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The Left’s Consequences for Non-Conformity

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Well, you can tell by the title of this Manic Monday missive what we will be discussing. If there are any of you out there across America who still do not grasp the utter intolerance of the progressive socialist left, dang it, put down the crack pipe. Okay, that was harsh, but if you are not under the influence of any substance, you are truly a “useful idiot” if you do not understand the intolerance of the left. Oops, perhaps that was insensitive, as well. Good thing that it was Vladmir Lenin, not yours truly, who coined the phrase.

Today’s lesson in leftist intolerance comes courtesy of the folks up in Michigan.

As reported by the Detroit Free Press:

“A Michigan pageant contestant and fan of President Donald Trump was stripped of her title for what she calls discrimination against her conservative political views. Kathy Zhu, a University of Michigan student, was dismissed Thursday as a Miss World America pageant participant when the organization described the content of her social media as “offensive, insensitive and inappropriate.” according to a letter from the pageant that she posted on her Twitter account.

Zhu is a well-known political commentator and online figure, amassing approximately 80,000 followers in her Instagram and Twitter accounts combined.  

“I have seen this happen before,” Zhu told the Free Press on Thursday. “It is just not okay to be prejudiced against people who just have a different political view as you.”

I presume you can tell from her name that Ms. Zhu is not a blonde-haired blue-eyed member of the white privilege club. From what I have read of her, she is a fine upstanding young woman. Yet, she is caught in the crosshairs of the “Tolerance Brigade” because she dares to be an outspoken conservative young woman and an Asian at that.

See, young Kathy has just committed heresy according to the progressive socialist left. She is a young female, minority, millennial and that means she must be a radical leftist, and especially at a place like the University of Michigan, which ain’t too far away from Dearborn, Michigan.

Kathy Zhu is guilty of the greatest sin against leftism: she does not conform to the stereotype that the left demands and she is guilty on the basis of three characteristic aspects: age, gender, and race. She has truly offended the gods of the left by not being part of their absurd collective, daring to do the one thing that the left despises most: she thinks for herself!

What exactly did Kathy Zhu, Miss Michigan World America do that was so “offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate?”

The first is an incident that dates to 2018, in which Zhu went up to a Muslim Student Association booth celebrating World Hijab Day and declined to wear a hijab when prompted. She then tweeted:

“There is a ‘try a hijab on’ booth at my college campus. So you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing? Or are you just trying to get women used to being oppressed under Islam?”

“I said that it was (getting women used to) being oppressed because there are so many women in Middle Eastern countries that are being punished and stoned for refusing to wear a hijab,” said Zhu. “Nobody is talking about that in the West because all they see is everyone being at peace, but that is the beauty of America.”

The second is a reply to another user in which Zhu says:  “Did you know the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks? Fix problems within your own community before blaming others.”

“This applies for every community,” Zhu said. “If there is a problem, fix things in your own community before lashing out at others and trying to find an issue there. That is all I wanted to say. It is not a problem against black people. Obviously I am not racist or stuff like that.”

Okay, what is “offensive, insensitive, or inappropriate?”

By the way, isn’t the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor part of the Congressional District represented by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib? Hmm, I tend to believe her comments about the “Holocaust giving her a calming feeling” are far more disturbing, insensitive, inappropriate, and offensive. Maybe we should strip her of the title of Congresswoman?

Or how about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar who supports the BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction) movement against our best ally Israel and says sanctions against Israel are comparable to doing so against Nazi Germany? Again, disconcerting, offensive, insensitive, and utterly inappropriate, not to mention Omar’s admitted support to Islamic terrorism and her declaring that 911 was “some people doing something.” How about we strip her of her title?

Nope. Heck, good thing I am an American black man, or else saying such as I have would earn me the moniker of racist. However, if you are a young Asian female, conservative, you get stripped of your title for speaking the truth and expressing your opinion, exercising your right to free speech? The folks who are offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate is the Miss World America organization who took the action that they did!

Kathy Zhu lives in Michigan, and the University of Michigan is not far from Detroit. And, yes, the majority of murders in the black community, are committed by blacks against blacks. There are countless statistics and studies that give evidence to her assertion. Even Malcolm X chided the black community about trusting white liberals to solve their problems. I guess he is also offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate?

Consider this: why is an organization with ties to the Islamic terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) operating a booth on any American college or university campus? We shared with you a video about the Muslim Brotherhood in America and MSA, with whom I had a run-in with at St Louis University, is mentioned as part of the “civilizational jihad” objective to be waged against our nation.

But also, let’s imagine this: does anyone here believe that a Jewish student organization could have a booth and ask students to try on a yarmulke? Or how about a Christian student organization having a booth and sharing the Christian faith? So, why is it what we have a celebration of World Hijab Day? Okay, we are a diverse country, but we also have constitutional rights for our citizens, and we have a right to free speech and expression. Oops, sorry, in the eyes of the progressive socialist left we do not — ya know, that intolerance thing.

Kathy Zhu said and did nothing that was “offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate.” What she did was to violate the demands of the progressive socialist left, and that is for us to be subjugated, silent, and subservient to their ideological agenda. The leftists in America share the same methods of coercion, intimidation, threats, mandate, and if necessary violence, as the Islamo-fascists. Therefore, how dare Kathy Zhu refuse to don a hijab, and then freely express her assessment as to why she did not. Damn her to Hades. But, in the meantime they left shall publicly shame her by stripping her of the pageant title that she earned, and doing what they always do, denigrating, demonizing, disparaging, and demeaning her on social media.

However, the real winner in this conflagration is Kathy Zhu. She possesses a title that can never be stripped away. She is an American woman, a real, true, patriot, a woman of courage and resolve. She has now stepped out of obscurity and now has an even grander platform to address the intolerance of the left. I am sure she will be shunned at the University of Michigan. So here is my advice to Kathy, transfer from that bastion of progressive socialism to an institution that will embrace you as a young conservative woman — namely Hillsdale College or Northwood University, both right there in Michigan. I know that Dr. Larry Arnn at Hillsdale would accept you, and even better, the nation’s premier free-market enterprise economics university, Northwood, in Midland Michigan would open their arms to you. Heck, I know some folks there and would be happy to lend my name to broker an introduction.

Folks, it is time we start to protect our children and grandchildren from the targeted persecution of these radical socialist leftists. Ms. Zhu, I hope you will get in contact with the Thomas More Law Center there near Ann Arbor and sue the heck out of the Miss World America association for violating your First Amendment rights. That’s called Lawfare. This would be a good case following up on what happened at Oberlin College. Time to send a message to the left: “We’re Not Gonna Take It!”

“It” meaning their intolerance.

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