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Iranian Response

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If you have been following the breaking news, Iran, after the three days of mourning, did as they promised and fired missiles at an installation in Iraq that houses US military personnel.

I watched the interview on CNN with the Iranian foreign minister who absurdly asserted that the targeted killing of Quds Force terrorist organization leader, Qasem Soleimani, as an act of state-sponsored terrorism. I find his words to be delusional, and imbecilic.

Iran has been threatening the United States and our allies for decades, since the Islamic revolution. President Trump has done nothing for which he should apologize to the radical Islamic terrorist leaders of Iran. To have the foreign minister of the world’s number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism make such a claim is utterly laughable.

President Trump has done nothing for which he should apologize to the radical Islamic terrorist leaders of Iran. Click To Tweet

Now we will learn about the battle damage assessment as a result of these missiles. But, let me remind y’all of something: within the last few weeks, Iran has been responsible for rocket attacks that killed an American contractor. They have supported the attack against our US Embassy in Baghdad, sovereign US territory, even spray painting Soleimani’s name on the walls of our Embassy.

This is the same Iran that put our sailors in their knees at gunpoint, something for which Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry apologized. I have already explained the EFPs and the damage they did to our US men and women in uniform. Let us not forget the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, in the fall of 1983.

When an Iranian mine struck a US Naval vessel, on April 4, 1988, President Ronald Reagan responded two weeks later with Operation Praying Mantis. The operation was the largest US Naval engagement since World War II, and sunk several Iranian vessels, killed close to 60 Iranian sailors, and destroyed two Iranian oil platforms…the operation was conducted in Iranian waters.

Iran has now taken the belligerent action of firing missiles, from within Iran at a base housing American troops. If Iran believes that they may do so with impunity, they are wrong.

I am actually surprised that we did not have an AirCap, aerial capability, flying in Iraqi airspace that could have immediately struck back against the point of origin of these missiles. I am quite sure that we do have exceptional satellite intelligence that will enable us to have precision targeting coordinates.

Yes, we should target and engage the capability that was used to conduct this missile attack. Just as President Reagan targeted Iranian naval capability in Operation Praying Mantis, and we did not go to war with Iran. As a matter of fact, we deployed on a combat operation called Desert Shield/Storm to expel Saddam Hussein’s forces from Kuwait, three years later.

When the Iranians launched missiles against a Saudi oil field we did not respond. When the Iranians shot down a US drone, President Trump called off a retaliatory response. However, when Iran feels so emboldened as to attack, and kill, Americans, as well as our sovereign Embassy, we must respond.

No, the goal or objective of the Trump administration is not to invade, occupy, or seize terrain in Iran. But, we must respond and neutralize, degrade, or destroy any Iranian capability used to attack our forces deployed into the Iraq theater of operations. Iran does not possess the conventional capability to trade shots with the United States, especially not having Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama in the White House. What has to be most unnerving to the Ayatollahs and mad mullahs is that their stranglehold on the Iranian people is slipping.

No, we are not at war, we are conducting targeted strike operations. And for the progressive socialist left, never forget that Obama outsourced our military to Islamic jihadists in Libya. Obama violated the War Powers Act and decried a humanitarian crisis in Libya, which was a lie.

The left in America is culpable in emboldening Iran by their alignment with them and condemnation of President Trump and his decision to eliminate a terrorist leader. My advice is that they do not find themselves on the wrong side of history . . . and provide evidence to the American people that they will not keep us safe.

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