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Leftist Cupcakes and Their Coddlers in Academia

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Well, it did not take long for the college and university campus leftists to prove why President Trump had to sign an executive order on free speech. I find it truly unconscionable that the place where we are supposed to have a free exchange of ideas has devolved into nothing more than an ideological indoctrination factory, a fact which can no longer be debated. I believe this represents a complete and total lack of the ability to defend the insidious positions that are being proliferated on these campuses. In essence, they are aware that their beliefs cannot stand scrutiny and open intellectual debate, therefore, they resort to the fascist tactic of shutting down any opposing thought, viewpoint, idea, or perspective. Yes, the progressive socialist left cupcakes and their coddlers in academia are nothing more than cowards.

Let me provide evidence of that assertion. As reported by CBN News:

“A black Christian speaker was recently disinvited from an on-campus debate due to her biblical beliefs about sexuality. It’s just the latest example of American universities blocking Christian views from the spotlight. Earlier this year, Jannique Stewart, a pro-life speaker with the Life Training Institute had been invited to speak at Cornell University’s Political Union (CPU) “regarding the fact that abortion is a moral wrong.”

In a Facebook post on Mar. 23, Stewart wrote that in a shocking phone call she had been disinvited from the event because of her outspoken beliefs regarding biblical sexuality — that sexual activity should be reserved for marriage and natural marriage defined by God as the union of one man and one woman. Stewart noted in her post that it was made clear to her that she was being disinvited because of her views. 

“It was explained to me that having someone on campus who believed the way I did was tantamount to allowing a racist to speak who held pro-slavery and pro-holocaust views,” she wrote. 

Stewart was also told by the group that their concern was that many of the students would be offended by [her] beliefs and would not be able to focus or listen to her speech.  When she reminded the Cornell group that they were overtly discriminating and disinviting her because of her conservative views, they reconsidered and decided not to disinvite her, but suggested it might be better for another speaker to come in her place who did not hold such views. Stewart told the group things would remain the same and she would be looking forward to speaking on April 23. Then she received another telephone call in which she was disinvited for a second time because of her “outspoken beliefs.”

Later that same day, Princeton University’s Robert George, director of Princeton’s Madison Program, shared her post and wrote:  “Evidently, no Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Orthodox Jew, or Muslim, who believes what his or her tradition of faith teaches about sex and marriage is permitted to engage in debate at the Cornell Political Union. Even someone who, following thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, Musonius Rufus, Xenophanes, and Plutarch, holds to traditional morality on philosophical grounds without the benefit of scriptural revelation, is ineligible to be a debater. If Plato or Aristotle were around today, they would be barred. Think about that for a second.”

So, where is the ACLU, or even better, Rev. Al Sharpton? Ya know, he is an “ordained” minister on this topic. Imagine if Liberty University decided to disinvite the head of Planned Parenthood from a debate on their campus, the outrage that would be heard from those screeching voices of the left?

Did you get this bit of hypocrisy in their “rationale?” Cornell University compared Biblical views on marriage and sexuality with pro-slavery and pro-holocaust views! That, folks, is some arrogance, and stupidity . . . officially making them candidates for our “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition. Students would be offended by her beliefs? Are you kidding me? Will these little snowflakes just melt any time someone presents anything forcing them to think? They are supposed to be functioning and productive members of our society, in various workplaces?

What is also very disconcerting is that these chuckleheads at Cornell — where I have previously spoken — assert that Ms. Stewart’s beliefs resemble a pro-slavery stance. Yet, I would bet any of you, that if a representative from Planned Parenthood were to speak or be a part of the debate, that would be just fine. Now, here is the irony: Ms. Stewart, a black woman, is associated with pro-slavery (a Democrat policy) yet the very founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a white supremacist, racist, and spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies (another creation of the Democrat Party).

Now, do you see my original point? These academic elitists do not want any intellectual challenge for their emotion-driven ideological agendas. They want free reign to dominate the discussion, meaning no contrary points of view. What shall all of these so-called “Black Church Leaders” say to the abject disrespect and racism shown against Ms. Stewart? Something tells me that this will not be widely reported on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, or any of the lame-stream media outlets in America.

This, my friends, is how it all begins, and this should tell us all we need to know about the progressive socialist left. They talk about compromise, bipartisanship, and have no desire to embrace it whatsoever. They scream at, and assault, our constitutional, conservative, Christian students on their campuses or anywhere. They cry tolerance, yet they are the most intolerant. Free speech to the left only means one thing: speech that they accept and approve. Well, no more!

It is time to fight back and expose them. It is time to stop sending our children to these leftist indoctrination factories where they are brainwashed and turned into safe-space seeking mindless lemmings. We can no longer believe the lies that these people want to “get along.” No, they want domination by any means necessary, including threats, coercion, intimidation, and yes, violence.

What Cornell University did to Ms. Jannique Stewart is no different from the leftist who punched the young conservative fella in the face. What Cornell proved is they are elitists who have no time for the beliefs of Ms. Stewart, and actually, their bigotry is just like slavery . . . condescending and indicative of some self-imposed intellectual superiority. That’s exactly what the Holocaust was all about: racial superiority. Dr. Josef Mengele and the Nazis studied the work and speeches of Margaret Sanger, whose principles and values seem very welcome at Cornell University.

Bottom line? White progressive socialist elites of Cornell University told a Conservative Christian black woman they reject her beliefs. The true racism that exists in America is that of the white elites who decide which of us colored folks they accept. I am quite sure Stacey Abrams, Michelle Obama, and Kamala Harris would have the red carpet treatment. Simply because they know their place and keep the rest of “dem Negroes” on the white man’s 21st-century economic plantation. But, if you are one of those who has the courage and individual resolve to escape their ideological slavery . . . you ain’t welcome.

That is FUBAR and one reason I despise these elite white progressive socialists . . . they are the ones who are still pro-slavery!

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