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The ‘Dirty Secret’ the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know

In Education, US Politics by Allen West

Last week we shared with you a story out of the Austin Independent School Board (ISD) that you should have found quite disturbing. I have always asserted that the most important elected position in our America is a member of the School Board. Sadly, we do not pay attention to this very influential position, but there is a group that does.

As reported by the Daily Caller News Foundation:

“In cities and counties across America, local politicians have in recent months begun proposing comprehensive race-based policies such as redrawing school boundaries to dismantle schools with too many white or Asian students. They have pushed for radical changes that have roiled even liberal-leaning constituents. The justification on all of their lips is oddly similar: “Equity.” The same buzzwords appear again and again.

“School board meetings suddenly became like Mad Libs. They started repeating certain phrases, jamming them into every sentence. It was very odd,” Margaret McCreary, a Fairfax County, Virginia, parent who eventually learned that the board members were using the “equity” language to push a proposal that could move her children out of their schools, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.”

If there’s one thing we need to pay attention to, it is the code words that the progressive socialist left develops, their dog whistles. We consistently hear the left speaking on one talking point, and theme, and they hammer away on it. We have all of a sudden seen how the leftists are leveraging their messaging on man-made climate change into our schools and activating our children, even pushing for their skipping school for activist marching. The future for America lays with our children and grandchildren who are in college and university. But the left has decided to not wait until they reach those known centers of leftist indoctrination, they are going into our high schools. As the case of the Austin ISD shows, even down to 3rd graders.

Just who is funding these efforts? Yep, you got it, the same old fella, billionaire, #GeorgeSoros. Funny, when it comes to leftist billionaires, you do not hear any ranting by the progressive socialist left. Click To Tweet

Just who is funding these efforts? Yep, you got it, the same old fella, billionaire, George Soros. Funny, when it comes to leftist billionaires, you do not hear any ranting by the progressive socialist left. I could not care less about what Tom Steyer says. He has used his vast wealth to fund the absurd climate change activism. When they talk about “immoral billionaires,” and wealth being “evil,” they are talking about those who are not progressive socialists like themselves.

“Across the country, activist groups build their case by citing studies from two affiliated groups operating within the University of Southern California: Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) and the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration. Both are led by Manuel Pastor, a professor of sociology and American studies and ethnicity. A review of PERE’s work paints a picture of a department that operates as political activists as much as traditional academics. Its website makes clear that it conducts work designed to “support” groups that pay it and that are working towards social and racial “justice.”

Its reports include “How America’s Bluest State Can Be a Model for the Other 49” and — “produced with the support of the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth” — papers on “Youth Organizing,” “Building a Movement to Mobilize Young Voters” and the “State of Resistance: California in the Age of Trump.” Pastor was also a board member at PolicyLink.

PolicyLink teamed up with the Center for American Progress — a liberal think tank tied to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair — to create All-In Nation, on whose advisory board Pastor also sits. That led to All-in Cities, which says “Our ambitious goal is to fundamentally reengineer America’s cities.”

At least three of these groups — Center for Social Inclusion, PolicyLink and the Center for American Progress — are funded by Soros through his Foundation to Promote Open Society, according to tax records available through

Many of the groups in the network also share other funders, including the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which is tied to the deceased founder of UPS.

The massive effort has one centerpiece: the construction of a narrative or “framing” that repeats the word “equity” and uses economic statistics — likely to be appealing even in moderate jurisdictions — to argue for race-based policies. On tax forms, Soros’s foundation described a donation to PolicyLink as “to support research and communications related to the equity as the superior growth model framing project.”

So, how do you “fundamentally re-engineer America’s cities? And, which cities are part of this fundamental re-engineering funded by Soros and these other foundations? The list is very telling, and I admonish y’all to search and see if your city is listed.

If we do not begin to peel back the leftist influence in our cities, and schools, we will find ourselves awaking to a very different America. Click To Tweet

“All-In Cities says it is active in 33 areas with a combined population of 27 million, nearly 10% of America: Asheville, North Carolina; Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Baltimore; Birmingham, Alabama; Boston; Buffalo, New York; Charlotte, North Carolina; Cincinnati; Denver; Fairfax, Virginia; Fresno, California; Houston; Long Island, New York; Louisville, Kentucky; Memphis, Tennessee; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; St. Paul, Minnesota; Nashville, Tennessee; Newark, New Jersey; New Orleans; Oakland, California; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Pittsburgh; Portland, Oregon; Richmond, Virginia; Sacramento, California; San Jose, California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; St. Louis; and Stockton, California.”

And, yes, is it any wonder that here in Texas, Austin and Houston are listed?

With the left, nothing happens by coincidence. It is strategic, well planned, and resourced. We can always trace their insidious programs being justified by “studies” done at leftist university campuses in centers that they fund. If we do not begin to peel back the leftist influence in our cities, and schools, we will find ourselves awakening to a very different America. We must endeavor to win back school boards and city councils in order to keep our states, and our America free . . . not fundamentally re-engineered.

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