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Eerie Silence From the Left . . .

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Yesterday the Democrat (socialist) controlled House of Representatives held a committee hearing on “Medicare for all.” Oh, the abject hubris of the progressive socialist leftists to push a far left policy agenda when we see what is happening in Venezuela. Then again, perhaps they are not paying attention to what is happening in what was once one of the most prosperous nations in our hemisphere, in the world.

Have you realized how little you have been hearing from the progressive socialist left in America on the subject? When was the last time you heard the cast of characters — Sanders, Warren, Harris, O’Rourke, Swalwell, Ocasio-Cortez, Buttigieg, Biden — address the humanitarian crisis to our south?

Hey, all you leftist trolls who surf this website, why are y’all not speaking out on this travesty? Just gotta wonder, why is it that you Democrat (socialists) have so much to say, falsely, about President Trump colluding with Russians, yet y’all refuse to denounce the Russian influence in Venezuela? Really?

Consider the nations, leaders, who are aligning themselves in support of the Maduro regime — Russia, China, Iran, Turkey. Cuba, and Nicaragua. These are all dictators, autocrats, and theocrats. These are all countries who suppress individual rights and freedoms, oft times brutally. These are communist, socialist, leftist . . .Uh-oh, looks like I just answered the question. You progressive socialists in America will not speak out about what is happening in Venezuela, because you want that for us here in America. You all are the ones truly guilty of collusion with Russia, ideological collusion. You all are the ones who, like Hugo Chavez and all of history’s socialist dictators, would love to ban private gun ownership so that you can implement by way of threat, coercion, intimidation, mandate, and violence your ideological agenda.

You, progressive socialists, are aligned with the worst and most brutish leaders in the world, and your silence is very telling.

Matter of fact, it was the dubious, and questionable, Rep. Ilhan Omar who made assertions placing her into the camp of Venezuela’s socialist dictator, Nicolas Maduro. She claimed that the United States of America was supporting a coup in the country. A coup? Heck, that is what the progressive socialist left, led by the Obama administration, was seeking to enact against a duly elected president of these United States by claiming Donald Trump was a Russian agent. Unless Ms. Omar is totally ignorant, she is more of an agent of Russia, aligning herself with Vladimir Putin and his puppet mastery of Maduro.

Let’s recap: Venezuela sits on the greatest amount of oil reserves in the world, yet the people are starving. The people of Venezuela are eating their own pets, killing zoo animals, searching for drinking water in sewers. They were promised the socialist “land of milk and honey” by way of the infamous word, “free.” They were told that wealth would be redistributed from those who had worked hard and earned their wealth and prosperity for them. They were told that the government, as we see in Cuba, would supply all their needs, yet there is a lack of medical supplies.

How was Venezuela set upon this road to perdition? Yes, back in 2011-2012 the individual right to be armed was revoked, banned, taken away. Look at what that has gotten them today, thus the reason I wrote yesterday about why we have the Second Amendment in America.

Socialists of a feather flock together, be it those here in America, Justin Trudeau in Canada, or Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, Turkey, and Nicaragua. All of these leaders believe in the equality of outcomes directed by their tyranny, their totalitarianism. No different from what we are hearing here in America, actually, confirmed by the lack of what we are hearing by our deranged, delusional progressive socialists in America.

Hmm, have you noticed that our little darling leftist diva, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been utterly silent on the developments in Venezuela? I guess that if Nicolas Maduro had a daughter, she would not exactly look like, but damn sure think like our own little Evita Peron. And yes, Argentina was a prosperous country also, until a socialist dictator named Juan Peron and his similar populism took hold of that country.

Just reminding y’all about the quote attributed to one George Santayana, “those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” Socialism sucks folks, so why keep repeating its failures?

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