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Labor Day Prayers

In Culture, Faith, Front Page, Second Amendment by Allen West

If it were normal times I would be wishing y’all a Happy Labor Day, but these are not normal times. For many this is not a happy time. As a matter of fact, it will be a long-lasting memory of tragedy. In both cases, this is very personal for me.

On Saturday, we were reminded that evil walks among us, by the actions of one deranged person in Midland-Odessa Texas. Since coming to Texas, I have been to Midland-Odessa countless times and gotten to know many great Texans, Americans, out there. Unfortunately, I spent Saturday speaking and texting with some who had friends in the shooting melee. One of my friends even knew the little 18-month-old that was shot in the shoulder.

I am quite sure the usual cast of political characters will seize upon an opportunity to call for gun control. Then again, perhaps we should consider the fact that none of the innocent citizens were armed, or able to return fire against this crazed shooter. This is what the Second Amendment right provides, the ability for us to be able to defend ourselves against evil. Yet again, this Labor Day, we are reminded of evil’s existence.

At the time of this writing, six Texans have lost their lives — I will not count the shooter — and 21 were wounded. The last thing anyone should be discussing is how we disarm innocent, law-abiding Americans . . . again. We should embrace and offer our prayers and condolences for Americans who lost their lives for no other reason than the darkness that has crept into our culture, our society, affecting our safety and security.

As well, there are millions of my friends back along the southeastern coast of Florida who are bracing for a coming storm. One of those is my wife, Angela, the mother of our children. Her work as a financial adviser/broker has her in South Florida at this time. Yes, she is a stubborn woman who decided to ride this storm out. We pray that our friends and family down in South Florida are protected as Hurricane Dorian heads their way. Floridians know how to prepare for these storms, just as Texans confronted Hurricane Harvey not too long ago.

Now is not the time to use a storm as a leverage point to talk about man-made climate change or any other ideological talking point. I think we should come to realize that man is not in control, regardless of those who believe that they are. God is still in control, and, yes, prayer and helping each other out still counts for so very much.

So, this Labor Day we send up prayers for our fellow Americans in Midland-Odessa Texas and the southeastern coast that extends up from Florida to Georgia to the Carolinas.

God be with y’all . . . now and forevermore.

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