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Hypocrisy Defined: Oh So, Un-Woke and Confused Left

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As y’all know, I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. It could be easily argued that Atlanta is the cradle of the Black Civil Rights movement. There is so much incredible history in my hometown.

As well, Atlanta is home to some of the most historic, highly accredited, and esteemed institutions of higher learning in the nation. Heck, even Georgia State University —  who have just been playing football for ten years — beat my Tennessee Volunteers, in Knoxville . . . and they just beat Army. There is a real sense of pride in the city of Atlanta, but something has happened in Atlanta, at one of those esteemed universities, that is an embarrassment.

As reported by Campus Fix:

“Emory University, which has gotten its collective panties in a bunch over several professors’ use of the N-word — in academic context, mind you — will be bringing a rapper to campus for homecoming who uses the term quite liberally.

The school actually is trying to terminate one of those professors, Paul Zwier, for appealing a suspension after he used the term. Emory refuses to discuss any specifics about his case.

Another victim is a Native-American professor who noted in his class that whites once used the epithets “sand ni**er” and “red ni**er” against his people. Even though Prof. Robert Saunooke had apologized to the one student who said she was offended by his remarks, and despite his taking proactive steps to report what he said to the proper university officials himself, the president of the Black Law Student Association told him his use of the terms “was unnecessary and disruptive to the learning experience.”

Indeed, Emory is soooo sensitive to the racial epithet that it has invited rapper Rico Nasty to perform October 25 for the school’s homecoming. As noted by The Wheel, Nasty’s mixtapes include The Rico Story and Sugar Trap, the lyrics of which just might offend a sizable number of people, one would think.”

I will not print here some of the lyrics from this untalented individual. Furthermore, I am quite sure the leftist dominated social media platforms are starving for a reason to sanction or shut our platform down. And, yes, I said untalented. Cursing to music is not a reflection of talent.

But, consider this, we recently brought you the story of one Madison Wisconsin High School security officer, Marlon Anderson. Mr. Anderson was terminated — he has since been reinstated — for telling a belligerent student to stop calling him the “n-word.” He had cautioned the student to “stop calling me that,” then directly told the student what to stop calling him what the student had continued to call him. The local school district said that it was their “no tolerance” policy on the use of the word that led to the absurd termination of Mr. Anderson.

See, the left is so “woke,” that they contradict themselves at each and every turn. Matter of fact, if it were not for having no standards, the left would have no standards at all.

See, the left is so 'woke,' that they contradict themselves at each and every turn. Matter of fact, if it were not for having double standards, the left would have no standards at all. Click To Tweet

So, let me get this right: professors at Emory University are sanctioned for using the reference as part of their instruction. As George Santayana is attributed as saying, “those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”. But that is not the case for the utterly confused, and hypocritical, progressive socialist left.

But, as always the leftists have an excuse for the inexcusable,

“The Student Programming Council chose Nasty because of her “up-and-coming artistic presence” and the fact that she’s a female. “We were definitely looking to break away from having all males,” SPC Vice President Teffin Benedict said. “[Rico Nasty] is also just a super fun artist.”

Sooo, if you are an untalented female rap regurgitator of profanity and racist epithets you are just fine, a “super fun artist?” I just have to ask: why is it that Blacks accept the soft bigotry of low expectations for our own behavior, but try to demand respect otherwise? Why is it that the leftists always acquiesce to such abhorrent decisions? Why didn’t the “woke” Emory University administration deny the request to have this Rico Nasty, perform as part of a university-sanctioned event? And we are supposed to take these leftists serious?

“Emory has been so … politically correctly pure of late that in addition to the sanctions against the N-word uttering professors it terminated an Italian teacher for her “anti-Islam and anti-immigration views”; its students demanded a “Latinx” (“lah-TEE-nex,” the gender-neutral term for “Latino/a”) studies department; students and school officials held a confab over the school tennis coach’s “inappropriate” Halloween costume; and, perhaps “best” of all, protesters upset at pro-Trump chalkings screamed at Emory administrators to “speak to them” because they were “in pain.”

Well, you can cross Emory University off my respect and honor list. They are just another example of weak adults caving into the mob of snowflakes. My advice to Emory University Student Programming Council VP, Teffin Benedict is that respect is given where respect is earned. You, young man, have no self-respect or regard for any standard of decency. So do not demand such when you do not embrace such for yourself.

One of the reasons for the decimation of the Black community has been the reward given to these untalented “useful idiots” who have demeaned, denigrated, and disparaged our very community.

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