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Liberty, Freedom, and the Second Amendment

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Just yesterday I shared with y’all the beautiful gift of a Remington Model 700 Long Range .300 Win Mag rifle. As y’all know, she was presented to me by one of our amazing Texas Republican groups. I guess folks speaking at a Democrat (socialist) Party gala or dinner probably get gifted a box of paper straws. But, I digress.

I am hoping to get some downtime between Christmas and New Year’s Day to spend time at a nice mile-long outdoor range. My stated goal is to get a target hit at 1000 yards. Now, as I was thinking about this I came up with an idea. Y’all know that I am a Board Member of the National Rifle Association, going into my second three-year term. The original mission of the NRA was to improve marksmanship, after the lessons of the Civil War. Also, it was about training and education on shooting, and firearms safety. As the NRA has grown, the mission grew to include the protection of our liberty, freedom, and the Second Amendment.

My idea is simple: as we go into the very important 2020 election cycle, what if we held a shooting event, outdoors, at a long-range shooting facility? We would have competitive shooting as well as opportunities for training, and responsible gun ownership. I am thinking about a day that is dedicated to the original mission and objective of the National Rifle Association, a day that honors our Second Amendment right. I believe that such a day, held here in Texas, is what is needed to send a clear message to the likes of Bob Frank O’Rourke: we will not be disarmed.

My concept is a family day, maybe a weekend, almost like a Second Amendment festival day. We can have a shooting competition for youth and I would love to invite the Texas A&M shooting team. My friend Kevin Jimmerson has done an awesome job is coaching a top notch shooting team of which we Texans can be proud. We can have it on or about April 19th, 2020 which is the anniversary of the day we fired the shot for our freedom at Lexington Green.

So, what say y’all? Does this sound like something of interest? Sound off in the comments below, and spread the word. I believe it has the potential to take on a national appeal. Once again, we set the standard here in Texas.

Oh, by the way, I look forward to seeing y’all in Concho Valley (San Angelo), San Jacinto (Coldspring), and Del Rio Texas in the coming days.

Come and Take It!

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