Photo of Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, CA

Gun Violence and Gun Control Laws

In Education, Front Page, Second Amendment by Allen West

Yesterday there was another tragic shooting at one of our schools, this time occurring in Santa Clarita, California. We now know the assailant was a 16-year-old male using a semi-automatic .45cal handgun. After shooting several — a teenaged boy and girl are now dead — the disturbed assailant shot himself in the head.

It’s a felony offense for a 16-year-old to possess a firearm. It’s a felony offense to possess a firearm in school property. It’s a felony offense to discharge a weapon within city limits unless in self-defense…or in the case of Kate Steinle, you’re a five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant.

It’s a felony to use a firearm to fire upon innocent individuals. It’s a felony to kill someone.

California has an A rating from the Giffords Center on gun control laws. Law-abiding citizens in California must endure the most stringent laws in order to legally participate in their constitutional second amendment right.

The lesson for progressive socialist gun control and confiscation tyrants: criminals and the criminally disturbed do not follow laws. We have laws on our books, established, this 16-year-old shooter could not have cared less.

Stop talking about the instrument used and focus on the evil perpetuated, and answer why? Talk to the parents, school counselors, and end the insidious Obama era Promise Program. Stop over-medicating our kids and trying to mainstream mentally disturbed and violent kids in our schools, like Nicolas Cruz in Broward County. Find out how this deranged kid gained access to a weapon, just as with Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook shooting.

Stop with the ideological agenda cowardice leveraging these tragedies to “do something,” which means red flag laws and other delusions aimed at infringement upon law-abiding, legal gun owners.

Perhaps our high schools should have JROTC programs and allow these retired men and women to serve as the first line of defense. Maybe school districts should allow willing teachers to volunteer for training to be the first line of defense in our schools.

Deal with the evil that possessed this 16-year-old to enact such wanton violence. Leave We the People who have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms alone. We are honest liberty-loving citizens, and will not be relegated to being your subjects!

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