Homelss man in front of "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" statues in an article about NYC residents hiring private security.

Hey, Libs: A Wall by Any Other Name? Still a Wall

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You know there is nothing better than watching leftists suffer from their own insidious policies. As you know, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is a walking example of socialist stuck on stupid. His most recent proclamation that there is a lot of money in NYC but it is in the wrong hands evidences his certifiable insanity. What is even more insane is that the folks there in NYC voted for him, twice. I guess it is as Forest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.”

Now, you know how bad things have become in NYC regarding the lack of safety. As we all know, Second Amendment rights have been quashed in NYC, so much for the Constitution as the law of the land, huh? Ya know, it is always funny how the progressive, socialist left defines rights only as things that are aligned with their ideological agenda . . . ya know, healthcare is a right, along with marriage.

But I digress.

Join me in laughing at this little ironic story from NYC. As reported by the NY Post:

“This isn’t just “spare change.” 

The city’s homelessness crisis is so out of control that Upper West Side residents are shelling out $120 a month each for private security guards to patrol their neighborhood seven days a week, The Post has learned.

A dozen apartment buildings are part of the desperation effort that’s costing a total $140,000 a year, and they all surround the former Hotel Alexander that the de Blasio administration recently turned into a homeless shelter.

“It’s a classic case of adding insult to injury,” said a resident of 251 W. 95th St. “The city dumped the problem in our lap, then refused to provide the tools to keep the problem at bay. So now we’re footing the bill ourselves, so at least we don’t have to worry about getting mugged. It’s a total outrage.”

The money pays for a single guard at a time from Cambridge Security Services to keep tabs on the four-square-block area bounded by West 95th Street, Broadway, West 93rd Street and Riverside Drive between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m., except for Fridays and Saturdays, when the hours are 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

“My initial reaction was ‘I don’t want to do that,’ but people in this neighborhood are upset,” said veteran Broadway and TV actor Bill Tatum, who’s president of the co-op board at The Fremont, two doors from the new shelter at 306 W. 94th St.

“I wish that the police force made the security guard unnecessary. The 24th Precinct is great, but my understanding is they’re stretched a little thin.” 

Aaron Biller, a former trade magazine publisher who lives in The Fremont, spearheaded the extra-security plan last year and said it mirrored a similar effort during the 1990s. Under then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Biller said, “there was a feeling things were getting better.”

But he accused Mayor Bill de Blasio of warehousing mentally ill homeless people in the troubled “Freedom House” at 316 W. 95th St. until the city closed it on Dec. 31.

“We’re having to reach into our own pockets and pick up where the government has failed us,” said Biller, president of the “Neighborhood in the 90s” group that is lead plaintiff in a suit seeking to close the new shelter, inside an SRO that still has rent-paying.”

Yep, that is the progressive, socialist left for ya. In other words, “Yeah, go ahead and do all this stuff but not in my neighborhood.” I find it rather hilarious, perhaps awkwardly deserving, that this is happening to the big heart leftist folks who now decry having the homeless in their neighborhood. It is kinda like wanting the green energy windmills, but when they were looking at offshore in Massachusetts, even John Kerry said “nyet.”

I just have to ask, how many of those leftists who say walls do not work, live behind a wall? How many of them lock their doors in order to keep unwanted people out? Funny thing, these same people want open borders but they do not want to open up their own homes, neighborhoods.

I just have to ask, how many of those leftists who say walls don't work, live behind walls? Funny, these same people want open borders but they don't want to open up their own homes or neighborhoods. Click To Tweet

What is even more disrespectful is how many people can write a check for their own personal security? See, that is why the Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment right. Those poor four Americans in Nevada could not have their own personal security guard, and they were killed by a criminal illegal immigrant who was caught selling their jewelry.

Kate Steinle, Mollie Tibbetts, Pierce Corcoran, Jamiel Shaw, and many others cannot just dole out the dollars to have personal security . . . unlike a Speaker Pelosi or Senator Schumer. I say that as long as they refuse to provide adequate border security, which includes a wall, barrier, obstacle, then they should not have taxpayer-funded personal security, let them pay for it themselves.

I am quite sure the folks in the Upper West Side of NYC would like to have a barrier wall to keep the “miscreants” away from threatening them.

The article continues:

“Robert Enrick, 38, is one of two security guards that patrol the area. He routinely confronts loiterers to ask them to “go somewhere else” and calls 911 when he gets noise complaints he can’t resolve, encounters emotionally disturbed people or sees flagrant drug sales. 

“All the drug dealers go from one shelter to another,” he said. 

A doorman at 222 Riverside Drive, Mario Govin, said his building has Enrick and the neighborhood’s other guard “on speed dial.”

“We don’t have the police on speed dial — they come when they feel like it,” he groused.

One of the tenants he serves, Regan Healey, 55, lamented the extra expense but noted, “We’re all really upset about the number of shelters. When my daughters come back to visit from college, I say, ‘You can’t walk alone.’”

Renee Altholz, of 711 West End Ave., said the guards were an “unfortunate” but necessary solution.

“When you see drug dealing and you call 911, they interrogate you as much as they would the perpetrator — ‘What did you see? What kind of drugs were they dealing?’” she said. “How the hell would I know what drugs? After a while, we gave up calling 911 and put together a few coins to get our own security.”

Altholz, who’s in her 70s, said she often sees one of the guards when she walks her dog at night. “They do make us feel safer,” she said. “They’re friendly, they know us. They’re on the move.”

You just have to ask, who is being held hostage here . . .

Have any of you pondered this very simple truth? The government employees are back to work, but the loved ones, victims of criminal illegal immigrants, are still dead. What happens if Ms. Renee Altholz is assaulted by one of de Blasio’s policy failures? Who will care for her, be her voice? I have to wonder, are these personal security guards armed, or are they just like mall cops, walking around with a walkie-talkie?

Here we have another example of the unintended, or maybe intended, consequences of liberal progressive policies. Who comes up with these Dunce Club ideas of placing a homeless shelter right in the middle of a community, neighborhood? Only the left can come up with these schemes, just like flooding our nation with illegal immigrants, who in turn, some of them, terrorize American citizens.

Perhaps it will not be long before the folks in NYC chant “build us a wall.”