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The High Cost of Public Education

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As y’all know I have made Texas my home, and boy howdy, it’s awesome! I could not think of any better place to live, other than my birth state of Georgia, or in Tennessee. There is such a powerful sense of rugged individualism, and liberty, in Texas. I firmly understand that Texas swagger, that moxie that some may dislike, but all respect, and regard. I also cannot think of a better place to be when we think about the fight for liberty in America. Texas is right there on the front line representing freedom’s rampart here in America, just as those brave 183 stood at The Alamo. And, there is a stand to be made today.

This week, it was made public that Texas has had the most population growth in the past years, 490K, followed by Florida. As you know, we have previously discussed on these pages why are people moving to Texas. And, we’ve discussed the kind of people, philosophically, that are moving to Texas, along with other Red States. I find it perplexing that folks would depart failed states, yet continue to embrace the policies that produce those failures.

One of those key policy areas that we must improve upon, all over America, is education. Needless to say, when we see the issues in our nation, it is a direct result of a failed system of education that more closely resembles a system of indoctrination. It is this factory of progressive socialism that has taken us down the path we see playing out with the absurd concepts and ideas of Marxism becoming mainstreamed. Also, we see a system that is not meeting the standards to prepare our young people to be productive citizens in this Republic. What we do have a an atmosphere of academic elitism that is greatly protected by the abject corruption of the teachers unions — American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association (AFT/NEA). These organizations are more political than they are concerned about better educational opportunities for our children.

It is the bureaucracy of education that is the existing cancer. That combined with the progressive socialist leftist objective to control more and more of our School Boards has resulted in a massive failure, an intended result. This is why I advocate to so many that the most important elected position in America is School Board . . . not President, Senator, Congressman, or Governor. Even here in Texas we are witnessing more individuals arriving to Texas from other left-leaning states, and they place aim on taking over local School Boards to implement their agenda early on.

But it is a report from Forbes magazine that should send a chill down our spines. As reported by Forbes:

“Do public schools in Texas pay $232,000 for coordinating PE classes? What about paying $340,000 to a high school music teacher and $127,000 to a librarian? Our auditors at found 7,327 Texas public school administrators, athletic directors, teachers, and other employees pulled down six-figure salaries costing taxpayers nearly $1 billion. In fiscal year 2017, superintendents earned as much as $450,000; “executive directors for assessment and compliance” received up to $302,820; and principals made as much as $313,870. Using our interactive mapping tool at, quickly review (by zip code) every Texas educator who made a salary of $100,000 or more in 2017. Just zoom in, click a pin (zip code), and scroll down to see the results.  Less than six percent of these highly compensated Texas educators were teachers. In fact, we found as many athletic directors and business managers (406) earning six figure salaries as teachers (407). Additionally, “educational aides” received up to $203,658; “assistant principals” made up to $202,115; “counselors” earned up to $186,092. What about those “athletic directors?” They received up to $155,156.”

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At the Texas Public Policy Foundation, one of their policy goals is to reform school funding, and compensation. I, and you as well, should rather see these taxpayer resources spent in the classroom. Heck, I would prefer seeing these resources spent on better school choice opportunities, or support to homeschooling. How can it be that the massive gross expansion of the bureaucracy of education happening is a state such as Texas? Heck, perhaps more of you should look into the same in your own home state. As for those top ten Independent School District Superintendents, I would love to see how well their students are doing. Doggone, hey folks, you can hire me and trust me, I would easily do the job for 60% less salary.

I found this report to be rather disconcerting, and who is approving these massive levels of compensation? Yes, I am a free market capitalist, but this is quite absurd, these onerous salaries. I wonder how many people know of this? Funny, we hear folks on the left rant about the high cost of education, yet, the friends of the left, the teachers unions, are enablers for this folly.

Just so you know, I retired from the US Army back in 2004, and became a high school teacher in South Florida as part of the “Troops to Teachers” program. I had a Bachelor’s and two Master’s degrees, and my annual pay was $37K. I had life experiences that enabled me to make teaching history real. Heck, I could have easily been a Principal, or Assistant Principal. Looking at these salaries, doggone, Dr. Angela Graham-West probably would have preferred that . . .

Yep, the high cost of education has little or nothing to do with educating our children . . . whaddya gonna do about it?