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A Glaring Omission on Tuesday’s Debate Stage

In Foreign Policy, Front Page, Illegal immigration, National Security by Allen West

A while ago, while visiting the Texas town of Del Rio, we shot a short video discussing the issues of border security along the Rio Grande river. I recall when Nancy Pelosi and the useful idiots of the progressive socialist left referred to the situation on our border as a “manufactured crisis.” It was the talking point dominating the narrative of the left for quite some time, until, well, it blew up in their faces. Yet, they still embrace an ideological agenda, policy, of open borders, sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and decriminalizing illegal entry into our America.

There can be no further debate, it is as Antifa supporters shouted during a #resistance protest in Washington, DC, “no borders, no walls, no USA at all.” Not to mention the attacks against US Border Patrol agency headquarters in Seattle and Colorado, we know where the left stands on this issue.

Of course, right now there isn’t a lot of talk about our porous border. There should be, as we consider that some 80 percent of Mexico is controlled by the TNCOs (Trans-National Criminal Organizations), drug cartels. One of the most dangerous cities in Texas is Lubbock, due to the scourge of gangs and drug cartels . . . not far across the state border, we have one of the most dangerous cities in America, in Albuquerque, NM.

The issue of border security is an issue affecting national security, healthcare, education, and local criminality, with severe ramifications. The worst being that Texas is ranked number one in the nation for human and sex trafficking.

Now, if any of you out there still believes that this is a “manufactured crisis,” here is a disconcerting story. One that is repeated countless times within not just days, but hours.

As reported by KTSM:

“Dirty and sweating profusely, Victor Hernandez sat on the front stoop of a house surrounded by U.S. Border Patrol agents recently in [Roma, Texas] this rural Starr County town. The 32-year-old from El Salvador led agents on an unsuccessful chase after sprinting from the Rio Grande on Thursday. He ran on the rooftops of homes and through bushes, he told Border Report moments after he was caught in the pre-dawn hours.
The Border Patrol agents also were huffing and puffing as they asked Hernandez questions and recounted the chase.

Hernandez admitted this was the second time he had been caught in a few months trying to cross into the United States illegally from Mexico. He said that his entire family — his father, sister and children — live in the United States and he wants to join them. “I ain’t got nothing en mi pais (in my country)” Hernandez said. “It took me a month to get here and it was very difficult but I couldn’t make it,” he said breathlessly in Spanish. “I ran on top of the houses and through the bushes. It was very difficult but they caught me. I tried.”

Although he knew that deportation was eminent — especially since he has twice tried to cross illegally into the United States — Hernandez appeared jovial and smiling with the Border Patrol agents. Likewise, the agents showed no animosity toward him and repeatedly asked if he was OK and about his health and well being and whether he needed anything before they loaded him into a transport vehicle.

The scenario is one that plays out here daily, Border Patrol Agent Brian Martinez said. It’s one of cat-and-mouse in this hilly terrain in this rural part of South Texas.

This area, part of the Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station, which is part of the Rio Grande Valley Sector, has the highest number of arrests for narcotics and marijuana in the entire nation. That’s partly because drug runners know that if they can make it across the river and quickly up the banks of the Rio Grande, there are plenty of places to hide.

Small houses with easy to scale fences, and many times no fences, are just feet from the Rio Grande in Roma, providing many places for migrants to hide themselves and their stash, Martinez said. Oftentimes, they wait until others from their group pick them up, or they will attempt another run to a pre-determined rendezvous location.”

On Tuesday night, I did not see this issue, border security, as a major part of the @CNN Democrat (socialist) Party presidential debate. We must hold them accountable for American deaths. #DemDebate Click To Tweet

In the video we did from the Rio Grande river, we addressed the issue of cover and concealment, and the closeness of the houses, which provide additional cover from law enforcement. Consider what it is like for Texans, US citizens, who, each and every night, live under the dark specter of drug runners maneuvering about in their community, on their property, in fear. Yet the leftists (like Bob Frank O’Rourke) wish to confiscate weapons from them.

When you consider who controls 80 percent of Mexico, I must ask a rhetorical question: can the Mexican government secure their own side of the border? If you want evidence, just look at how fast the drug cartels mobilized to send a rescue force to demand, under arms, the return of drug leader El Chapo’s son . . . which the military did without a fight.

This is a war going on within our border. Anyone who does not stand with our US Border Patrol agents sends a message to the drug cartels. This is now entering a very dangerous phase, this goes way beyond a simple law enforcement action. We are witnessing a deliberate invasion of these United States of America. A complete and utter violation of our national sovereignty, and with dire ramifications.

On Tuesday night, I did not see this issue, border security, as a major part of the CNN Democrat (socialist) Party presidential debate. Instead, there were questions about providing affordable child care while we have rampant criminality in our streets against our children!

Yet, we have a state, Texas, that is ranked number one for human and sex trafficking. Not long ago, we shared the story of a young Houston girl who committed suicide after being trafficked. That is the child care we should be concerned about . . . or the child care that prevents our children from becoming victims of the drugs that are freely flowing into our nation. Leftists cry about illegal immigrant families being separated, while American families are being permanently torn apart by the violence of criminal illegal immigrants.

I proudly call Texas home, and I am on the frontlines of an invasion of the Lone Star State, and our America. This must be fixed!

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