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The Left’s Political Insurance Policy

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Yes, the title for this missive is borrowed from that little comment found in the very biased text message exchanges between Peter Strzok, and his squeeze, Lisa Page. This relates to the rather apparent case of senior level officials in the FBI and the DoJ having a plan to undermine President Trump . . . since they could not stop his being elected. I would like to submit for your consideration that there are other leftist “insurance policies” out there, another just got unveiled.

As reported by Fox News,

“Twitter is taking heat for “shadow banning” certain prominent Republicans, restricting their visibility in search results. The social media giant came under fire after Republican Party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, several conservative Republican congressmen, including Rep. Devin Nunes and Andrew Surabian, the spokesman for Donald Trump Jr., failed to appear in Twitter’s auto-populated drop-down search results. The news was first reported by Vice News. “The notion that social media companies would suppress certain political points of view should concern every American. Twitter owes the public answers to what’s really going on,” tweeted McDaniel. Vice reported that limiting visibility in search results involves the same technique that has been used to diminish the reach of prominent racists on Twitter.  

Twitter directed Vice to a May 15 blog post that explained how the platform was clamping down on “troll-like behavior.” Searches for Republican Reps. Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz were affected by the same issue. Vice noted that top Democrats were not being similarly “shadow banned.” Twitter told Fox News that the problem is the result of an algorithmic glitch in the search function that is being fixed.”

Ah, yes, Helmut, the old “algorithm glitch” excuse. Where have we heard that one before? It is obvious that the social media tech giants — who swing with the progressive socialist crowd — are part of a leftist insurance policy to reduce, limit, and censor political opposition, specifically constitutional conservative thought, perspective, and insight.

I find it so very confounding that these folks operate in the free market private sector — yes Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, they make a profit — yet they are using their innovation, in a fascist way, to censor those who advocate for free market economics. I mean seriously, why are these chuckleheads aligning themselves with those who prefer nationalization of their industry, and of their production? As a matter of fact, why do successful private sector leaders align with progressive socialist ideology?

Dang, talk about stuck on stupid!

These folks operate in the free market private sector, yet they are using their innovation -- in a fascist way -- to censor those who advocate for free market economics. Click To Tweet

Here is the deal: after what happened in 2016, the left has been meeting in their secret places, Starbucks, and coming up with ideas on how to prevent further conservative political success in America. They have thoroughly decided that they are going to choke off conservative social media reach. Hey, I know this personally as after the 2016 election we became quite aware that Facebook, and good ol’ Mark Zuckerberg, were manipulating “algorithms,” — that word again — in order to restrict our Facebook and website reach. I have also witnessed the Google manipulation of search engines when it comes to my name — things automatically go to negative stories, some years old.

Look, the left has had other “insurance policies” to adversely affect the power of conservative reach. Remember that thing called the “Fairness Doctrine?” When the leftists realized that conservative talk radio was kicking their butts, they tried to use the power of government to mandate equal sharing with leftist talk radio.

Also, don’t forget Obama’s “insurance policy” in unleashing the IRS against constitutional conservative grassroots organizations after his 2010 midterm election Waterloo. Obama, and the left, saw what the first ever major conservative “community organizing” effort did to his ideological agenda, vision, and he was not having any of it. In order to ensure the Tea Party was not a major influencer in his 2012 reelection, he targeted them — his “insurance policy.”

Not too long ago, I wrote a missive about the real fascists . . . they are the progressive socialist left. The left cannot advance their ideological agenda by way of open debate, and intellectual discourse, or engagement They can only advance by way of coercion, intimidation, threats, censorship, and violence. In other words, shutting down any and all political opposition. They have used the courts, and the media, to proceed with that which cannot be legislated. When the left realizes that we, conservatives, have taken their social media network technology and very effectively used it to educate, expose, and inform this nation of their insanity, well, there is only one recourse for them — shut us down.

Today we see that Facebook has hit a wall, a 20% dip in the market. Has it run its course? One thing is for certain, when these leftist private sector business managers focus more on politics than sound business practices, they screw up. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, y’all need to decouple yourselves from the insidious, and nefarious, goals of the progressive socialist left. Their polices are antithetical to your existence. Heck, those whack jobs out in California don’t even want y’all providing free cafeteria food to your employees. Is that the type of onerous government intrusion you support?

It will be interesting to see what new “insurance policy” the left will implement after this November’s midterm elections. They are gonna get crushed again. I guess they will go to their last resort, open violence. Don’t laugh, that has always been the leftist way, hence the reason we have Antifa on our streets, and criminal illegal immigrants roaming our streets, terrorizing the American populations.

Oh well, time to “tweet” this out!