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Leftists Overtaking My Hometown of Atlanta

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I was born and raised in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, a very historic place. Just so you know, one cannot get more “Atlanta” that myself, born in the Grady hospital system at Hughes Spaldin. Back then, Grady, proper, did not accept Blacks. I graduated from Henry Grady High School. Heck, the trifecta would have been living in Grady Homes, but my folks had their own house!

Growing up in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood was like walking through history every day. My aunt attended David T. Howard HS, same as the great Atlanta mayor, Maynard Jackson, and New York Knicks all-star, Walt “Clyde” Frazier. The Civil War and Civil Rights history that was part of Atlanta is something I will never forget, along with watching the Atlanta Braves in the old Fulton County Stadium, long since gone, now. I remember Hammerin’ Hank Aaron crushing home run number 715 against Al Downing of the LA Dodgers!

My Atlanta Braves have now moved north, out of Atlanta, into Cobb County . . . not far from the final resting place of my parents, Herman “Buck” and Elizabeth “Snooks” West in Marietta National Cemetery.

However, this report from my birthplace of Atlanta does not afford me a sense of pride, but rather utter shame. As reported by

“Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ announcement [last] Thursday that the city was ending its relationship with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has a lot of people asking one question: What does this mean for the city of Atlanta? Thursday’s announcement only relates to the Atlanta Detention Center and its relationship with immigration enforcement.

The city of Atlanta will still continue holding detainees for other federal agencies — just not ICE. To be clear, keeping detainees for ICE was profitable for the city. The U.S. government was paying the Atlanta $78 dollars per day for each detainee — adding more than $7 million in the last fiscal year. So, the city will be losing money.

The Trump administration threatened to take federal funds away from so-called “sanctuary cities” with an executive order. The Ninth Circuit of Appeals ruled that unconstitutional in August, but the court also ruled there was not enough evidence to support a nationwide ban on the order. ICE said Atlanta’s jail only accounted for roughly 10 percent of ICE’s detention capacity in Georgia. After Mayor Lance Bottoms signed a separate executive order in June, the number of ICE detainees went from 205 to five. Those five people were transferred out of Atlanta’s jail on Thursday — but where? There are three other detention centers in Georgia, hours away from Atlanta, in Lumpkin, Ocilla and Folkston.”

Why did Mayor Bottoms believe that this was a necessary decree? It’s simple: it is all about the delusional, and misguided, ideological agenda of the progressive, socialist, left. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency exists to uphold federal immigration law. What Mayor Bottoms just admitted is that she is not concerned with, or going to abide by, federal immigration law. But, there is something even more heinous involved here, and it’s concentrated on the politics of emotional demagoguery, as it often is with the left.

Georgia is on the progressive, socialist, target list as a state to “flip.” It’s a state where the left believes they have choke hold on the black electorate. Therefore, the leftists in the Peach State want to enlist the aid of criminal illegal immigrants in order to shift a major southern state their way. And, with the gubernatorial candidacy of one Stacy Abrams, this, just like in Florida with Andrew Gillum, is critical endeavor. This is why we must realize that the strategic objective of the left is to thrive in major urban population centers in successful Red States, and use demographic numbers as the vehicle to attain success.

Why would a black female mayor not want to support, and assist a federal government law enforcement agency whose mission is combating human and sex trafficking — something that is rather prevalent in Georgia? The greater question is why anyone would vote for, and support, the Democrat [Socialist] party that wants us to be less safe, and promotes the lawlessness of criminal illegal immigrants? What does Mayor Bottoms believe will be the positive outcome for her declaration, besides endearing herself to the progressive, socialist, leftists? Does she not care that she is making her city — my birthplace — less safe? What about the logistics of transporting these detainees to the facilities in alternative centers? How does Mayor Bottoms explain the lack of ICE cooperation in her jurisdiction when it comes to actions by illegal immigrant gangs, or sex traffickers?

Once again, the answer is . . . nothing. Not your life, liberty, nor your security is more important to the progressive socialist left when it comes to their ideological agenda. Bet your bottom dollar, pardon the pun, but if the Democrat [Socialist] party wins back the US House of Representatives, they will hold hearings and defund ICE.

Funny, the left wants to cut off the funding to a federal government law enforcement agency . . . while they rabidly fight to ensure Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer funding? I wonder how many Planned Parenthood clinics Mayor Bottoms has in Atlanta. I suppose Mayor Bottoms will not be cutting ties with the organization founded by a white supremacist, and racist.

These leftists mayors are not focused on the rule of law. They are focused on leftist rule. Mayor Bottoms took an oath to uphold the law, but for the left, their desire to rule far outweighs our national sovereignty, and laws.