A still shot from the movie Unplanned showing a crowd scene in an article about actions taken by the left to interfere with its impact by Allen West on the Old School Patriot.

Left’s Fascism Unleashed During “Unplanned” Opener

In Front Page, Unborn, US Constitution by Allen West

I truly hate it when I predict something, but years ago I referred to the left in America by who they are ideologically. Perhaps I was before my time, then again, leadership is all about having a vision and being prescient. But. something happened this past weekend that has me furious and ever more committed to the defeat, no, the ideological destruction of the progressive socialist left in America.

It was just last Tuesday that I was invited to the screening of the movie “Unplanned” here in Dallas. I shared with you all my experience and how I was so deeply moved, touched, by this true story based upon the life of Abby Johnson, a young Texas woman. She was the youngest ever clinic director in Planned Parenthood’s history, and was awarded their esteemed Employee of the Year Award in 2009. But, one day something happened that changed Abby’s life, and she found herself facing the anger and angst of what has become one of the most powerful organizations in America. An organization founded by a white supremacist, racist, and Ku Klux Klan orator, Margaret Sanger.

This movie, “Unplanned,” has had the full force of the progressive socialist left entertainment industry leveraged against it . . . why? Why would the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) give the movie an R-rating? Why would countless networks refuse to allow any commercial advertisements for the film to run on their channels? Why would Jack Dorsey and his public social media company, Twitter, suspend the @UnplannedMovie, Twitter account on its opening weekend? Why, after the swift backlash against Twitter’s move and the account reinstatement would so many then have trouble following the @UnplannedMovie account (having their “follow” turn to “unfollow” over and over again)?

Simple, there is only one explanation why the progressive socialist leftist entertainment elites would join forces to do this: they are the real fascists in America. I have not heard a damn thing about this from Antifa, the self-declared anti-fascist group. No wonder, since ol’ “Georgie Boy” Soros signs their paychecks, and I’m quite sure he sends a few “Benjamins” to Planned Parenthood, as well. Why haven’t we heard from the venerable American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), as it is very apparent that this is a clear violation of First Amendment rights, freedom of speech and expression?

Where are those voices of the Women’s March who demand equality and freedom for women? Oops, sorry, that is only women who embrace the progressive socialist left ideological agenda — including militant Islamism. I guess the “Queen of Twitter,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has no problem with Twitter banning and suspending the freedom of speech of “Unplanned: the Movie.”

Yes, once again we see the abject intolerance of the left, ya know, those hypocrites who claim to be the champions of tolerance. The real question is how long will we allow this to happen? The fact that these elitist leftist fascists even dare to do take these actions should incense us all. It is the pure definition of disregard and disrespect. They are telling us, the American people, that they will decide what we can watch, and where, and when. They are telling us that they decide what stories, messages, are the be shown on the big screen. And remember, they did the exact same thing with the movie, “Gosnell,” and we posted how all of a sudden, theater doors were closed to showing the movie after its successful opening weekend. I hope the same will not happen here with “Unplanned.”

If we continue to live in fear, like damn cowards, and not speak out and stand up to this tyranny, it will continue . . . and get worse. This past weekend churches should have advertised and supported this movie and had their entire congregations go see it. We have all these “mega-churches,” they should have been showing “Unplanned” to their congregations, and we should have been proud to buy tickets.

Yes, I am awaiting the release of John Wick 3, and we will all parade right to the theater to see the films, movies, that Hollywood tells to go see. But, how often do we give Hollywood the special finger, and defy their intimidation, coercion, threats, and mandates? America should be appalled at this blatant fascism perpetrated by the left, Hollywood, and this is the reason why the racists who run Planned Parenthood feel they can act with impunity . . . they have very powerful allies.

Let me be very clear, murdering unborn, and now born, American babies for profit is disgusting. Killing our unborn children should not be deemed as an accepted means of birth control, not in these days. We should reject the philosophy of one Barack Obama who stated that he would not “punish” his daughters with a baby. He is also the same person who championed legislation in Illinois, as a State Senator, that said a baby that survives an abortion procedure still deserves to die. That is infanticide. That is why Kermit Gosnell is doing life in prison. Then again, that is what NY Governor Cuomo signed into law.

It is time to go on the offense. We should all have pummeled Jack Dorsey and Twitter for their acts of fascism this past weekend. We should all be sending letters, emails, to the MPAA. And, in the greatest act of defiance, we should be making the movie “Unplanned” a resounding success — a movie that few Hollywood stars, or even musical artists, wanted to be a part of. We need to send a clear message to the progressive socialist left, that we will rise up like the people in the movie “The Hunger Games” who lived in the Districts. We will not live in abject servitude to the elites of the Capitol. We will not allow you to silence us, not now. not ever!

God bless the movie “Unplanned.”

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