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Imagine What Dems Would Do If . . .

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Our Old School Patriot website and social media administrator, Marie, is one heck of a constitutional conservative. She possesses one of the most intellectual, meticulous, and hilariously sarcastic minds I have ever met. She’s also a very loving wife and a warm, homeschooling mother. Yes, she is the total package. As we often do, we recently had an interesting discussion, relating to a very specific issue from this week’s Democrat (socialist) debate.

As we have recently pointed out, the majority of these leftist presidential candidates have embraced open borders, advocated for decriminalizing illegal entry, and praised sanctuary state and city policy agendas for our country. They want to eliminate the law enforcement agency responsible for keeping our communities clear of illegal immigrants, especially, criminal illegal immigrants.

So, Marie and I came up with a grand idea for these stuck on stupid folks. Let’s see how much they will practice what they preach:

The next time Kamala, Mayor Pete, or “Bob,” — or any of these open borders, free healthcare for illegal immigrants candidates — has a fundraiser, a group of constitutional conservatives should go. Yep, just stroll in, no tickets, eat all the food we want, pay nothing, and enjoy. I mean, no one will stop us right? No gates, or walls, correct? Since it’s “immoral” for there to be any armed guards, we won’t get shot, and we certainly cannot be detained or “wrongfully apprehended.” Marie and I, especially, shouldn’t have to show ID because we’re black and it’s a “hardship” for us to present identification, even though we need it every doggone day for even the smallest matters . . . ya know, like getting on an airplane, or reserving hotel rooms.

What is so insane about it is that fundraisers are supposed to, well, raise funds for the candidate. How much would event freeloaders drain those funds? It would end up that the candidate paid rather than raised funds . . . Hmmmm? If it is so easy to see in this scenario, why don’t our “stuck on stupid” candidates on the left get it?

Yes, since they believe that illegal immigrants should just “crash” into our America, then why should we not just crash their events? I mean, who are they to hold “private” or “exclusive” events where they determine who can enter or not? Heck, why can’t I just walk into Julian Castro’s house and hang out, eat his food, and watch some college football, as the season is drawing near? I think I might just head out to El Paso and walk right into ol’ Bob O’Rourke’s house and take his skateboard. Why do I need to buy my own skateboard? I say free skateboards from Bob, because, ya know, his dad is one of those rich guys.

While we are at it, does Nancy Pelosi live in a gated community? Let’s pay her a visit and hang out with her. I bet she has some good food, after all, she is a multi-millionaire. Speaking of which, it is still summer, and I hear Vermont is lovely this time of the year. I bet ol’ Bernie Sanders has no issue with our dropping by one of his three homes. How many are on the lake? Hey, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, why not just give us the keys to that posh DC high-rise apartment, ya know, the one where you are always posting really dumb things from?

Okay, this is just a taste of the sarcastic humor Marie and I shared regarding these chuckleheads. But, I think everyone gets the gist of what is being addressed here.

If these people care so little about our United States of America that they just want it open to any and everyone, then, live as you preach, or demand, and open up your homes, events, and vacation homes to all of us . . . for free. I mean why should I not be able to hop a ride on Leonardo DI Caprio’s yacht heading to a climate change summit . . . or take one of those private jets of his?

These people are so stuck on stupid that they fail to realize their own insidious, and comical, hypocrisy. Then again, that is what progressive socialism is all about: telling others how their lives should be run, while they do as they wish. That is why there is one easy categorization of progressive socialists: control freaks!

I am looking forward to one of these leftist presidential candidates having an event in Dallas. I will just walk right on in and have a grand ol’ time. I will not be disruptive, but I will eat my fill — luckily for them, I do not drink — and just find a nice cushy place to squat. After all, according to these leftists, I would not be breaking any laws. I would just be a “newcomer” or an “undocumented attendee” to the event. No one would turn me away, after all, I possess a “spark of divinity!”

Ya know what I love so very much about these stuck on stupid chuckleheads? They just make it too darn easy to ridicule . . . and that is one of the Alinsky rules!

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