Photo of a black mother and child in an article by Allen West on cultural genocide due to abortion

Genocide: Closer Than You Think

In Front Page, Unborn by Allen West

Remember the old V8 juice commercial where the person would smack their head and state, “wow, I could have had a V8!”? It was a statement of the obvious. Well, there’s been a 45-year-old obvious truth that has been happening before our very eyes that many have dismissed. It is a horrific occurrence, and mentioning it results in being denigrated, disparaged, and demeaned . . . although the truth was never in question. See, facts are important when you are morally right.

As reported by LifeNews:

“A new investigation by PBS’s “Frontline” highlighted the genocide of abortion in the black community and the work that pro-lifers are doing to protect unborn black lives. 

Though PBS typically is biased toward abortion, the Rev. Clenard H. Childress said he was pleasantly surprised that the report was fair and balanced, the Jacksonville Free Press reports. Childress, who was featured extensively in the report, is the assistant national director of LEARN, the largest African-American evangelical pro-life organization in the United States.

The program “Anti-abortion Crusaders: Inside the African-American Abortion Battle” aired in December. It centered around the key message of black pro-life advocates:

“The most dangerous place for an African-American child is in the womb.”

People can watch it online here.

The abortion rate is disproportionately high in the black American community. Even though black Americans make up 13 percent of the U.S. population, 35 percent of the babies killed in abortions are black, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The black genocide of abortion is disturbingly evident in New York City, where state data shows more black babies are aborted than are born. Many believe that Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities target black women for abortions. One analysis found that the abortion chain placed 79 percent of its abortion facilities within walking distance of minority neighborhoods.

“Planned Parenthood has taken it far beyond what the Klu Klux Klan [sic] thought they could possibly take it,” Childress said on the program. “How do you calm down over genocide? We need more African-Americans informed on the best-kept secret in America; that is black genocide via the targeting of African Americans by the abortion industry,” he continued.”

The truth is devastating in that since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision there have been over 17M black babies murdered in the womb. Yes, I said it, 17M, and not a peep from the progressive socialist left. Why should they care? After all, it was the Democrat Party that founded the Ku Klux Klan. What is even more disconcerting is that we have these leftists of the Democrat Party asserting that President Trump is a racist, a white supremacist. However, the very founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a racist, white supremacist, who spoke at KKK rallies. Sanger referred to blacks as “weeds” and “undesirables,” and her dream of killing black babies has come to fruition, in a major genocidal manner . . . right before our eyes, obvious in every way.

Why is it that this organization, founded by a racist, white supremacist, is able to garner taxpayer funding to enact its genocidal aims against black babies? Yes, I am asking why this organization receives some $550M of funding per year? Why is it that so many black elected officials turn a blind eye towards this truth that is right before us? Ever heard Mad Maxine Waters talk about confronting Planned Parenthood leadership and workers while they are out eating? Heck, the former President of Planned Parenthood was treated like royalty by the white progressive socialist elites. Why did so many black women flock to support Hillary Clinton, a recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award . . . for what, killing black babies?

Now, you may ask, how did the leftist pro-abortion [murder of innocent unborn babies] respond?

“The Daily Caller reports more about the program: Others like reproductive rights historian, Cynthia Greenlee, who studies abortion as it affects African-Americans doesn’t think black people are being targeted for abortion more so than whites. 

“It’s a potent argument because the history of medical racism is real,” Greenlee states in the video, noting the history of sterilization abuse. She says, however, the same was being done in white communities and that Sanger did not intend to target the black community. 

“It’s not about the numbers but about how far those ideas have traveled in American society,” she said. A Planned Parenthood spokeswoman dismissed black pro-life advocates’ concerns completely, saying they are “fixated on shaming black women and controlling the bodies of black women.”

Isn’t it just amusing how the obvious is always dismissed by the left? Anyone who says that Margaret Sanger did not deliberately target the black community is a delusional denier of the facts. Amazingly so, even a white supremacist can be excused away when it is all about the ideological agenda of the left.

As well, I find it disingenuous to have a Planned Parenthood spokesperson make the absurd claim that black pro-life advocates are trying to shame and control the bodies of black women. If these black women were being forced to get pregnant against their will, and then forced to have children, then this would be a valid assertion. What we have in America is a deliberate assault against life in the black community by the same folks who did try to control the bodies of black men and women. As well, the same political party that tried to control the very lives of blacks.

Let’s have an honest discussion here: it has and always will be the progressive socialist left, the Democrats, who have done the most damage to the black community. Their policies have decimated the traditional, nuclear, black family. Their policies have relegated the inner cities into modern 21st-century economic plantations. Their policies have reinforced the objective of depriving black children of the best possible educational opportunities. Their policies have advanced a clear and present genocide of unborn black children . . . and their insidious gun control policies in urban centers have resulted in the rise of criminal gang activity that also kills black children.

I reiterate, it has been 45 years since Roe v. Wade, and over 17M black babies have been murdered in the womb. That cannot be excused. This genocide can no longer be dismissed. Last week we shared the story about nearly 42M unborn babies were killed in the womb worldwide. No one is trying to control the bodies of women, but I am tired of elitist leftists seeking to make women victims and killing unborn babies, all by the most heinous of practices.

While an Illinois State Senator, Barack Obama once championed a piece of legislation asserting a baby that survived an abortion procedure still deserved death. He claimed that he would never “punish” his daughters with a baby. He also canceled the DC Opportunity Scholarship (school voucher) Program for deserving minority children in Washington DC, while his daughters attended the elite Sidwell Friends.

I never heard him say anything about the genocide of black babies in America. I ask, who is the real “sellout?”

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