Photo of Holland America’s MS Koningsdam ship

Fair Winds and Following Seas

In Culture, Front Page, Topical by Allen West

Those of you who have served with our American maritime services fully recognize the saying, “Fair Winds and Following Seas.” It is normally reserved for those who are departing as a blessing for safe travels.

And, so, I title this missive as such, as Angela and I head off on the Media Research Center’s (MRC) 2019 Mediterranean cruise. I am still a Senior Fellow with MRC, the nation’s premier conservative media watchdog for the past 30+ years. Brent Bozell leads a crew of consummate professionals who are quick to call out the lies, hypocrisy and censoring practices of the progressive socialist left. Through their subsidiary outlets such as CNS News, Newsbusters, MRC Latino, and MRC Video, they are impeccable in their quest to hold the left’s feet to the fire. If it has been said on a news media outlet, you can bet it is archived at the MRC.

Today, we are heading to Rome, Italy where we will board our Holland America cruise line MS Koningsdam. Now, there is only one problem here: we are out sailing on a boat for 11 days!!! I did not join the Navy, I am a Soldier. There is nothing worse than running multiple times around a ship in order to get in a four-mile run. My goal is to come back to Garland, Texas not having gained one doggone pound!

I will be presenting on several panel discussions with outstanding conservatives like former Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Cal Thomas, Charlie Kirk, and even former SNL standout and talk radio host, Joe Piscopo. Some of the panels for which I will present will cover socialism in America, trade with China, abortion in America, and the left’s most absurd policies . . . Short answer: all of them.

Now, do not fret as I am traipsing across the Mediterranean Sea to ports in Greece — I wanna sneak away to Thermopylae, and Ephesus — I will stay in touch with y’all. Thanks to modern communications, I will be responding daily to 4-5 questions that our West4Texas (W4T) crew send my way.

There is one thing that I will miss not being able to immediately comment on, the Democrat (socialist) Party presidential debate, being held in Houston, Texas this Thursday. The fact that the progressive socialist left is bringing their reduced participant clown car show to the Lone Star State is the primary reason why I am running for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas…we must defend THIS House!

Now, of course, there is an ancillary reason for going on this cruise: happy wife, happy life! Ya know, if Mama ain’t happy, you doggone sure ain’t gonna be happy. I figure this is the first fall where Angela and I are not signing over sums of money to an educational institution. And, as you have been following, our girls are well on their way to be true Americans: taxpayers. Aubrey will be starting in a trauma surgery unit at a hospital here in Dallas and moving into her own recently purchased home. Austen is flying the friendly skies of United Airlines as a flight attendant. So, I guess Mom and Dad can have a getaway.

Well, I shall return, as General McArthur famously stated. Until then, you Old School Patriots, stay tuned for trip updates, pictures and answers to your “Ask Allen” questions.

Be safe, be well, and God bless y’all, God bless Texas, and God bless America!

(Yes, the Christopher Cross song “Sailing” does come to mind . . . )

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