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Guns, Ammunition, and the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus

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If there is one thing I enjoy, it is being able to speak with everyday Americans. When you can talk with them, you get a clear understanding and sense of the pulse of the nation. Thanks to social media, I can glean that assessment from across the country. As I read and get calls from friends, as well as read over social media comments, I see what is happening. Many are moving past the initial stages of phobia and starting to ask some very pertinent questions about this Wuhan coronavirus episode.

Since there is no March Madness, I spent this past weekend late-night binge-watching movies, searching for those I had not seen previously. I came across a movie called “Unlocked,” released in 2017. It ended up being a very interesting hour and 38 minutes. The premise of the film is that some CIA agents go rogue and enable a terrorist biological attack in order to gain more government control of the American people. Yep, you can imagine how my jaw hit the floor when the devious plot was revealed. Yes, I do recommend y’all watch this movie and ask yourselves, are we witnessing life imitating art?

So, on a gray, damp, Sunday morning, I did a nice five-mile run through the Eastern Hills of Garland and thought about that movie. I thought about what is happening all across America. We are seeing a run on guns and ammunition. My indoor shooting range, Lake Highlands Shooting Center, sold out of all its weapons and is finding it hard to stock ammunition…even harder than toilet paper. My friends all over are telling me about how Academy Sports is selling out of weapons and ammunition. And, this is not going unnoticed by the media.

As reported by Fox News:

“Gun sales are on the rise in America, but it may take you longer to get one as the coronavirus pandemic continues due to the increased pressure on the background check system. Jay Wallace has worked in the gun industry for more than 40 years. He says he usually sells about 100 guns a day at his store in Georgia Adventure Outdoors.

“We’re selling five times that amount right now. Our staff is pushed to the limits. There are more firearms being sold right now probably than ever before” Wallace said. Wallace believes gun sales are up because, he says, “People more than ever are feeling personally responsible. They feel like it’s at their doorsteps and they’ve never experienced that before.”

Lawrence Keane, the senior vice president of firearms and ammunition industry trade association, says he has seen a surge in the sale of firearms and ammunition across the country. “The NICS center, where they do the background checks, they’ve confirmed that they have seen what they describe as astronomical increases,” Keane said. According to NICS, it has completed over 2 million background checks each month in 2019 and the trend has continued into 2020. However, this month’s statistics won’t be released until the end of April. 

The FBI said in a statement, “The FBI’s NICS section remains fully operational and will continue to process requests. The NICS section appreciates the public’s patience during this period of national emergency.” “If a check goes into delay status, those are going to take a while to get sorted out because they just don’t have the resources to do both the checks that are coming in as well as investigations for delayed checks,” Keane said. According to Keane, this isn’t the first time the gun industry has seen an uptick in sales: Past situations like September 11 and Katrina also saw an increase.

The NRA said in a statement, “Our nation has seen an uptick in firearm and ammunition sales whenever people feel threatened. We’re seeing it now because Americans know that, during times like these, first responder resources may be limited, and their safety is ultimately in their own hands.”

Nonessential stores across the country are closing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but gun stores are still open.”

You do not purchase a firearm and ammunition because you are afraid of a virus. You do so because you are concerned about your freedoms and rights being usurped and infringed upon. Click To Tweet

This is one of the reasons why having a Concealed Carry Permit is important. It expedites the background check system. The point I wish to stress is that people are not purchasing weapons and stocking ammunition because of the Wuhan Chinese coronavirus. Go ahead, call me a racist. They are doing so because of concerns about the tyranny of government and the paranoia, hysteria, that the media has fomented over this episode. The American people are not dumb — though some may be stuck on stupid — but they are realizing that the common flu has posed more of a threat than the coronavirus. They also know that the last pandemic, H1N1, did not garner this type of response and decimation of our economy.

What true Americans are concerned about is the political opportunism of some, as we have shared about the mayors of Champaign, Illinois, and New Orleans. Americans are concerned about the rumors they hear about mandated shelter-in-place orders, such as we are seeing in California. Yes, I got a text from a friend out there telling me about the City of San Jose ticketing those who stray out-of-doors. There are too many things happening that many resolute and conscientious Americans do not see as coincidences, but potential threats to their liberties and freedoms…and they realize that personal protection is their personal responsibility.

You do not purchase a firearm and ammunition because you are afraid of a virus. You do so because you are concerned about your freedoms and rights being usurped and infringed upon.

Pearl Harbor and 9-11 did not result in these actions being undertaken, and folks are well aware of that. We had plenty of toilet paper after Islamic terrorists struck on September 11th. Something does not feel right to the American people about this, and the first reaction is self-defense.

Once again, I call upon us all to be prudent, vigilant, take the requisite precautions, live a healthy life, but safeguard your essential liberties. If we go down the path of surrendering those liberties with some absurd guarantee of temporary security we may never recover. That is why so many are purchasing weapons and ammunition, to ensure, and secure, our future so that the worst will not happen. Sadly, that is a fact, not fear-mongering. Remember, less than 300 Americans have died from the coronavirus to date. How many unborn American babies are murdered in the womb in a week?

I will leave you with this video:


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