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The Left’s War on Women . . . Conservative Women

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If there is one word, among many, that aptly describes the progressive socialist left, the first one in my mind is hypocrisy. Remember the insidious talking point, “war on women,” from a few election cycles ago? We were bombarded by this repetitive talking point whose aim served one purpose, drive women voters away from the Republican Party.

Of course, the centerpiece was the assertion that Republicans hate women, especially since they do not support “women’s reproductive health rights.” In other words, if you do not agree with the idea of murdering unborn babies as a means of birth control, you are against women.

You can support better financial opportunities for women, not good enough. You can support self-defense and women being armed to protect themselves and their families, not good enough. You can speak out against criminal illegal immigrants murdering and raping women, not good enough.

The left has taken it upon themselves to define “women’s issues.” If you have a perspective, insight, or belief that is contrary to the ideological agenda of the left, you are anti-woman, and that’s even if you are a woman.

The left has taken it upon themselves to define 'women's issues.' If you have a perspective, insight, or belief that is contrary to the ideological agenda of the left, you are anti-woman, and that's even if you are a woman. Click To Tweet

The real war on women is the left’s assault against conservative women: white, black, Hispanic, Asian, it does not matter. Women who are conservative are not considered real women. As a matter of fact, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright stated that there was a special place in hell for women who do not support other women. Her comments were specifically targeted towards women who were not supporting Hillary Clinton. And, it was Hillary Clinton who viciously attacked, disparaged, and denigrated women who had been sexually assaulted by her husband, ol’ Bill Clinton. But, those were not real women in the eyes of the left.

Now, we find out that Hillary Clinton has written a book about strong, powerful women. Hmm, interestingly enough, there was no mention of Margaret Thatcher, Condoleeza Rice, or Nikki Haley, in her one-sided literary project. We all remember the very disconcerting and disturbing cartoons of former National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Rice by the Washington Post. When she was being tapped as the UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley was assailed by the left as being too inexperienced, and incompetent, on foreign policy and affairs to be an effective voice . . . Boy were they wrong.

Then again, the left is always wrong, that’s why I refer to them as “stuck on stupid”.

Now, the progressive socialist left has a new target in their war on conservative women, New York Congressional Representative, Elise Stefanik. Now, let’s just take a walk down the road of the hypothetical: what if Adam Schiff was a Republican, and Elise Stefanik a Democrat? Yeah, y’all know where I am going. A Republican House Committee Chairman who was openly, and repeatedly, shutting down a female Democrat member of Congress would be facing calls of misogyny and would be beaten into submission until he apologized, and perhaps even would face calls to step down. They would be the target of massive social media and traditional media attacks.

But, in the left’s war on conservative women, Adam Schiff is justified and Elise Stefanik is under assault from the progressive socialist left and their media accomplices. Elise Stefanik has now become a target of the left, just check out social media, and they are targeting her now for next year’s election.

Her crime? Simple, she is a Republican woman.

Yeah, so much for “believing women,” that is only if the woman is a leftist, feminist.

The recent travails of the California Congresswoman Katie Hill, forced to resign, was hardly covered by the media, regardless of her unethical actions . . . But if that had been a conservative woman?

Consider this news story, as reported by the NY Post:

“Rep. Ilhan Omar paid another $150,000 to Tim Mynett’s political consulting group in the three months after The Post first revealed allegations the pair were romantically involved, records show. The 37-year-old Minnesota congresswoman’s campaign has funneled $146,712.63 to Mynett’s E Street Group since The Post in August reported allegations she was having an affair with her paid consultant, records show. The latest payments to Mynett’s group were for digital advertising, fundraising consulting and video production.

When news of the alleged affair broke, Omar had already paid $223,000 through her campaign since 2018 for fundraising consulting, internet advertising, digital communications, and travel expenses to the E Street Group — taking the latest total to $370,000.

But the federal agency charged with probing the campaign finance complaint against Omar is powerless to act because it doesn’t have enough commissioners on the bench to investigate. “This is something every American should be very concerned about,” said Craig Holman, government affairs lobbyist at the watchdog group Public Citizen.

“We have no election cop on the beat. The Federal Election Commission essentially closed its doors so everyone knows they can pretty much do whatever they want to do and that’s the status of our political system today.”

Both Omar and Mynett have denied the allegations in Beth Mynett’s divorce papers that the consultant dumped his wife in April because he was having an affair with the Somali-born US representative. In October, Omar filed for divorce from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi, amid the affair allegations — claiming the marriage was “irretrievable.” The split was finalized on Nov. 5.

The congresswoman’s office and the E Street Group did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

A conservative watchdog, the National Legal and Policy Center, filed a complaint against Omar with the Federal Election Commission in the wake of the bombshell report — seeking a probe into whether the Democrat used campaign funds to rendezvous with her alleged lover.

But because the FEC has only three of six commissioner slots filled and needs at least four members to vote on complaints, their hands are tied. “It doesn’t surprise me at all,” Holman said of the continued payments from Omar to her alleged love interest. “We literally have no election cop on the beat and we’re entering the 2020 election that promises to be the most expensive election in history.”  The FEC complaint focused on the fact that more than $12,673.43 of the payments to Mynett were simply labeled “travel expenses” — a potential breach of campaign finance law, which mandates that travel expenses be itemized.”

Can you imagine if this was a conservative Congresswoman?

Now of course, any mention of this will draw the ire of the left, resulting in one being castigated as a sexist misogynist. That is because the rule of thumb for the left is hypocrisy. It is only conservative women who deserve to be scorned, attacked, and openly assailed as is happening now with Rep. Elise Stefanik, who dared to challenge mindless Adam Schiff.

The question is, how long will women allow this hypocrisy to continue?

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