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The Left’s Gun Control Example

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Howdy, everyone! Wishing y’all a very Merry Christmas!  Today is the 30th wedding anniversary for Angela and me, so I will not keep y’all for too long here. Plus, I know there are still a good many of you who need to finish up that Christmas shopping . . . last-minute folks like me!

On Sunday, I shared with y’all my Christmas present to myself, a new Henry Big Boy .44 Mag repeating rifle. Oh boy, what an awesome rifle, truly Americana! And, now, I am the proud owner of a Henry Golden Boy .22 Mag and the Big Boy. However, there are those out there who do not share .my exuberance and joy over possessing, legally, these two fine firearms, along with others. There are those who do not agree that we, law-abiding American citizens, have a Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms, that shall not be infringed” Nope, and these progressive socialists are always looking for means by which they can infringe on that right and leverage any tragedy to “never let a good crisis go to waste,” and advance their ideological agenda. I think we all realize that ideological agenda is ideological domination, totalitarianism.

Well, as we enter into the 2020 election year, the left has a gun-control precedent, an example that I am sure they will seek to follow.

Photo of Allen West with Henry Repeating Rifle

As reported over at Townhall:

“Shortly after the terrorist attack that left 51 dead in Christchurch, New Zealand earlier this year, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern vowed to ban all semi-automatic rifles. The firearms that were used in the attack were legally obtained but illegally modified. The “assault weapons ban” was finalized and Friday was the last day for New Zealanders to hand over the newly banned firearms as part of a so-called “buyback program.”  The government set aside $110 million to compensate gun owners for their firearms. In total, the government collected 47,000 firearms. An accounting firm the government hired determined that the number of banned guns is estimated between 50,000 and 170,000. The exact number, however, is unknown because the country does not have a registry for what they call “military style assault rifles.”

The numbers sound like a success, at least on the gun control front, right? Wrong. Police in New Zealand believe that there are roughly 1.2 million legally owned firearms. But that statistic is from 2014, when the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva conducted the Small Arms Survey. For all we know, it is likely higher. Based on that number though that means there are 26 firearms for every 100 people. It really is significantly less than the United States but it is higher than Australia. 

But, at last, gun control groups are already taking a victory lap. Their argument is this is only one step in a multi-pronged approach to dealing with firearms. New Zealand also plans to make licensing tougher, registration and stronger enforcement powers. “On the one hand, taking around 50,000 of these weapons out of the community is a clearly positive step,” Gun Control NZ co-founder Nik Green said. “On the other hand, we don’t know what proportion of all prohibited firearms this represents. If we use the lower-bound estimates, it’s a pretty good result; if we use the higher ones, it’s less so.”

According to the Washington Post, New Zealand is compensating gun owners based on the condition of the firearm. Some are receiving 95 percent for new or almost-new firearms. Others are receiving 25 percent for those deemed in poor condition. And, not surprisingly, some people are waiting for the government to give them more money for their firearm.  What really is sad is New Zealand already had stringent gun control laws on the books. People who lawfully obtain their firearms must go through a rigorous process.”

This idea has been floated by one deranged leftist Member of Congress, California’s Eric Swalwell. It was Swalwell who even went as far as to threaten the “we have nukes” line as a response to government action to those refusing to surrender their arms for forced buyback compensation . . . not a good use of taxpayer dollars. And, now, in Virginia, we have the assertion of banning semi-automatic rifles with the punishment of non-compliance by law-abiding citizens who have committed no crime . . . forced confiscation by the Virginia National Guard. Hmm, apparently the elected Democrat (socialist) officials in Virginia fail to realize who makes up the National Guard. I do not think those troops will follow unlawful, unconstitutional directives to confiscate firearms from themselves.

I started by talking about my two Henry Repeating Rifles, that I legally own. Who is to say that they too shall not be placed on a “banned” weapons list? After all, I am pretty fast with that lever-action!

For those of you out shopping last-minute, let me remind you of a gift that you do not have to purchase at a store, or get online and have Amazon deliver . . . however, it does cost something. It is the gift of freedom and liberty, a gift that our Founding Fathers and Mothers gave to us all. A gift that many have come to America, legally we desire, to pursue. A gift that you must cherish and defend with all manner of exertion. Our Founders knew that and, thus, they gifted us an Amendment, an individual right, that would enable us to safeguard that freedom and liberty, called the Second Amendment.

Evil exists and is manifested in many ways, including those who would take the blessing of life from innocent people. The response should never be that we seek to have an entire population disarmed. The result will be that evil will manifest itself in those who portend to rule over us, not govern, who wish to make us subjects, subservient to their whims, and will. An armed individual can protect themselves from the wolves who prowl our streets and communities…as well as the jackals who prowl the hall of our government.

Merry Christmas, y’all . . . Molon Labe!

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