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The Ideological Battle for America Begins Here

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Folks, you have heard me say it a number of times: the ideological battle for America is here, in Texas. It is the reason I wrote Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death, and it is the reason that I am exploring the possibility of becoming the Chair of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT).

If you need proof, look no further than this article, posted yesterday by The Hill:

“There is a significant and growing probability that Texas will become the most consequential swing state in presidential and senatorial elections to come. A campaign in the Lone Star State could cost President Trump the White House next year, even if Texas voters will ultimately choose him.

A powerful combination of demographic forces are propelling Texas from one of the reddest states in the union into a swing state. Democrats will likely make an outside play in Texas ahead of 2020, along with a full run for its projected 41 electoral votes. Texas also stands to gain three seats in Congress after the next census, making it a crucial state for both parties.”

And, this, from The Economist:

“In the real version of America many of the biggest political choices are made not in Washington but by the states—and by two of them in particular.

Texas and California are the biggest, brashest, most important states in the union, each equally convinced that it is the future. For the past few decades they have been heading in opposite directions, creating an experiment that reveals whether America works better as a low-tax, low-regulation place in which government makes little provision for its citizens (Texas), or as a high-tax, highly regulated one in which it is the government’s role to tackle problems, such as climate change, that might ordinarily be considered the job of the federal government (California). Given the long-running political dysfunction in Washington, the results will determine what sort of country America becomes almost as much as the victor of the next presidential election will.”

My assertions have not been mere hyperbole. Keeping Texas red is of vital importance to this nation. This is a critical time for the Lone Star State, and for our country.

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