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Gun Control . . . or is the Real Problem Stupid Control?

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In full disclosure, I am a Patriot Life Benefactor, and board member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA was founded in 1871, was incorporated in New York State, and is the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. As we all know, the NRA is a grassroots organization made up of everyday Americans who support our Second Amendment constitutional right.

Let me repeat that again, the Second Amendment is a constitutional right. However, there is a very well-funded and vocal anti-second amendment crowd that pushes the narrative of gun control. Funny, I thought “gun control” was all about your breathing and trigger squeeze . . . not to mention there’s a safety mechanism. Every time there is a shooting, by the count of one-two-three, the chuckleheads on the left start their incessant ranting. It makes me believe that the real problem is not gun control, but stupid control.

As reported by Townhall:

“David Katz shot and killed two people over the weekend during a Madden 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. He had a history of mental illness, was hospitalized for it twice as a teenager, prescribed medications, and somehow was able to buy two handguns [a .45cal and 9mm]. We don’t know if he had a Maryland concealed carry permit. He lived in South Baltimore. Yet, with that line of questioning, how did a person hospitalized with mental illness obtain firearms and a CCW? Both require background checks—and ATF confirmed that Katz caught these firearms legally. This is more of a getting a clearer picture line of questioning, however, because even if Katz didn’t have a history of mental illness, he had firearms in the state of Florida illegally; Maryland does not have reciprocity with the Sunshine State. The point is in either scenario; Katz shouldn’t have been able to purchase firearms. Yet, anti-gun activists, like David Hogg, are directing their ire towards the usual targets, like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), because there was another shooting. It’s time to make noise and try to stay relevant time for these anti-gunners. I mention Katz’s residence because that seems to be getting lost in the ether, as activists and some media figures have been hammering Florida’s gun laws. Dear liberals, he bought his guns in Maryland, which has some of the most stringent anti-Second Amendment laws on the books.”

This is why I assert that we have a problem with “stuck on stupid” control, not gun control. I am tired of idiot, progressive, socialist, commentators deflecting from the real issue. I am sick of spoiled brat kids who are manipulated by the anti-gun leftists who have no comprehension of the issue. Here, once again, we have an instance of someone with a mental health issue acquiring firearms. And, it appears, legally so. Just as with the shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the assailant — who was also shot and killed — should have never been able to purchase firearms ,due to his bad conduct discharge from the military, along with his convictions on domestic abuse. He, as well as David Katz, obviously lied in order to obtain firearms on their BATF Form 4473.

However, only the stupid people seem to not recognize, realize, and accept that’s where the problem stems from. All the signs were there in the case of Nicholas Cruz, the Parkland HS shooter, so why don’t the stupid people address why those signs went unheeded — after all, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel remains in position . . . sans any charges, or investigation for dereliction of duty against the BSO School Resource Deputy who took no action.  So, why would Ali Velshi of MSNBC be talking about the “ease” to obtain a firearm in Florida, when Katz was from Maryland? Why would Velshi not ask a better question: why do Scott Israel, and Broward Superintendent of Schools, Robert Runcie, still have their positions?

The answer is simple: the stupid people are not interested in the facts, or truth. They care only about their ideological agenda, which is to undermine the Second Amendment. Even the governor of New York, along with the former Mayor of New York City, are part of the “walking stupid” in their crusade to destroy the NRA, and eradicate the constitutional right of the Second Amendment.

Final jeopardy question: why is all of this happening? The real goal is not gun control, it’s people control. The progressive socialist left cannot attain their ultimate objective, power, as long as law-abiding, legal, freedom-loving Americans can rightfully defend themselves. Basically, the stupid people want power, and cannot achieve it as long as the smart people are capable of protecting and defending themselves. Maybe there is a reason why the progressive socialist left wants to do nothing with the mentally ill being able to acquire firearms. The resulting shootings create opportunities to advocate for gun control of the law-abiding people, the Old School Patriots.

And that’s why the real problem in America centers around stupid people control. Ponder that as you face the possibility of the stupid people winning back the House of Representatives this November.