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The Left’s Definition of Insanity

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We all remember that line from the movie Forest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does,” along with the seminal maxim — broadly attributed to Einstein — paraphrased, “the definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results.” Somehow, we all believe that one day the progressive, socialist, left will come to the realization that when you tax something that is productive, it will become less productive. The other option is that “something” will move to a place where it is not taxed exorbitantly. However, until they come to that realization, I will keep writing about their delusional stupidity.

As reported by Mercury News:

“Cupertino, Mountain View, and East Palo Alto have begun to ponder new taxes based on employer head counts — levies that could jolt Apple and Google — and if voters endorse the plans, a fresh wave of such measures may roll toward other corporate coffers. Alarmed by traffic and other issues brought on by massive expansion projects, the three Silicon Valley cities are pushing forward with separate plans to impose new taxes that could be used to make transit and other improvements. “If we are successful in putting something together and (getting it) approved, I believe other job-rich communities will try to put their own measures on the ballot,” Mountain View Mayor Lenny Siegel said. “I’ve been talking to council members in a number of other cities. They are interested.” Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Menlo Park are among the cities that the Mountain View mayor believes would like to follow suit with their own employee tax plans. “These are all job-rich cities, where employment has been growing rapidly, and housing and transportation have not,” Siegel said. Cupertino Vice Mayor Rod Sinks said he has been holding quiet conversations with leaders of other cities in Silicon Valley that tend to have much higher jobs-to-housing ratios. “Other cities will follow suit,” he said. “I would expect that other cities in the West Valley and North Santa Clara County will consider similar measures.” If those measures become reality in the cities being touted, some of the Bay Area’s highest profile companies could be affected. Apple is based in Cupertino; Google and its owner, Alphabet, are in Mountain View; Intel calls Santa Clara home; Facebook is headquartered in Menlo Park; and Twitter is in San Francisco. The proposed Mountain View tax could cost Google $5.4 million a year. It’s not yet clear how much Cupertino’s proposal would cost Apple or other large employers.”

In other words, the recent abject insanity passed by the Seattle City Council called  “head tax” is heading — like that — to Silicon Valley. Yes, productive corporations will be taxed because they are employing people; in Seattle it is $275 per year per employee. I watched an interview with the Mountain View mayor on Fox Business News on Monday. He said something that was very telling, that he had spoken with Google about “sharing their wealth.” Hmm, last time I checked it was not the job of private businesses to share their wealth, their productivity, with government. What is amazing is that you have government officials who believe that to be the case, and they will use the power of taxation to coerce, mandate, and punish corporations to their end. That is true Marxism and socialism, in that government believes that it controls the means of economic production. So, just like in Seattle, these city councils in California believe that these private sector businesses exist to fund their ideological agendas.

I have to ask a simple question: what are these cities doing with the revenues collected from these businesses and employees already? We know that California has the nation’s highest state personal income tax along, with a corporate income tax. Matter of fact, there are two California State Assemblymen who want to introduce a constitutional amendment to tax any profits corporations make as a result of the tax cut law. But, guess what else the California walnuts are coming up with? An “exit tax.” Yes, if you decide to leave California they want to make you pay a tax to leave. Dang, this is like the Eagles song, “Hotel California” — you remember the verse, “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

So, let me ask the obvious rhetorical question that you are all thinking: why grow your business in Silicon Valley, or Seattle? If the chuckleheaded elected officials there have their way, why would any business seek to expand, and grow their employee base — knowing that each employee has a head tax on them — that is above and beyond the corporate taxes already being paid? Now, there’s a part of me that says good for them, since these companies being affected are run by progressive, socialist, leftists. In Seattle you have Amazon and Starbucks, and we all know about the far left, liberal, progressivism of Silicon Valley. This is what they embrace, what they believe in, the whole nationalizing of economic production, and obsessive taxation. Why are these city council officials wanting to enact the head tax? Well, they need to make these corporations build better transportation and housing, after all it is their fault for being “jobs-rich.” So, what is the gas tax being used for in California, namely Silicon Valley? And why is it the responsibility of these private sector companies to build housing for the government?

Now, here is what I want to predict: watch these companies slip out of California. We have seen this already as major corporations are leaving for economically successful states like Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and yes, Texas. Click To Tweet

Now, here is what I want to predict: watch these companies slip out of California. We have seen this already as major corporations are leaving for economically successful states like Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and yes, Texas. But what unnerves me more than anything is that these companies, such as Toyota which left California for Texas, move to a new location, and the employees want the same far-left, liberal, progressive policies they fled from. Hey folks, stay where you are, and live under the insanity you create with your electoral patronage. Do not become like locusts, and carry your destruction to new fertile grounds. The most fertile grounds in California are in its central agricultural valleys, and that is where you find conservatism. Sadly, farmers there cannot pick up the earth and move — Apple, Google, Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter can move. However, if they do move, leave that leftist crap out there in California . . . and stop seeking to Californicate the rest of America.