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The Left’s Justification for Red Flag Law

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It is vital that we pay attention to what the progressive socialist left says. It often provides a window into how they think, and their justification for unconstitutional policies.

Yesterday, I shared with y’all the most recent absurdity emanating from the leftists in Virginia, that they are seeking to make indoor gun ranges illegal, Virginia HB 567. But, just when you thought it could not get any worse, well, the Democrat (socialist) Party never lets you down.

As reported by the Washington Examiner (emphases mine):

“A Virginia state senator called Second Amendment supporters “little kids” at a public meeting over the weekend as tensions between gun rights activists boil over in the state. Sen. Dave Marsden, who supports Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, is an advocate of proposed gun control legislation and is part of the Democratic majority in the Virginia General Assembly. Instead of apologizing for the insensitive remarks, Marsden called Second Amendment supporters “mentally ill” in a letter he sent following a meeting with constituents.

Mornings on the Mall host Mary Walter read part of Marsden’s letter on-air and asked him to comment. “Too many of your members and other 2A supporters appear to have mental health issues,” Walter quoted. “A significant number of these things were indicative of very unstable people, and this is worrisome,” replied Marsden. “The responses I was getting were from people who showed signs of having mental health difficulties.”

After Democrats swept into power in both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly last November, gun rights supporters passed Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions in 75 of 96 Virginia counties to protect their rights to own and bear firearms in their localities. Gov. Ralph Northam has threatened to deploy the National Guard if local police refuse to abide by new laws passed in this year’s General Assembly session.

“The Second Amendment community is very, very concerned about us approaching the problem as a mental health problem, and this is just indicative of exactly what they’re talking about. There are a lot of people who have mental health issues that are engaged on the current issues, and that’s a concern to all of us,” stated Marsden. Marsden supports red flag laws that allow courts the ability to seize guns from citizens temporarily if someone believes they are a danger to themselves or others.”

Message to law-abiding, legal, gun owners who support the Second Amendment — or anyone who supports the Second Amendment — according to this tyrannical despot, we have a mental illness. This is how the brain of the leftists operated, if you do not agree, or conform, to their ideological agenda, it is you who has a mental condition. You can be born male or female but think you are the opposite and that is perfectly fine, along with the creation of some 70 additional genders. Nope, even though professionals classify “transgenderism” as a mental condition, gender dysphoria, it is part of the left’s ideology, their religion, and, ensuingly, an individual right.

Sanctuary states and cities are okay for illegal immigration, it’s part of the left’s agenda. It is not okay when it comes to our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, that is not to be infringed.

Therefore, that which has been part of our Constitution, our rule of law, passed and signed back on September 17, 1787, the second of our first ten amendments, our Bill of Rights is dismissed by the tyranny of the progressive socialist left.

Now, they have tipped their hand, thanks to a member of the Party of the Jackass, Virginia State Senator Marsden, for evidencing the real intent behind the so-called “red flag laws.” Shame on every doggone Republican who has supported this folly. Every Red state that adopted these unconstitutional laws, out of pure reactionary emotion, needs to go back and repeal the red flag laws in their state. As we have seen with Virginia, the first thing the leftists will do upon flipping a red state is to enact gun control . . . meaning population control.

How utterly offensive, condescending, but transparent for this new version of Redcoat, State Sen. Marsden, associating liberty-loving Americans with a mental illness. This is how the left will justify disarming the people of Virginia, confiscating their weapons for no reason than because they can. The religion of their ideological agenda and quest for power. The left refuses to deal with the real issue of mental illness in our America, seen amongst the droves of homeless in our nation who go about assailing, and stabbing, innocent citizens. No, Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, or James Holmes, and their mentally unstable conditions are not deemed the issue. But, you, supporters of the Second Amendment, law-abiding citizens, are the ones deemed, by the progressive socialist left, as having a mental condition.

As I stated early in this missive, it is imperative to listen to what the progressive socialist left says, they always identify themselves for who they are. Now, the onus is upon us, Americans, patriots, not to stand down, but stand up and face this heads on. There is indeed an ideological civil war brewing in America, and a constitutional crisis looming in Virginia.

This is the testing ground for the left, and if successful, they will export this tactic elsewhere. God knows I wish that I could attend the January 20th rally in Richmond, Virginia, sponsored by the Virginia Citizens Defense League. However, I must stand watch here in Texas where the progressive socialist left seeks to flip the Lone Star State, where, of course, they would follow this playbook.

To the law enforcement officers in Virginia, I beg y’all to not follow the unlawful direction of these despots. Stand with the people. Do not support the Party that demonizes the Thin Blue Line and embraces those radicals who shout out, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!”

To the men and women of the Virginia National Guard, you are not obliged to follow any orders that are unethical, immoral, and violate the oath you took to the Constitution of the United States of America. These progressive socialist leftists are not the ones to whom you took an oath to support and defend. Remember, your oath clearly states you will do so against all enemies . . . foreign, and domestic. That was an oath y’all took freely without any purpose of evasion or mental reservation, so help you God.

Just remember folks, Hitler was voted in as Chancellor of Germany, and took advantage of the gun registry that was kept by the government. The rest is history. To you progressive socialist leftists who voted for this dictatorship, shame upon you all. But just know, we will not be quiet and go silently into the night.

Y’all have truly awakened a sleeping giant. “Molon Labe” . . . “Come and Take It.” Words not spoken by people with a mental illness, but by courageous lovers of individual liberty and freedom who refused to lay down their arms before tyranny!

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