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Florida vs. the Second Amendment

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Greetings, folks, from the West family casa in south Florida, where it’s nice to see the ocean, and lifelong friends. Of course, I remain concerned that nothing has been done with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, or Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie. Those two are directly responsible for the tragedy that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, FL, just 15 minutes north of our home. There can be no debate that the aftermath of that horrific Valentine’s Day massacre has been more about politics than solutions. That means it has been more about undermining the Second Amendment, and attacking the National Rifle Association, rather than holding those responsible, accountable.

As reported by Bearing Arms:

“U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson introduced legislation this week that would create a national gun registry. Known as the “Crime Gun Tracing Modernization Act,” the bill would require ATF to set up a “searchable, computerized database” of all records pertaining to the sale, importation, production or shipment of firearms. The agency would be given three years to get the system up and running. “The fact that there is a law on the books that forces agents to comb through millions of files by hand is absolutely ridiculous,” said Nelson, a Florida Democrat. Under current federal law Big Brother is prohibited from tracking gun purchases. All transfer records remain in the possession of an FFL until a firearm is involved in a crime. Then, investigators can contact the FFL to get the pertinent info on who the gun was sold to. Only when an FFL goes out of business does it turn records over to the ATF’s National Tracing Center in West Virginia.”

A gun registry?

First of all, let me clarify: a FFL is a Federal Firearms License. These are those folks who are certified by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) to conduct firearms transactions. And, these are the folks who face immense penalty if they violate the law, and improperly transfer firearms. Bill Nelson is the current Democrat senator from Florida, and what he is proposing should cause concern for any law-abiding, legal gun owner in America.

If the Democrats were to take over the US Senate -- fat chance, but let's play along -- this means every law-abiding gun owner in America would have to enter a national gun registry. Click To Tweet

Think about it: if the Democrats were to take over the US Senate — fat chance, but let’s play along — this means that every law-abiding gun owner in America would have to enter a national gun registry. That means the federal government would know exactly what firearms you own. Consider what’s happening, unconstitutionally, in Deerfield Village, IL, and Boulder, CO, where these cities have banned certain firearms — you know those mean looking “assault weapons of war.” Folks use knives in war also. This legislation proposed by Senator Nelson would mean that the government could then inform law enforcement entities in those cities as to who, exactly, has what firearms. Hear that? That is the late night knock on our door.

This is not over-the-top hyperbole. This is a reality that has played out elsewhere throughout history with totalitarian governing systems. This is how they gain control over a population and convert them from citizens to subjects, rendering them incapable of self-defense, or real resistance from tyranny. And, face it, that is what the progressive, socialist, left wants: domination and tyranny.

Now, even if the Democrats do not win the US Senate, this legislation offered by Senator Nelson could have a sponsor, co-author, over in the House of Representatives. Just like the insidious legislation of Rep. Jared Polis to repeal the tax cut law, this gun registry legislation could also be taken up by a Nancy Pelosi controlled House — methinks that is not happening either. However, the left is laying out their legislative vision to appease their far left base . . . and David Hogg.

The government could then inform law enforcement entities in those cities as to who, exactly, has what firearms. Hear that? That is the late night knock on our door. Click To Tweet

The law exists to enable law enforcement to trace any weapon used in a crime. But we know that criminals do not follow the law, so why do we need a national gun registry? Yes, I know, that is a rhetorical question, we all know why.

So, who is Senator Nelson’s opponent? Well, it is none other than Florida Governor Rick Scott. So, why do I say there are no good choices in this race, speaking from a Second Amendment perspective? Simple, it was Governor Rick Scott — a Republican — who caved, in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, and violated the constitutional Second Amendment rights of 18-20 year olds in the Sunshine State. Rick Scott made the irrational determination that all 18-20 year olds, for no apparent reason, do not have a Second Amendment right. They are not allowed to purchase any firearm until they are 21. Rick Scott told young 18-year-old men and women — who are old enough to join the US military, including the Florida National Guard — that they can take up arms to defend the United States, and Florida, but not purchase a firearm to defend themselves. Rick Scott told young 18-20 year-old women on college campuses, working late night shifts that they cannot be armed, and defend themselves.

There can be no doubt that Governor Scott reacted, and proved that he is lacking resolve when it comes to playing politics with the constitutional rights of Floridians. Why is it that Governor Scott has not removed Sheriff Scott Israel from his position? Perhaps that would take courage, but denying 18-20 year old Floridians, well, he can hide away in the State Capitol. Funny, how many armed men and women provide security for Governor Scott? Sadly, those 18-20 year old Floridians cannot have their own personal, taxpayer-funded, security detail. They live in the real world.

So, to my dear friends in Florida, those of you who are NRA members, law-abiding, legal gun owners: who do you vote for to be your Senator? Do you vote for the one who took an unconstitutional action to deny an entire group of citizens their Second Amendment right? Or, do you vote for the fella who wants a national gun registry? Here is an example of what I refer to as two sides of the same coin. Neither Bill Nelson nor Rick Scott are going to protect your Second Amendment right.

On top of that, I am not a big Rick Scott fan anyway. He is, after all, the governor that signed into law a redistricting plan that had an adverse effect on the congressional district I represented. And, it appears what he did then was ruled as unconstitutional by the Florida State Supreme Court, and it was reversed.

What to do? Heck, I, personally, would not vote for either of these men. It is too late for an Independent Constitutional Conservative to enter the Florida Senate race. But, that does not mean there cannot be a write-in candidate. That would send a really direct message to these two anti-Second Amendment charlatans.