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Losing the Culture War

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The progressive socialist left asserts that a college education is a right. Further, since they have declared it a right, it needs to be free. Well, a little memo to Bernie Sanders and his ilk, I had two daughters, and it was my responsibility as their parent to ensure they received a quality education. Angela and I took that responsibility to heart, especially considering that between my wife and myself we hold six degrees — two undergrads, three Masters, and a Ph.D. Between Aubrey and Austen, they have earned one Associates, two undergrads, and two Masters…Austen has started on her Masters.

Yep, I can hear the detractors complaining about cost, well, there is such a thing as the college 529 education savings plan. Unfortunately, this was something that Barack Obama decided to tax while he was President. As well, it was part of Obamacare that college student loans were nationalized, you know that socialist economic tenet of government control of economic production? It was through Obamacare that college student loan interest rates increased…not exactly a private-sector problem.

Angela and I have provided responsibly for our daughters. We do not see why it is our responsibility to pay for anyone else’s child unless we are to get refunded all the monies we spent on our daughters and put it towards someone else? What I love about the left is that they create their ideological agenda and then want us to believe it is a right…a la free college, free healthcare, everyone owning a home.

Needless to say, there is a reason why the left wants free college for all of our children and grandchildren to attend, instead of focusing on institutions such as technical colleges where they learn a skill and a trade.

Never forget that one of the tenets of communism taken from Marx and Engels’ book the Communist Manifesto is “state control of education.” In other words, nationalizing education. It is there that the left can indoctrinate young minds towards that ideological agenda, advance their cause in this culture war. It is no longer about education, and I mean these folks want control of your kids down to the pre-K level.

I gotta tell ya, when I look at what is happening on our college and university campuses…I, nor Angela, are paying for this.

As reported by Breitbart News:

“Texas A&M University hosted a drag queen show Wednesday evening at the MSC Town Hall event that was co-sponsored by the A&M LGBTQ+ Pride Center. Though the show, dubbed DRAGgieland, at Rudder Plaza was sold out, members of Tradition, Family, Property (TFP) Student Action, an international Catholic organization, protested outside the venue with signs as they prayed the rosary, reported the Eagle.
RuPaul’s Drag Race performer Kevin Richardson, aka Monique Heart, emcee’d the show. Texas A&M sophomore Caysey Mackey, aka Jessy B Darling, also performed in the show using music from hip hop artist Lizzo.

“Drag is fun, and drag is art,” Mackey said. “People getting upset about it is a little disheartening, but we are just having a good time.” According to the report, nine people performed in the show, including four students.

“Performances were required to remain PG-13 — meaning performers could not remove clothing or use explicit music — and were pre-approved by organizers,” the report noted. A&M junior Sophie Gonzalez, Town Hall special events executive, said 763 tickets were sold and the event was funded entirely by ticket sales. 

Gonzalez said the drag queen show brings diversity to Town Hall’s regular schedule of events. She hopes the show will become an annual event.

However, TFP Texas representative Cesar Franco said the event should not be sponsored by university groups that receive student fees. “We are entirely opposed to the drag show,” Franco said. “This is something that doesn’t belong at an institution of higher education.”

There is my point: exactly, what screams “higher education” about this? Okay, some will say this is about entertainment, got it, but do we pay for our students to go to college for this type of entertainment? Who gets to decide what constitutes “entertainment?” I remember when the students at the University of Michigan complained about the movie “American Sniper” being shown on their campus. That happened at other college campuses as well. Many of these campuses make it severely hard for conservative student groups to have speakers on their campus…but I guess a drag queen show is just hunky-dory?

Houston, we have a problem?

If they want to have a drag queen show off-campus and students can attend, fine. But for me, this is not what I see as a function of an institution of higher learning. If you think it is, then feel free to send your kids there, to get a worthless degree in gender studies, and pile up debt. However, do not expect the rest of us to subsidize this absurdity…nor pay off the loans of kids who made an individual decision to attend college, and pursue a course of study that gives them no future in this 21st-century economy.

College and university campuses can be fun. Doggone if I didn’t have a great time going to Tennessee football and basketball games. But the purpose of college, our institutions of higher learning, is not time to focus on fun…it is to prepare. If this DRAGgieland event is what is considered fun, go ahead, knock yourself out…but I ain’t subsidizing it.

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