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The Laughable Hypocrisy of the Democrat Party

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If there is one thing that does give me much pleasure, it is witnessing the blatant hypocrisy of the progressive socialist left, the Democrat party. Now, again, in full disclosure, I am a sitting Board Member of the Nation’s oldest civil rights organization, the National Rifle Association (NRA). And, may I add, damn proud to be so!

There is no doubt that the left fears the NRA and its firm stand in support of the Second Amendment right of law-abiding, legal gun owning Americans. However, what spooks the left more than anything else is the grassroots power of the NRA. Back in 2016 in Louisville, the NRA leadership was first to come out and fully endorse Donald Trump for President. I was there because it was my first annual meeting as a new NRA board member. The liberal progressive media chuckled at, demeaned, disparaged, and denigrated the NRA for the endorsement. The left truly believed it would be the death-blow for the Trump campaign, whom they believed did not have a chance. After all, those “bitter people who cling to their guns and religion” were nothing more than a “basket of deplorables.” Hmm, who got the last laugh?

Well, now the empire is striking back and they have the NRA in their sights, and this latest should affirm how desperate the progressive socialist left is.

As reported by McClatchyDC:

“The National Rifle Association, attempting to rebuff a senior Democratic senator’s questions about whether it received illicit funding from a Kremlin figure to help Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, said this week that it received a total of $2,513 in donations and membership dues from 23 people with Russian ties since 2015 and ensured none of the money went for political purposes.

However, the group’s top lawyer wrote Sen. Ron Wyden that it is “currently reviewing (its) responsibilities” with respect to a top Russian banking official, Alexander Torshin, a lifetime NRA memberwho sources have described as a focus of an FBI investigation into possible channeling of Russian money to the NRA. Torshin was among a group of Russian oligarchs and government officials hit with U.S. sanctions last week. NRA General Counsel John Frazer, in the latest of three responses in recent weeks to Wyden’s demands for information from the group, also advised Wyden that he wouldn’t respond to further questions from the Oregon Democrat, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. An aide said Wyden has concluded that the NRA has dodged his questions about how it traces the true source of its donations, including whether any money came from shell companies, “a known means for Russians to funnel money into the United States.”

McClatchy reported in January that the FBI is investigating whether Torshin, deputy governor of Russia’s central bank, secretly routed funds to the NRA to boost its effort to back Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The NRA was Trump’s biggest supporter, spending about $30 million on him during the campaign. In his letter dated Tuesday, Frazer said about $525 Russia-related money came in donations. The rest came in membership dues or magazine subscriptions from 23 people associated with Russian addresses – possibly including Americans living in Russia or Russian nationals living in the United States.”

There is no doubt that the left fears the NRA and its firm stand in support of the Second Amendment right of law-abiding, legal gun owning Americans. Click To Tweet

Okay, let me get this right, the office of Oregon Senator Wyden is getting up in arms over $2,513 in donations and membership dues from 23 people since 2015? Here we go, folks!

Now, during Barack Obama’s first campaign in 2008, just how many campaign donations came in from listings outside of the United States? Namely, emanating from the Middle East, ya know, Fatah and Hamas controlled areas? And ya just gotta be pulling my leg Senator Wyden, and McClatchy, y’all are exposing yourselves to this knowing full well that the Clinton Foundation got how many millions of dollars from foreign entities, during the time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State? What about billionaire leftist George Soros? Why are you not reporting on his efforts to undermine elections in other Nations, to include the Constitution of Ireland because it protects the rights of unborn children? And speaking of undermining elections, Senator Wyden and McClatchy, where were y’all when Barack Obama dispatched campaign operatives to work against Israeli PM Netanyahu’s reelection, and used taxpayer funds to do so? Senator Wyden, why did you not write a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry at the time?

And, back to George Soros, why not be writing about his funding violent domestic organizations such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa?

There are many other instances of hypocrisy that I could elaborate on, and our astute readers could as well. But, just wait, will there be a FBI raid of the NRA offices? Let me tell ya, if that were to happen, the progressive socialist left can certainly hang up any and every hope of being in electoral power in America. Now, I can share much more about what is happening by way of persecution of the NRA. Funny, the same doesn’t happen to Planned Parenthood, who is responsible, daily, for the murder of hundreds of unborn children in the United States. Why did the FBI not raid Planned Parenthood for their selling of dismembered baby body parts? Why is it that Senator Wyden has his underwear in a twist over $2,513 of donations to the NRA since 2015, but says nothing about the $568.7M of taxpayer funds that goes to an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist?

I am sick and tired of this bovine excrement! Why isn’t Senator Mitch McConnell or any GOP leadership hammering Democrat Senator Wyden? Since they will not, I will. Senator Wyden, I condemn you for your insidious, Joe McCarthy-like witch hunt and inquisition. There is no doubt what you are doing: you Sir, are leveraging and weaponizing your perceived political power against everyday Americans. You, Senator Wyden are waging war against the more than five million law-abiding members of the National Rifle Association. You and your corrupt, deceitful, and evil political party shall pay for this foolishness in November. I will do everything in my ability and reach to expose you, and yes, embarrass you. And to the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, you had best not have a repeat performance of the actions taken with Michael Cohen with the National Rifle Association.

This is FUBAR, and shall not be tolerated — Molon Labe!