Photo from the House Intelligence Sub-Committee Hearing on the Muslim Brotherhood in an article on the Old School Patriot by Allen West.

Good Lobbyists . . . Bad Lobbyists

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When I was in Congress, I was always concerned about the folks called “lobbyists.” Of course, it was up to me to give direction to the staff as to whom we should have visit. We must come to understand that not everyone is a “bad” lobbyist. When you have someone who is aligned with your principles and values, one should be happy to sit with them and discuss policies. I can tell you that I would never close the door on a group advocating for our veterans, small businesses, or to those seeking my support with respect to our strong allies . . . like Israel.

No, I never saw any “Benjamins.” Heck, I even had some “Occupy Wall Street” types come in and sit down for a discussion. They were not prepared for an adult intellectual exchange of thoughts and perspectives.

However, there is one group that, if they had ever sought entrance to our Congressional office, they would have been thrown out.

As reported by the Investigative Project on Terrorism:

“Muslim Brotherhood supporters from the New York-New Jersey area lobbied members of Congress Monday to ask them to pressure Egypt about its execution of political opponents. 

The event piggybacked on a broader Muslim Advocacy Day organized by the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations. The USCMO is an umbrella organization that includes the major American Islamist organizations including the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim American Society, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) among others.

A delegation organized by Egyptian Americans for Freedom and Justice (EAFJ) visited the offices of New York Democrats Hakeem Jeffries, Paul Tonko, and Nita Lowey, along with Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., Jan Shakowsky, D-Ill. and Rick Allen, R-Ga.

They also visited the Democratic-controlled House Foreign Affairs Committee office.

It is unclear how much the representatives know about the EAFJ and the contents of any discussions are not know. Attempts to reach these offices for comment were unsuccessful.

More than 2,000 people are on Egypt’s death row, and 86 people have been executed since 2014, according to data collected by Cornell Law School. Many of these people have been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. EAFJ was created by Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the United States following the Egyptian military’s 2013 ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi. Its aim is to restore the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt.”

Now, I want y’all to read two things: first, the charter of the Muslim Brotherhood; the second thing is the Explanatory Memorandum of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America . . . meaning the United States of America.

The fact that we have an organization, an Islamic terrorist organization, that is lobbying in our Congress to support the original and oldest Islamic jihadist organization started in Egypt is beyond comprehension. These folks are truly “bad lobbyists.”

In that strategic memorandum written by the Muslim Brotherhood operative Mohammed Akhram in 1991, which was found in an FBI raid of a home in northern Virginia in 2004, it lists these very organizations as part of the goal and vision of creating a “civilizational jihad” in America. Doggone, they are doing exactly that . . . lobbying on Capitol Hill.

Ask yourselves: if all this is known — open source information — then why is it that America has not declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization? Now, that is a great question that someone should ask President Trump, and his National Security Adviser, John Bolton.

I can understand why this would not have been done in the eight years of the Obama administration. They did, after all, support the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Morsi, for president of Egypt. But how can this be happening now, an Islamic terrorist organization visiting the offices of members of Congress, and the office of the Democrat-controlled House Foreign Affairs Committee . . .Oh by the way, that is where Rep. Ilhan Omar still sits!

If you look at the picture of these jihadists in front of our Capitol, they are not flashing the sign for just hitting a three-point shot. No, they are flashing the sign of the Muslim Brotherhood — in front of our Capitol? What message do you think that sends to the mothership back in Egypt?

A photo of a lobby group sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood flashes an MB sign outsidt of the US Captitol.

Let me be very clear: I am glad that the Egyptian government is rounding up members of the Muslim Brotherhood . . . the same folks responsible for the peace-seeking Egyptian leader, Anwar Sadat. Do I care that Islamic terrorists are being executed? Not one bit. I do care that we have an organization, the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), that has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, maintaining an office on Capitol Hill.

I must ask, who is funding their existence, their efforts? I do not want Islamic jihadists lobbying members of our Congress. Neither should you! I want the Muslim Brotherhood to be designated an Islamic terrorist organization by the United States of America, just like Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda . . . the list is long. I want their ability to operate in our Constitutional Republic shut down, as their declared objective is to undermine.

Perhaps there is no one with the courage to do so, but you can bet your bottom dollar, if I return to Washington, DC, they are on my list. And that is why these jihadists who walk amongst us would do any and everything to prevent that ever happening.

The Muslim Brotherhood has no shared principles and values with this country, our rule of law, or very core. They are the prime example of “bad lobbyists.”

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