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Hotel California: Check Out Anytime, But You Can Never Leave

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There are many a license plate here in north Texas — mainly in the Dallas metroplex area — from California. Toyota has moved its headquarters out of the “Golden State,” and relocated to Texas. It seems that folks are finally awakening to what many of us have known: California’s policies are a failure.

As reported by Fox News:

“A whopping 46 percent of California Bay Area residents fed up with the region’s high cost of living and soaring home prices are planning to pack their bags and move out in the next few years, a poll has found. The poll, conducted by the Bay Area Council, which describes itself as a business-sponsored, public policy advocacy organization, also found that homelessness and heavy traffic are among the things that most irk residents who live there. “This is the trend we’ve been observing. Two years ago, it was 34 percent and last year it was 40,” the group’s president, Jim Wunderman, told KTVU about the increasing amount of those polled indicating that they want to get out. The majority of the 1,000 polled said they have lived in the region for more than 20 years and increasingly believe that life in the Bay Area is heading in the wrong direction, despite mixed feelings about its economy.  Forty-five percent of those who say they are planning to leave cited cost of living as the driving factor, while 27 percent said housing and rent costs are becoming too much to bear.Sixteen percent of that group said they plan to move somewhere else in California, while Texas, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona topped the most sought-after states outside of California for relocation.”

“On the downside of it is all the people who need to be here to provide all the services are being priced out,” Wunderman said to KTVU. “We’re seeing teachers, government workers, firefighters, police officers actually not able to live in the communities.”   Ron and Elizabeth Haines, who have lived in the city of Pleasanton, say they are moving to Idaho this summer and are among the residents who believe living in the Bay Area is getting too expensive.”

Oh boy, now those fleeing have Idaho in their sights. We recently shared with you the story about the mayors in Silicon Valley who want to introduce a “Seattle-style” employee head tax. It just seems to never end in the state of delusion we know as California. We have witnessed the revolt over the sanctuary state policy of California. So here is my recommendation: stay there and fight to have an electoral victory in California. I can understand being totally disenchanted with what is happening, but there is another course of action — fight back.


I have a very close friend who is a county elected official here in the Metroplex. He has told me, several times, the story of a woman he knew who had just moved to Texas. She confided to him how much she loved Texas, but that the only problem with Texas is that it does not have enough elected Democrats. Each time he tells that story, the frustrated look on his face says it all. Why would anyone move to a successful state like Texas, and then want to make it like the state they just departed? I often say, the greatest export from California is not wine, walnuts, and avocados, it is progressive socialism. If you do not believe me, ask folks who live in Colorado, and not just in Boulder, and Denver. Yes, I have met some solid constitutional conservatives who have left California for Texas. And they echo the same warning: don’t let them “Californicate” Texas, as has been done elsewhere.

I often say, the greatest export from California is not wine, walnuts, and avocados, it is progressive socialism. Click To Tweet

When people refer to the capital of Texas, Austin, as the San Francisco of the midwest, that is not a compliment. And there are two issues that reflect this comparison: homelessness, and unaffordable housing. If you couple that with the uber-leftist governing philosophy, and the onerous regulatory environment, you do, indeed, have more of a San Francisco mentality than one of Texas.

The title to this missive is rather relevant. It comes from the song by the Eagles, “Hotel California.” The famous line is, “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.” Just a reminder: California is looking to institute an “exit tax” to those looking to check out. However, there are those who are looking to check out, but mentally, they never leave California — just like the woman with whom my county elected official friend engaged. They do, indeed, check out, physically departing the State of California due to its failing policies, but they mentally retain a California state of mind; a failing state of mind.

I suggest a billboard campaign in the states seeing an influx of new residents from California. There should be a welcome, and then a simple question on these billboards. Here is an example: “Welcome to the Lone Star State of Texas, why are YOU here?” If successful Red States do not begin to openly challenge the infiltration of leftists from failed states like California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, we will only have ourselves to blame, as we watch more and more leftists within our borders, who, eventually, run for city council and school board positions.

If you are a constitutional conservative in California, stay and fight. Of course, that’s easy for me to say. Regardless, we welcome y’all. If you’re a progressive socialist, doggone, stay there in California, and suffer the consequences of that for which you voted. Stop leaving California, unless you are willing to completely check out, and that means leaving behind the California mentality, and delusion. If you vote for it, then live under it, and stop spreading it like cancer.

I have a term for these leftists who flee their own mess, just to create a mess elsewhere: locusts.