Photo of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, in an article about the Democrat Party by Allen West on the Old School Patriot.

Hold the Left Accountable

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As I wrap up my trip to the beautiful Cayman Islands with the Dive Pirates, I am slowly reimmersing myself into the news cycle. Then I saw this story from the Brownsville Herald:

A Brownsville man jogging along a levee of the Rio Grande was shot to death and investigators believe the bullet may have come from Mexico.

Photo of Miguel Angel Valdez Hernandez, a victim of a shooting at the border in the Rio Grande River Valley in TX, in an article by Allen WestThe body of Miguel Angel Valdez Hernandez, 57, was discovered Tuesday afternoon by a farm worker driving a tractor.

During a news conference, Cameron County Chief Deputy Gus Reyna said they have no suspects in the shooting, but are looking for a small white extended cab pickup that was seen across the river about the same time as the shooting.

Reyna said several people were seen in the bed of the truck.

“A this time we are currently looking at all possibilities, including that the shot that killed our victim may have come from Mexico,” Reyna said. “We have contacted Mexican authorities to assist us in this investigation.”

Ladies and gents, the progressive socialist left has allowed this to happen. A cross-border shooting of an innocent man jogging in America. We are allowing these delusional and deranged leftists to fail Americans.

We need to ensure every #Democrat socialist sees this article. Those chuckleheads need to respond to this at their presidential #debate tonight. #Debates @TheDemocrats Click To Tweet

I am 58 and also an outdoor runner. This is personal.

We need to ensure every Democrat socialist sees this article. Those chuckleheads need to respond to this at their presidential debate, especially the two candidates from Texas, Castro and O’Rourke. There must be a national outcry over this and no more stupid rhetoric about the US running “concentration camps.”

Chuck and Nancy, you now have even more spilled American blood on your hands.

This is why true American Hispanics will reject the left in 2020. The Rio Grande River Valley will hold fast to conservative policies next year, and subsequent years to come.

Those chuckleheads need to respond to this border murder at the presidential debate, especially the 2 candidates from TX, @JulianCastro and @BetoORourke. #border #bordercrisis #BloodonHands Click To Tweet

I am going to make sure that happens! Watch the video below for something you can do to make this happen, as well.

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