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Exposing the Leftist Media

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Since the events of two weeks ago, at the NRA Annual Meeting and Conference, I’ve been contacted by numerous media outlets — many that traditionally do not tend to seek me out.

I want to expose the disingenuous agenda of the left by posting — in its entirety — an exchange I had with one such outlet, the New York Times.

I am including our full string — up to the time of this publication — with no edits, not even spelling or grammar. You, loyal readers, may decide for yourselves if our media is, indeed, interested in fact-finding, or if it is ideologically driven.

“Mr. West — I’ve been reporting on the NRA for The New York Times and was interested in getting your take on the convention and the challenges the organization is facing at the moment. Let me know if you’re available. Thanks for considering the request. 
Danny Hakim”

“Greetings Sir, thanks for the inquiry and here is my statement. If you do not fully print my statement below as written, it tells me all I need to know about you and your character…and the New York Times. And trust me, there are a few folks bcc who will be awaiting your column. I gave twenty-two years of my life to defend the first amendment right of a free (responsible) press, let’s see if you have earned my sacrifice, and that of my Dad, older brother, and Nephew.

‘The National Rifle Association is not one, or a few individuals, and the individual Second Amendment right, enshrined in our US Constitution, our rule of law, part of our Bill of Rights shall not be revoked, rescinded, or taken away. I, along with three other generations of combat Veterans in my Family took an oath to support and defend our Constitution. As an American Black man, I am proud to be associated with an organization, the NRA, that stood with recently freed slaves to have the right to self-defense, meaning keeping and bearing arms. Of course, this was necessary since the Democrat party established the Ku Klux Klan to threaten, intimidate, coerce, and enact violence against my forefathers and mothers. The NRA remains the Nation’s oldest civil rights organization. Today, more than ever, the NRA is needed when we realize that the socialist dictator Hugo Chavez used curtailing gun violence as a reason to ban private gun ownership. We can see the results of his disarming the Venezuelan people who are now incapable of defending themselves against tyranny. I find it interesting that the same rhetoric of Chavez, and Maduro, is being uttered by members of the Democrat [Socialist] party here in America. Our founding fathers knew why there had to be a second amendment as a reinforcing measure after the first. They understood that a law abiding armed individual is a citizen, otherwise, you are a subject. Molon Labe!'”
Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired)
Member, 112th US Congress
Patriot Life Benefactor Member, Board Member, National Rifle Association”

“Mr. West – I wouldn’t include an entire statement of this length from anyone in a newspaper story — few would — but as I mentioned, would be interested in hearing more about your account of the board vote and thoughts on the convention and the challenges facing the organization. Totally understand if you don’t want to discuss, just wanted to extend the invitation. Best, Danny”

“Sir, I beg to differ, if you were seeking out truth, and not an agenda, you would print the entire statement. You have failed the test and do not ever contact me again. You did not earn my sacrifice. You are representative of journalistic cowardice and that is reprehensible to me. Therefore, this entire exchange will be posted to my website and FB page to expose you and your lack of honor, integrity, and character.

Steadfast and Loyal (words you cannot comprehend)
Col. Allen B. West”

I aim to expose the true leftist tactic of ideological-driven reporting, something I abhor and despise. I encourage all Old School Patriots to do the same.

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