No Shortage of Leftist Buffoonery

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Greetings, everyone!

Perhaps after this week, we do need a little comic relief. Therefore, it is time for our end of week respite that we call “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.” Yes, as always, there were many different candidates to receive this week’s highly contested recognition. However, this week our awardees hail from the west coast, the Pacific Northwest. That is right, plural, awardees. There are two folks who have earned this dubious distinction: one from California, the other, Oregon.

As reported by the Daily Wire:

“California knows no bounds when it comes to radical LGBT activism.

On Thursday, State Senator and Senate Judiciary Committee chair Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) announced that only “gender neutral” pronouns will be permitted during committee hearings. 

“Our first order of business is to approve the committee rules. I’d like to note — in respecting the fact that we are now a state recognizing the non-binary designation as a gender — he and she, we are now merging them so we are using what my grammar teacher would have had a heart attack over: we are using the phrase ‘they’ and replacing other designations so it’s a gender-neutral designation: ‘they,’” announced the Democrat.

“Basically, that’s the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules.” 

“In the spirit of gender neutrality for the rules of this committee, we now designate the chair as ‘they,’” Jackson corrected the record. 

“The world is a different place. My grammar teacher is long gone and we won’t be hearing from her,” the senator noted, before correcting herself: “— from them! From they!”

Oh boy, a state where there is rampant homelessness, drug use, and the scourge of illegal immigration, the most critical thing for the Chairman of the State Senate Judiciary Committee was to change pronouns? This ranks right up there with banning plastic straws. But, what was so doggone hilarious was this same Chairman, State Senator Jackson, tripped herself up immediately referring to — let’s have fun — “they” former grammar teacher as “her” instead of “them.” How truly perplexing in that Senator Jackson has now taken the form of a plural, and not a singular entity . . . she is a they.

Okay, there is no doubt that this high level of absurdity has to be recognized as the pure definition of stuck on stupid. But I must, once again, ask, who votes for these people? I mean really, we are more concerned about establishing “gender neutrality” in our language? I remember when they — hmm, does that refer to a male or female, dunno according to Senator Jackson — tried this pronoun idiocy at my alma mater, the University of Tennessee. We, the alumni, obliterated the genius who came up with this tomfoolery, and it was never heard of again. The sad thing is that there remain very few sane elected officials from the State of California.

But, I digress. We must recognize our other awardee for this week: the governor of Oregon, Kate Brown. My first question is if she, dang it, I mean “they,” is related to former California Governor Jerry Brown. I ask because the insanity she, darn, “they” came up with reminds me of something that he, shoot, “them” would have done.

Ya see how stupid this gender-neutral mess is?

Here is what Gov. Brown of Oregon is proposing. As reported by Life Site News:

“News from Oregon that Governor Kate Brown is on board with a bill which would require invasive home visits by state employees to all households with newborns has sent shockwaves across the nation.  

While the proposed legislation, known as Senate Bill 526, remains in a nascent form with very few published details, it has nonetheless generated great excitement among progressive statists while sending chills down the spines of parents and families who fear increased government interference in their private lives.

The controversial bill directs the Oregon Health Authority “to study home visiting by licensed health care providers.” It has also been given “emergency” status, meaning that action must be taken before the end of this year.   

The “emergency” designation has an oddly ominous tone, stating that the measure is “necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety,” so “an emergency is declared to exist.”

Patrick Allen, Director of the Oregon Health Authority, made it clear in a statement to the Beaverton Valley Times that this is not just about helping parents and children living on the edge, who might need recourse to government aid.

“This isn’t something for people in trouble,” said Allen. 

“When the program is complete, every new parent — this includes adoptions — would receive a series of two or three visits by someone like a nurse or other health care practitioner,” noted Allen.

“Can we really trust that medical professionals employed by the government who come into our homes are going to actually benefit our children and families?” asked an essay in Health Impact News.”

Maybe these “health care providers” will check and make sure that parents are referring to their children in gender-neutral pronouns? I mean, doggone, if a parent were to actually refer to their boy child as he or their girl child as she, then could the State of Oregon take action against the parents? When did it become an essential mission of government to conduct home visits of houses with newborn children?

I tend to remember back when Pharoah and Herod mandated home visits by government appointees to the houses of newborns. Well, you know the rest of the story. This nanny-state nonsense goes beyond stuck on stupid, and actually, it is rather dangerous.

Can it be that parents are no longer considered capable of being parents? Yes, I believe that we should ensure safe environments for our children, but if there is no probable cause, why is there a need to a government visit to the home of a newborn.

It would appear that the air of stuck on stupid blows north out of California into Oregon.

Ya know, we may find some humor in all of this, but it is all rather distressing, quite disconcerting. Again, who votes these people into office?

Be that as it may, I proudly present to you, this week’s Old School Patriot recipients of the “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” Award. California State Senator Hannah Beth-Jackson and Oregon Governor Kate Brown . . . Two “they,” or is it two “them?”

Heck, I dunno, that’s why they are stuck on stupid!