Photo of a Juneteenth celebration in Austin, TX, circa 1900 in an article by Allen West.

Juneteenth: A Tale of Two Celebrations

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Today is June 19, 2019, it is also known as “Juneteenth,” Emancipation Day, also known as Freedom Day. It is somewhat regarded as an Independence Day for blacks, because to freed slaves — on this day, June 19, in 1865 — the word came to Texas that slavery had indeed ended and the Confederacy had been defeated.

Today in Houston, where the Republican Party of Texas was founded in 1867 by 150 Blacks, the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) will be holding an event to commemorate Juneteenth focusing on the “State of Black Entrepreneurship in Texas.” After all, Juneteenth is a Texas thang!

But I want to provide y’all with evidence of how the progressive socialist left will be celebrating Juneteenth, a day of Emancipation, Freedom.

As reported by CNN:

(ALLEN’S NOTE: Yes, I know, it’s CNN, but you have to know how the other side thinks. This piece was written by Congressman Steve Cohen, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, and represents Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District Okay, Parental Advisory: this material may cause abject convulsions and certain physical responses due to its disturbing nature. It is advised that you do not allow your family and friends to vote for delusional progressive socialists. Bracketed comments are mine.)

“For 246 years our laws supported a system that made people slaves, divided families, and treated human beings as property. And for nearly 100 after Reconstruction, that dark legacy continued with Jim Crow laws [a policy created by the Democrat Party] throughout the country. 

African Americans were purposefully deprived of opportunity, the ability to exercise their rights, equal access to education, health care, public facilities and other programs. The civil rights movement of the ’60s made important progress, but discrimination and the long term effects of segregation still linger. 

In 2007, my first year in Congress, I introduced — and in 2008, the House passed — a resolution officially apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow [policies of the Democrat Party]. Apologies are a necessary first step, but they alone cannot solve the present inequities born of our nation’s original sin: slavery.

A report by Demos in conjunction with the Institute for Assets and Social Policy at Brandeis University found that, in 2011, the median white household had $111,146 in wealth holdings, while the median black household had only $7,113. This racial disparity is the product of centuries of policies [policies enacted by the Democrat Party] that intentionally excluded and oppressed African Americans.

Now we must be just as intentional in our effort to repair the damage and ensure that every American has full access to the opportunity that makes our nation great.

On Wednesday I will chair a hearing on H.R. 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act, in the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties. H.R. 40, named for the federal government’s unfulfilled promise to provide freed African Americans with “40 acres and a mule,” was first introduced by Rep. John Conyers in 1989. I have been a proud co-sponsor since my first term in Congress in 2007.

We chose to hold this historic hearing today because June 19th, also known as Juneteenth or Emancipation Day, holds significance in the African American community and among all who fight for justice. On this date in 1865, Union troops entered Galveston, taking control of Texas and freeing the last enslaved Americans.

Today we celebrate freedom and independence of African Americans. I could think of no better day for a hearing on reparations and economic liberation.”

Yes, I know, I had the same reaction. Isn’t it rather hypocritical and disingenuous that the folks who created and supported slavery, along with the residual heinous policies of Jim Crow, black codes, poll taxes, literacy tests, and worse of all, lynchings, now talking about paying folks back for what they did? How special.

TPPF is holding a panel discussion sponsored by their Booker T. Washington Initiative, addressing black entrepreneurship, but the Democrat (socialist) Party is holding a hearing on reparations?

I can’t think of anyone living today who was a slave, or anyone who owned slaves. Yet the progressive socialist left sees Juneteenth not as a day to talk about economic empowerment, but rather to advocate for economic enslavement . . . something they have been really good at over the years.

The modern-day 21st-century economic plantation is a result of the failed leftist policies emanating from a Texas progressive president, Lyndon Baines Johnson. His Great Society programs — to address the so-called “war on poverty” — have done nothing but expand poverty, especially in the black community. His policies destroyed the black family and, along with Margaret Sanger, have led to the genocide of black babies in my community.

But, this is not what the party of the jackass wants to discuss on Juneteenth. Nope, they want to talk about reestablishing a slave mentality in the black community.

This is not about individual freedom, which is what Juneteenth is all about. This is about collective subjugation, and shame on Blacks for falling for this, all over again.

Rep. Cohen, I have an idea, since the policies you mentioned in your editorial all came from the Democrat (socialist) Party, y’all start writing checks. Then again, the DNC is struggling, quite telling that no one wants to support your insidious, deranged, ideological agenda. Y’all created this issue, and even the first black president did nothing to rectify it. He only pushed blacks deeper into unemployment, poverty, and food stamp usage. He canceled the DC school voucher program for deserving young black kids to get a better education, improving their opportunities.

Reparations? We, the black community, don’t need your stinkin’ reparations. We just need you progressive socialists to leave us alone. Note to the Hispanic community in America: these leftists have their eyes on y’all now, you have been warned.

The progressive socialist left perspective on Juneteenth tells about how they define freedom, emancipation, liberty. For them, it is all about the expansion of their tyranny under the guise of “caring.”

Y’all keep your damn slave wages, the West Family does not need it! We are free, economically free, and in all ways, free.

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