them: Racism-Obsessed Left Won’t Discuss This

In Culture, Democrats, Front Page by Allen West

The progressive socialist left has seemingly found its major issue to run on for the 2020 election cycle: anyone that does not embrace their ideological agenda is a racist. Then again, not just a racist, but a white nationalist, no, not just a that, but a white supremacist. Yes, if you support President Trump you are all of these things. Heck, some have even tried to associate supporters of the President with mass murderers.

We have all seen the collection and dissemination of lists and insidious protests at fundraisers and calls for boycotts of businesses of Trump supporters. However, this is far from being the most egregious of recent displays of leftist delusion and derangement.

Those of us who are minority conservatives know just how vile, vicious, and vitriolic the rhetoric can be just because we have decided to escape the progressive socialist left’s economic plantation. As Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley said, “black faces have to speak with black voices.” As for those who, in the left’s estimation, do not, well, there are the denigrating references of “oreo,” “sellout,” “Uncle Tom,” “House N-word,” and I have even been referred to as “white man’s porch monkey.” Needless to say, these monikers do nothing to deter me from pressing the attack against progressive socialism.

But even I find myself taken aback at the most recent disparaging reference from a black progressive socialist.

As reported by Hot Air:

“In case you haven’t fully gotten the message, African-American Democrats [socialists] are really angry with any African-American Republican that embraces President Trump. Then, if an African-American Republican runs for an elected office, well, the racial slurs fly . . . from the Democrats. The race for Kentucky’s Attorney General is no different – just ask Daniel Cameron.

Daniel Cameron is an African-American Republican candidate for attorney general in Kentucky. He came under attack by Dawn Elliott, a liberal [progressive socialist] female African-American lawyer and co-host of a political talk radio show, this week. Cameron is running against Democrat Greg Stumbo, a 67-year-old white Democrat who is a former Attorney General of Kentucky and long-time state lawmaker.  

Cameron, a former general counsel for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, proudly announced his endorsement by President Trump — and that didn’t sit well with Ms. Elliott. She told Cameron to “stop eating the coon flakes”. Yikes! In the mind of Elliott, Trump is “trying to destroy” black people. Hyperbole, much? 

But Dawn Elliott, who said Cameron needs to “stop eating the ‘coon flakes’ the White House is serving,” isn’t backing down. The outspoken radio show host said the association with Trump is a slap in the face to African Americans and that Cameron needs to explain his position to black voters. “To sit there and be so proud of someone who is an open racist is shameful,” said Elliott, an attorney who co-hosts a political talk show on WLOU 1350 AM. “Why would anyone of color want to side with someone who is trying to destroy us?”

Stop eating the “coon flakes?” Why isn’t this national news being covered by the liberal progressive media? Oops, right, this is how they feel. See, this useful idiot, Dawn Elliott, is nothing but an overseer on the white progressive socialist 21st-century economic plantation. She has been given full support by “Mr. Charlie Massa” to get those non-compliant black conservatives in line, shame them and use whatever language you wish.

It reminds me of when a commercial ad was run against me in 2012 depicting me with a gold tooth and punching white women. NAACP Policy Director Hilary Shelton was asked about the ad, and he replied that I was dressed in a nice suit.

This is the real racism in America, it is surrogate racism where the progressive socialist left gives permission to their “sellouts” to attack black conservatives, Republicans. This is nothing new, after all, it was the Democrat Party that established the Ku Klux Klan in order to coerce, threaten, intimidate, and use violence against blacks who wanted to enjoin the political process, as Republicans. I can just imagine the threats faced by the 150 blacks who formed the Republican Party of Texas . . . and we shared with you the comments of leftist members of Reform Dallas regarding declared black Republican congressional candidate Floyd McLendon, Jr.

Hey, Delta Dawn, what have you been smoking? It has been the Trump administration that has done the most for the black community in recent years. Low unemployment, wage increases, seven million off of food stamps, economic opportunity zones, criminal justice reform, and support to Historic Black College and Universities (HBCUs).

So, what the heck did Barack Hussein Obama do for the black community? Oh yeah, he canceled the DC Opportunity Scholarship (voucher) Program. What has been the history of the Democrat (socialist) Party in relation to the American black community? Oh yeah, just look at any major America urban center and see; Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Detroit, DC, Atlanta. Yes, you will find the decimation of the traditional two-parent black family, erosion of small business entrepreneurship, the murder of 20M black babies in the womb, lack of quality education opportunity, and the rise of the welfare nanny state of dependency. These are all Democrat strongholds.

The real racism in America is the progressive socialist left granting permission to these mindless lemmings like Dawn Elliott, and Ayanna Pressley — along with the Democrat-run Congressional Black Caucus — to assail American black conservatives, Republicans, for doing one thing. And, that thing which is most dangerous to the left is thinking for ourselves. My skin color does not dictate my intellectual function.

Joe Biden once quipped to a black audience in 2012 that, “they (Republicans) are gonna put y’all back in chains.” The only folks who have ever put blacks in chains in America, both physically and metaphysically, are Democrats (socialists); their policies, and their history evidence such.

Dawn Elliott, Daniel Cameron is certainly not eating anyone’s “coon flakes” but you are certainly drinking up the progressive socialist stupid kool-aid . . . and you are, indeed, that which is most disgusting in the Black community: a black racist.

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