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The Locust Effect of Progressive Socialism

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Throughout history, there have been recordings of swarms of locusts bringing about plagues of devastation. One of the earliest known comes from the Bible, the Old Testament, and the scourge brought about by locusts upon Pharoah by Moses. In their swarm stage, locusts move from fertile ground to fertile ground destroying crops and have caused famines and human migration. Therefore, I feel it is appropriate to draw the parallel between locusts and progressive socialism, a real and true scourge in and of itself.

Here in America, and yes, throughout the world, we have seen that when the philosophy of progressive socialism takes root, it brings about economic ruin. The most recent evidence of this scourge is in the once very prosperous nation of Venezuela. A country with more oil reserves than even Saudi Arabia is now a place of famine. Yes, when people are eating from garbage cans, that ain’t good. The rich elites, like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, can try and make us believe that Cuba is a swell place, but they ration food, meat. The locust swarm of progressive socialism descended upon both of those nations and we see the result.

Here in America, it is no different, and it is the reason I wrote the book, Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death. The economic theories of progressive socialism have found their way into some of our states, most notably where you find failed economic policies. What is so very interesting is that residents, and businesses, in those states end up fleeing, and landing in states with better economic policies, principles, and values. And, what ends up happening? Yes, the swarms of locusts devour the fertile land and produce a famine, where the ideals of growth, opportunity, prosperity, freedom, and liberty are swallowed up in failed policy “reforms.”

Let us all remember that once upon a time, California voted for Ronald Reagan to be its governor. It was a strongly conservative state, and its beauty, opportunity, and growth were incomparable. Then, the swarms of progressive socialist locusts overtook the so-called “Golden State.” Now, just as in times of old with the scourge of locusts, humans are migrating out of California.

As reported by Bloomberg:

“Elon Musk lashed out at the California county blocking Tesla Inc. from reopening its only U.S. car plant, threatening to immediately relocate operations to other states and cease manufacturing at the factory.
Hours after the chief executive officer tweeted that Tesla would sue Alameda County, which didn’t allow the facility to resume operations Friday, the electric-car maker filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court in San Francisco. Tesla claims the county’s health order violates due process and “puts businesses deemed critical to the nation’s well-being by the federal and state governments between a rock and a hard place.” 
Musk, who has called coronavirus-related shutdown orders fascist, said Tesla will decide whether to keep producing cars in Fremont, California, based on how it’s treated going forward. The Bay area was the first region in the country to implement stay-home orders to contain the spread of Covid-19 and has been cautious about lifting them. 

Alex Spiro, the Manhattan attorney who helped Musk prevail in a defamation case last year, is the lead attorney in the suit, which along with Musk’s tweets ratchet up the pressure on California Governor Gavin Newsom and local officials.

Musk, 48, arguably has been the tech sector’s loudest voice advocating for the reopening of the economy, drawing criticism from some peers in the business community and cheers from conservative political circles.  

Lily Mei, the mayor of Fremont, said Saturday she’s increasingly concerned about the economic impact of Tesla and other manufacturers not being allowed to resume operations. She encouraged the county to engage with local companies to come up with guidelines to reopen. 

Following through on the threat to move Tesla’s headquarters and future programs to Texas and Nevada, where the company has its massive battery plant, will be costly and challenging for Musk but relatively easier than ending production in Fremont.”

Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world. Well, maybe not after the stupidity of shutting down our economy over a virus with a 99.6 percent recovery rate. Texas is the home of 10 percent of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters, and, this year, Jamie Dimon hinted at moving the headquarters of JP Morgan Chase out of New York to Texas.

This is all fine and well, but the last thing Texas needs are more progressive socialist locusts gathering in the Lone Star State. Now, do not get me wrong, there are many great individual conservatives, and their families, coming to Texas from California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and all those places where the leftist swarm has destroyed, devoured, the fields of economic prosperity, growth, and liberty. They have done as humans have done in the past after locust infestations, and plague, they have migrated to better lands.

The sad thing is that the locusts, after devouring a fertile area, pick up and search for another.

Unfortunately, when these businesses and corporations depart, the business leaders do a crappy job of explaining to their employees who move as well. Take, for instance, Toyota N.A. which moved its headquarters from  California to Plano, Texas, in the North Texas area. We are already seeing a shift occur because of these “new” Texans, who have no desire to embrace Texas conservatism. These locusts are the “useful idiots” who fail to realize why their corporation relocated from California to Texas, and they end up supporting the same policies of economic ruin and infestation of where they migrated from.

Many in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex area recognize this and were praying that Jeff Bezos would not pick this area to move his Amazon headquarters into. Speaking of Bezos, and Amazon, another leftist corporate CEO, he threatened to leave Seattle when their City Council passed the absurd Head Tax policy. We wrote about that here.

This is what I find so very perplexing: leftists vote for leftists and when the leftists enact their policies, the folks who voted for them get upset and wanna move away. Then they find a better place, relocate, and end up voting for leftists, who will enact leftist policies. Yes, that is a true example of a “special kind of stupid.” This is what is happening in many once red conservative states that have been overrun by the locust effect of progressive socialism — mostly coming out of California.

The California plague has spread to Oregon, Washington state, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and now in Texas. Just the same, on the other side of the Mississippi River, the locust effect coming out of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and New Jersey has headed south on I-95 into the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida…always concentrated in the urban population centers.

Interesting thought: I wonder if you removed the urban population centers from the statistical analysis of COVID-19, what would be the effects?

The sad thing about locusts is that they do not stay in one place. They devour and move…just like progressive socialists. The best pesticide to curtail the locust effect of progressive socialism is to spray the fields with information, education, and activation in defending individual rights, freedoms, and liberty…and it starts in the home.

We must stop the spread of this plague, leftism, in America. As I have stated, the most dangerous virus in America today is not COVID-19…it is the tyranny that is carried by the locusts of the progressive socialist left.

The effects are devastating.

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