A photo of the migrant caravan on its way to the US taken in Mexico City in an article on illegal immigration and the border crisis by Allen West on the Old School Patriot website

Just a ‘Manufactured Crisis’

In Front Page, Illegal immigration by Allen West

Yes, it is truly upon us. I mean March Madness, of course.

However, as I have expressed, there is a different kind of madness embracing these United States of America. This madness is not based upon a bracket of teams, but a basket of imbeciles who refuse to lead and govern us based upon our safety and security. Just last week, as we pointed out, there were some 12 Senate Republicans who rebuffed President Trump’s national emergency declaration on border security. These Judas’ sided with Democrats, who created the resolution, and have now gone on record stating, by voting thusly, as the Democrats have, that this is all just a “manufactured crisis.”

Yep, just as we shared the story with y’all about a woman in San Jose, CA — a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants — who was brutally stabbed to death by a criminal illegal immigrant with multiple deportations . . . oops, I’m sorry, I mean “newcomer.”

Here is further evidence that this is, as the political elites with their armed security suggest, a “manufactured crisis.” As reported by KPLC in Lake Charles, LA:

“State Troopers have arrested an illegal immigrant for second offense DWI among other charges after driving into the back of a Louisiana State Police vehicle in an active work zone. 

Troopers responded to the crash on I-210 westbound, east of the I-210 bridge, at 5:30 a.m. this morning, March 16, 2019. 

State Police report the preliminary investigation of the crash showed that the suspect had crashed into a State Police vehicle that had been parked on the shoulder of I-210 with its emergency lights on while the Trooper was working a traffic safety detail. Troopers say the suspect veered from the inside lane towards the outside lane and then onto the shoulder before crashing into the vehicle.

The suspect, Melgar Cardona, was transported to an area hospital for minor injuries and the Trooper was not seriously injured. During the investigation, the suspect was uncooperative and provided Troopers with fake names and fake ID but Troopers were able to determine his actual identity.

Upon release from the hospital Cardona was booked into the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center for DWI second offense, careless operation of a motor vehicle, not having a driver’s license, operating a motor vehicle without lawful presence in the United States, possession of fraudulent document for identification purposes, and resisting an officer by providing a false identity.

Additionally, with the help of U.S. Border Patrol agents, it was determined that Cardona is a fugitive from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement having been previously deported.”

Now, of course, the progressive socialist left would just say no big deal, just give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and that solves the problem. Way wrong answer, Francis, but it is exactly that type of insidious thought we have come to expect from the Democrat socialists in America. Why would we give anyone here illegally a legal document providing them the privilege? It ain’t a right, folks, to operate a vehicle on our streets.

The political elitists do not see this in those simple terms. They fail to realize that this is about our safety and security. Shall I remind you that just recently a young American fella named Pierce Corcoran from Knoxville, TN — where I went to college — lost his life to a drunk illegal immigrant operating a vehicle.

But, these are all just “manufactured crises,” nothing for which we should be concerned, and definitely, according to the Democrat socialists and 12 Senate Republicans, not a national emergency. How truly disingenuous and despicable that we have elected officials who play games with the lives of everyday Americans. Recently, we learned that yet another Democrat socialist wants to run for President: New York Senator Kirsten Gillebrand, who has previously stated her support to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency.

Who are these people, and why are they in any semblance of a position of being an elected representative? We are at a critical point where it is almost weekly that an American citizen is being killed, or, as in the case in Alabama, a twelve-year-old girl was raped, by a criminal illegal immigrant . . . dang it — sorry again — “newcomer.”

I mean seriously, America, what will it take for you to become incensed by this, and the disregard we see emanating from Washington, DC? To those progressive socialists who troll this site, is this deemed acceptable by you? I mean, really?

To think, we have an empty suit, made-up media darling, presidential candidate like ol’ Bob O’Rourke — whom, I pray, enjoyed a lovely St. Patrick’s Day — supporting open borders and decriminalizing illegal entry into America. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, y’all! Where in the Sam Hill do they find these delusional people?

There is a national emergency in our country, and it is not just about border security. The real national emergency is about restoring principled, resolute leadership in America. It is about leadership that places the interests of the American people above all else. We do not have that in America today. We must raise up a new Band of Brothers and Sisters. We need courageous men and women who will simply do what is right by our rule of law, the Constitution. We no longer need these “politicians” who act high and mighty, all the while, “We the People” live under many threats.

No illegal immigrant should be allowed easy entry into our country, and, certainly no criminal illegal immigrant. We need to update our asylum definitions and laws, and stop allowing this flooding of illegal immigrants into our country. And, no, I am not calling for mass deportations, but there should be a prioritized list for deportation, and the securing of our border to prevent illegal reentry. There should be no sanctuary states or cities for illegal immigrants. There should be no calls to abolish our ICE agency. There should be no refusal by any local or state elected official to cooperate with ICE. We should be resolute in determining and deciding who may enter these United States of America.

This is a national emergency, and as I have stated before, any elected official advocating for “newcomers” to vote in our elections should be removed from office. That means you, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.