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To All the Giddy Leftists Chanting ‘Impeach 45’

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The liberal progressive media is all giddy about the latest legal “victories” with the conviction of Paul Manafort, and the guilty plea of Michael Cohen. They tend to smell an end to President Trump’s administration. As a matter of fact, there are those who have commented that President Trump is now an “unindicted co-conspirator,” based upon the admissions of Cohen, and the assertions that his actions were directed by then Donald Trump.

What I find rather interesting is that there is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest islamic terrorism funding trial in US history, the Holy Land Foundation, that group is the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR has an office on Capitol Hill, and was widely consulted, and invited into our White House during the Obama administration. CAIR is still a major influencer with the Democratic party, albeit that our own FBI broke off all connections with them. And CAIR is well-known as a front group for the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas, in America.

So, to all those giddy leftists, drop the unindicted co-conspirator chatter, y’all have been in bed with a an unindicted co-conspirator for years.

So, what does the left actually believe they gain by removing President Donald Trump from office? Face it, that is what they truly want, and underneath, they want to win back the House of Representatives to tie up the Trump administration with a plethora of trivial hearings, aimed towards impeachment . . . just because he won. The legal issues with Manafort and Cohen have nothing to do with the charter of the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. There hasn’t been any “collusion” with Russia proved. As a matter of fact, Obama and his minions, Kerry and Hillary, had more collusion with Russia than anyone. You remember: “more flexibility” after reelection. Then, there was the “reset button,” along with the Uranium One controversy, that, it appears, no one wants to investigate. Russia overran the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine on Obama’s watch, and, yep, “meddled” into our election with no consequences, and who was the CIA Director at the time? Then, there was John Kerry, trusting the Russians on the matter of chemical weapons in Syria — oops. How many reports have there been of Russian military aircraft “buzzing” US Naval vessels since President Trump took office?

So, when are we gonna get a Special Prosecutor on the Obama administration?

Please, give me a break. If this is about shady, dark money floating around, well, who is going to look into the Clinton Foundation? I mean you wanna talk about money laundering, pay for play, and other sorts of nefarious activities, we should start with the Clinton mafia. As well, now that Peter Strzok has been fired, the fella who changed James Comey’s briefing points on the Hillary Clinton email server investigation from gross negligence to “careless,” when are charges going to brought against her for inappropriately handling classified information — which she did? Or when will we learn about the real collusion of the Clinton campaign with a foreign intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, with the Russians, to produce a false dossier against Donald Trump, that was created by an organization Fusion GPS . . . whose main handler of the dossier is married to the #4 guy at the DOJ, Bruce Ohr? Nah, we obviously do not need a Special Prosecutor for that, now do we?

The Democrats, and the complicit, liberal, progressive, media actually believe that they can keep enough of the American voting electorate completely in the dark, in order to effect their plan. Sadly, we Americans ain’t that dumb, it is only the “useful idiots” of the progressive socialist lemming class that are effectively “stuck on stupid.” The level of corruption of the left, and part of the Obama administration, is known, and cannot be hidden, and that is what produced Donald Trump.

However, is the left so brain-dead as to believe that if they somehow “take down” President Trump, it’s happy days for them? First of all, what the heck would the leftist media outlets have to talk or rant about? I mean what will Jack Dorsey do at Twitter when the 90M subscribers that collectively follow President Trump disappear? Taking down President Trump does not mean that Hillary Clinton becomes President. She ain’t the vice-president, folks. Oh, I get it, somehow the left will try to make Vice President Mike Pence an unindicted co-conspirator to the unindicted co-conspirator, so that they both go down. Then we get — wait for it — newly re-elected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as President of these United States of America. Yep, that is why ol’ Nancy is not going anywhere, and why the Democrats want to win back the House of Representatives. Because, as per our Constitution, third in line for the presidency is the Speaker of the House. Heck, maybe the Democrats will win back the House of Representatives, and elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Speaker of the House. Now, ain’t that a daisy?

What the Democrats fail to realize is that they may have passion — actually, hatred — to fuel their efforts, but that hatred does nothing for the economic growth, prosperity, and security of the American people. Bill Clinton sexually abused women, and did the unspeakable with a young, female, intern in the Oval Office. James Carville’s response was “it’s the economy, stupid.”

Even if leftists were successful in bringing down President Trump, the backlash against them would be massive. As the left would have pulled off the first coup d’etat in American history, and their bloodthirst for power would not bode well, nor be lasting. Why? It’s simple: the Old School Patriots would then be emboldened.

Also, the GOP establishment need be concerned, if President Trump were to be taken down. Many will see it as their intended fault, since would you ever believe a Democrat majority Senate would have empowered a Special Prosecutor against Barack Obama? Or would Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch have recused themselves and allowed deep state opposition within the DoJ to Obama? Heck, we still do not know what Lynch and former Prez Bill Clinton chatted about in that secret meeting in Arizona on that tarmac — it certainly was not about golf and grandkids.

What the Democrats fail to realize is that they may have passion -- actually, hatred -- to fuel their efforts, but that hatred does nothing for the economic growth, prosperity, and security of the American people. Click To Tweet

My warning to the progressive socialist left: you are overplaying your hand. You have little-to-no principled ground upon which to stand, to castigate any guilt upon President Donald Trump. We all know that there is, and has been, a real collusion going on to undermine the duly elected president of these United States. Y’all seek to turn America into some banana republic, and conduct some subversive junta. If you continue down this path, there will be great consequences for y’all. I know you are working with social media tech giants, and Soros funded leftist organizations, like Media Matters for America, to shut down any and all opposing speech. That, too, shall fail. So many of us are onto y’all, and your tactics, as part of your greater strategy, and we are not going to allow it to come to fruition. Keep on trying to implement the principles, and philosophies, of Marx, Engels, and Alinsky in our beloved Constitutional Republic. We have read those books also, and some of us are way ahead of you. We are not the lily-livered cowards of the GOP establishment, who will submit to your schemes. We will fight back, and yes, we finally do have a president who will fight back against y’all, as well. Nah, he ain’t perfect — certainly not a choir boy. But, then again, that was not what America voted to have.

We have come to realize that, yes, the progressive socialist left embraces the belief “by any means necessary,” and this is a brass knuckles fight. So, America elected a brash fighter, and you leftists do not like it . . . and that just suits some of us very well.

Oh yeah, it’s the economy stupid.