Photo of a locust swarm in an article about the Locust Effect by LTC Allen West on the Old School Patriot

The Left’s Migratory Locust Effect

In Economics, Elections, Front Page by Allen West

Some of you may remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible. Okay, that’s the Old Testament, folks. I am quite sure there are some who will google it instead of picking up a Bible and reading Genesis 19. The relevant part of that story to this missive is the fate of Lot’s wife, as she turned back to look upon Sodom and Gomorrah as it was being destroyed by God. They had been commanded not to look back upon that place, and since she did, she turned into a pillar of salt. Now many of you may be asking where is this heading, but if there are those who are savvy and insightful, you will connect the title to Lot’s wife.

As reported by Newsweek:

“New Jersey, Illinois, and Connecticut topped a list of states that saw more residents moving out than arriving from other states in 2018, continuing a trend of people leaving the Northeast and the Midwest for growing cities in the Mountain West and South, according to a study released Wednesday. 

The annual National Movers’ Survey from United Van Lines, a St. Louis-based moving company, showed that New Jersey had a higher share of outbound moves than any other state. About 67 percent of moves in the Garden State were outbound, making it one of four northeastern states in the survey’s top 10 states for outbound migration. Connecticut (62 percent), New York (61.5 percent), and Massachusetts (56 percent) were the others.

In the Midwest, Illinois had the highest share of outbound moves, with 66 percent of relocations going out of state and just 34 percent coming in. Other Midwestern states in the top 10 for outbound migration were Kansas (58.7 percent), Ohio (56.5 percent), Iowa (55.5 percent) and Michigan (55 percent). Several factors are driving the overall trend, according to Michael Stoll, an economist and professor in the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

“The data collected by United Van Lines aligns with longer-term migration patterns to southern and western states, trends driven by factors like job growth, lower costs of living, state budgetary challenges and more temperate climates,” Stoll said in a statement.

“Unlike a few decades ago, retirees are leaving California, instead choosing other states in the Pacific West and Mountain West. We’re also seeing young professionals migrating to vibrant, metropolitan economies, like Washington, D.C. and Seattle.”

Another top moving company, Atlas Van Lines, also released a report on domestic migration over the past year. As in United Van Lines report, it found that Illinois (61 percent), New York (61 percent), Connecticut (60 percent) and New Jersey (57 percent) all placed in the top 10 with respect to the share of outbound moves.”

I found it interesting that California was not listed in the top states. Without a doubt, there is one factor that these outbound states share: high taxes. Now that the SALT (State and Local Tax) deduction has been repealed, more people are feeling the sting of these high tax states where no relief is in sight. Therefore, just like Lot and his family fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah, due to its impending destruction, so are people fleeing these failing blue states.

But, the parallel with Lot’s wife is that there are those who still look back upon the place they are fleeing. For Lot’s wife, the punishment was being turned into a pillar of salt. In reality, what is happening in the inbound states where these people are migrating, they are turning successful, economically strong red states into blue, failing states.

Sadly, the progressive socialist left is enacting a migratory locust effect flying into fertile conservative states and bringing upon them the pestilence of the states they are departing: their progressive ideology.

This phenomenon was the catalyst for writing the book, Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death. We are seeing this occur in the Lone Star State. Just about every state east of California has felt the migratory sting of the left’s locust effect — Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, and Colorado. It appears Idaho is next in line, and many will tell you that all was once well in Oregon and Washington state until the leftist migration from California. In those Pacific Northwest states, the leftist scourge found a home in the major population centers and college campuses — Portland and Eugene, Oregon, along with Seattle-Tacoma Washington (King County).

What we must admit is that it’s completely delusional, absurd, and well, insane to flee a state because of its failing economic policies and then move to a state and vote to make it resemble the state vacated.

It always starts at the local level and expands from there. First, it goes to the city councils, school boards, county commissioner seats, and then it expands out from the major urban center into the suburbs. An examination of the last two national electoral maps of red states will find blue concentrated in urban centers, surrounded by a sea of red. That is an astonishing point that you will even find in blue states like Washington and Illinois.

If you come to the capital of Texas, Austin, you would not believe that you are in Texas. But, that is being repeated elsewhere in America.

How does one explain this? You leave a state, as the article points out, looking for better economic opportunities, and climate, but you come with the political baggage that forced your departure. It is nonsensical, borderline idiotic, but happening every day across America. The simple question has to be, why not just stay where you are and live under the policies that you have voted to have implemented?

Yes, there are some departing those states who hold a more constitutional conservative perspective. However, there are many departing who are progressive socialists. Why are these businesses and corporations that are relocating to red states not explaining to their employees they are moving due to business-friendly tax and regulatory atmospheres? Instead, we have people coming into Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and other successful red states and attempting to make them like the place they just left.

That’s crazy, right?

Here is what needs to happen. When you see an Atlas or United Van Lines — or any moving truck — pull into your neighborhood, be nice, be kind, and bring over a welcome basket to your new neighbors. Greet them with a smile welcoming them to your street, introducing yourself, ask them where they are from . . . and then ask, “why are you here?” Make them realize that they fled Sodom and Gomorrah for a new place, and to not look back. Remind them that they have moved to new, fertile lands, but do not be a locust and chew it up, destroy it like they did their previous state.

Oh, and also, y’all, get out and run for school board, city council, and county commission. Stop allowing leftists to come into your cities and take them over. Let me remind you of something, there is another very dangerous ideology that uses migration to advance its goals . . . just look at Europe.

In the Bible, locusts represented a scourge, plague, punishment. Stop the migration of progressive socialist locusts.