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Tools of the Left: Fascist Firings and Economic Terrorism

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Ladies and gents, we are facing an existential threat to America, and our liberties and freedoms. It is not just the closed-door, secretive impeachment tribunal being conducted by the progressive socialist left. What we are facing extends into our neighborhoods and communities. I shared with you the experience I had with Garland (Texas) High School where the principal decided that a student organization promoting individual liberty, free-market economics, and national security was not “neutral enough” and forbid the students to have a Young America’s Foundation Chapter. (Update: we were told today that they have approved the club . . . Thank you, Old School Patriots!)

Earlier today we shared with you the declaration from San Francisco that they will not “conduct business” with states who do not support the murder of unborn children.

Now, I will share with you a very disturbing story that involves a dear friend, who just called me to inform me of this travesty. On several occasions, I have gone to Rhode Island to speak with Republican organizations. In those travels, I have come to meet, and become great friends with a former Rhode Island State Representative, Doreen Costa. What Doreen is now facing can only be described as yet another example of progressive socialist left fascism . . . and economic terrorism.

As reported by the Providence Journal:

“Former Republican Rep. Doreen Costa and developer Gerald Zarrella were picked as “honorary state chairs” of the Trump reelection campaign in Rhode Island. A Republican firebrand selected to serve as an “honorary state chair” of President Trump’s reelection campaign in Rhode Island said Tuesday that her employer, WLNE, had fired her for accepting the unpaid campaign position.

Doreen Costa, a former lawmaker, said the station had warned her about a week ago that taking the leadership position would lead to her firing. Nonetheless, she said, on Friday, she told WLNE, also known as ABC6, that she would serve as one of the campaign’s chairs, providing a timely notification that set the stage for her termination on Monday. Costa said she was fired about an hour before the campaign announced her new role. Developer Gerald Zarrella was also named as an honorary state chair of the Trump campaign on Monday.

The station’s decision, said Costa, was unnecessary and it unfairly ended a happy and productive period of employment that had begun in late January of 2019 “This is a First Amendment issue,” Costa told The Providence Journal during an interview. She would not say how she will respond to her termination, saying “stay tuned.”

The station’s general manager, Tina Marie Castano, declined to comment on the situation, saying she cannot comment on personnel matters. Costa asserted that WLNE was well aware of her political activities before it hired her in January, and her contacts in Republican circles were seen as an advantage for bringing in advertising revenue come political season. Costa’s political background encompasses a recent stint on North Kingstown’s Town Council from 2016 to 2018 and service as a state representative from 2010 to 2016.”

What type of Stalinist state are we living in where people are now being publicly shamed, “doxxed,” and fired for their political beliefs? If there is one thing history has taught us, it is that progressivism, socialism, statism, communism, Islamism . . . all embrace a common denominator: fascism. They all support the censorship and punishment of those who possess a different political perspective or insight. These abhorrent philosophies of governance do not believe in open debate; they prefer ideological domination, eradication, elimination of any and all political opposition. I have said countless times that the progressive socialist left in America, and throughout history, only advance their power and control by coercion, intimidation, threats, and ultimately, violence.

If there is one thing history has taught us, it is that progressivism, socialism, statism, communism, Islamism . . . all embrace a common denominator: fascism. Click To Tweet

The fact that Ms. Tina Marie Castano has declined to make any comment tells you all you need to know about this situation. This is not just a “personnel matter,” this is about the persecution of someone because of their political affiliation, which has no bearing or impact on her position. Doreen Costa is not a government employee who could possibly be in violation of the Hatch Act. She is a private citizen, working in the private sector at a news organization, but not as an on-camera commentator. Even if she was, so what? Doreen Costa was not terminated because she was failing to secure advertisement revenue for the station. She was fired for one thing, something that was not hidden in the dark, but her unpaid position with a presidential campaign.

Imagine if this were happening to a leftist working at a conservative news outlet. Well, first of all, there are few conservative news outlets . . .  and secondly, there ain’t many leftists working at those that exist.

Doreen Costa is my dear friend. Thanks to her, a beautiful piece of artwork depicting the State Capitol building of Rhode Island is in our house. She is guilty of nothing other than not being a progressive socialist.

Folks, this has to end, the targeting of citizens by the left, such as Obama and the IRS with the Tea Party, just because of their conservative principles. What happened to our First Amendment right? I can tell you, to the left, your First Amendment rights exist only if approved by the left.

I, for one, shall not be driven into the catacombs to meet secretly and hide my beliefs. We need to make this story viral and ensure it reaches the attention of @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. Click To Tweet

I, for one, shall not be driven into the catacombs to meet secretly and hide my beliefs. We need to make this story viral and ensure it reaches the attention of President Trump. He needs to know that freedom and liberty-loving American patriots are the focus of leftist tyranny every day. We need to all band together and ensure that what is happening to Doreen Costa stops. Yes, this is a real Spartacus moment. We all need to stand in unison and declare “I am Doreen Costa.”

To think, the Party of the Jackass tells us that they care so much about women? Nah, they only care about women who embrace their ideological agenda. If you do not, you are not “woke,” and they will turn their hate against you. I will not allow my friend Doreen Costa to be symbolically burned at the stake by the deranged mob of the progressive socialist left.

Will you?

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