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Mayor Big Gulp’s ‘Perfect Model’ for America

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Welcome to our weekly bit of levity we call “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.” Now, this one is beyond easy. Yes, this week’s honored recipient of our “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition is no one other than “Little Big Man,” “Mr. Napoleon Complex,” “Dr. Gun Grabber,” though probably best known as “Mayor Big Gulp,” Michael Bloomberg.

Many of you may remember my “Five Ds” to describe the progressive socialist left. Well, this past week, it is confirmed that Mayor Big Gulp possesses the first two: delusional and deranged.

And here’s why.

As reported by the Washington Times,

“Mike Bloomberg’s plan for California – export it. The Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City mayor likes a lot of what he sees in the Golden State and thinks its efforts on climate change, gun control and criminal justice reform sets a benchmark for other states to emulate. “I think that California can serve as a great example for the rest of this country,” Bloomberg told supporters at the opening of his [Los] Angeles headquarters.

Yes, there are problems, including homelessness, struggling public schools and scarce, costly housing. But California “is something the rest of the country looks up to,” Bloomberg said. “California has been a leader in an awful lot of things.”Bloomberg’s visit came as part of a swing through a state that he sees as central to his hopes of winning the White House. After a late entry into the race, Bloomberg is bypassing the first four primary and caucus states and is anchoring his strategy to California and other Super Tuesday states on March 3. His TV ads have been appearing routinely on television, attempting to connect with voters who might know little or nothing about the billionaire businessman. With more delegates than any other state, California “has a lot of power in the nominating process,” Bloomberg noted.”

Hmm, methinks I understand Mayor Big Gulp’s strategy: go before delusional progressive socialists, and say things that are even more delusional. Yes, that will ensure Bloomberg of being the “Lord of the Flies,” which, as you may remember, ended embarrassingly so for those adolescent boys.

Perhaps I need to remind Bloomberg that in the past year, the state of California has lost nearly 200,000 in population. As well, corporations and businesses are fleeing the so-called Golden State in droves. As a matter of fact, Toyota N.A. headquarters left California for which state? Wait for it . . . yes, Texas.

Things are going so great in California that it is poised — for the first time — to lose a congressional district. Guess which state is picking up three new congressional districts, Mayor Bloomberg? Wait for it . . . yes, Texas. See, the problem, Sir, is that California is already exporting its failed progressive socialist ideology in the form of folks who are fleeing. Some are good conservatives, others are delusional leftists who run away, yet bring “stupid” with them. Folks, that is not plain old “stuck on stupid,” it is utterly a “special kind of stupid.”

There are those who say that the problem here in Texas has nothing to do with folks relocating from places like California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey . . . that is also delusional. There is a defined demographic shift occurring in many solid red states — successful conservative states — due to the flight of the locusts seeking out new fertile grounds to devastate.

Back in 2012, Mitt Romney won Texas by 16 percent. In 2016, President Trump only won Texas by 9 percent. In 2018, Senator Ted Cruz only won Texas by 2.3 percent, though he had previously won by nearly 15 percent in 2012.

Yes, there is a millennial generation shift, but there is a clear demographic shift due to population from California.

Don’t believe me? Then go back and revisit States like Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado, and tell me how they were flipped? I have been to each of those states and the resounding response from natives is always, “those damn Californians!” I was just in the Tar Heel State of North Carolina last weekend, and over Christmas, I visited my birth state of Georgia. It was the same song: damn Yankees coming down I-95 from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Yes, there are great conservatives getting out of those failed states, but, sadly, they are leaving breadcrumbs, and those leftist crows are following their trail.

The problem in America is that places like California and New York are failures, due to the progressive socialists elected there, their policies, and ideological agenda. But stupidly, they export those failures by way of the very same people who voted for those failures. Then they want to vote for those failures in their new, transplanted locations. They vote for the same stupidity in our local city councils, in our schools, and on our college and university campuses. In other words, the cancer spreads and overtakes good cells, and kills them, eventually killing the host.

And, if we do not stop the spread of this cancer, when the United States of America dies, that is it for liberty and freedom in the world . . . we flatline.

No, Mayor Big Gulp, we reject your insidious, absurd, and utterly deranged assertion that what America needs more of is California. What America needs more of is Texas . . . you know, that place of economic growth, opportunity, and promise. The place of energy independence and net export of energy resources. The place that has its own electrical grid, and where some 10 percent of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters call home. The place where the largest military installation in the world calls home, Ft. Hood. And, where the F-35 and next generation of tilt-rotor aircraft is being developed. Oh, by the way, Austin, Texas, is becoming Silicon Hill Country . . . as opposed to Silicon Valley.

Now, y’all understand, we will welcome ya here in Texas, but ask yourselves two critical questions. Why are you here? Why did you leave where you were?

C’mon to Texas, grab some jeans, boots, and a nice cowboy hat. But, Mayor Big Gulp, and all the rest, leave your “stuck on stupid” progressive socialist leftist crap behind. Even God told Lot and his family one thing when they fled the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: “don’t look back.”

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