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A New Twist on Open Borders

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In America, we have been dealing with the issue of illegal immigration for quite some time. There can be no debate that this is a critical problem for the sovereignty of our Constitutional Republic. We have states and cities, run by progressive socialists, who are openly defiant of our rule of law and have declared themselves sanctuaries for those in our country illegally.

Currently, we are in a constitutional debate as to whether or not the question of citizenship should be on our census form. There are actually those who believe representation and allocation of taxpayer benefits in America should be based upon sheer population, not the number of actual citizens.

The open borders movement in America is alive and well. Most recently, when President Trump implemented a travel ban on incoming flights from Asia, mainly China, he was denigrated as a xenophobe and racist.

Just this past week, NYC leftist Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was up in arms complaining that the $2.2T taxpayer-funded stimulus did not provide funds to those who use ITINs (Individual Tax Identification Numbers). Those are the individuals who cannot obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) because they are here illegally.

Of course, if you do not support open borders, decriminalizing illegal border crossing, and sanctuary states and cities, you are disparaged as a racist. #bordercrisis #illegalimmigration Click To Tweet

Of course, if you do not support open borders, decriminalizing illegal border crossing, and sanctuary states and cities, you are disparaged as a racist.

Well, there is a new twist on open borders, and it is quite entertaining, to say the least.

As reported by Latin Live:

“Mexican protestors shutdown [sic] a border crossing point, wearing masks and carrying signs telling Americans to “Stay At Home.”

In Sonora, across the border from Arizona, members of the group Sonorenses por la Salud y la Vida used their cars to block traffic across the border between the twin cities of Nogales. Wearing face masks and carrying signs that read “Stay At Home,” the protestors shutdown [sic] the border crossing for hours on Wednesday and will continue again today, demanding restrictions against Americans travelling into Mexico, worried that they will bring disease with them.

The US has over 81,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, more than any other nation in the world. Mexico has less than 500. The border is supposed to be closed to all except “essential traffic,” but the protestors say that the travel restrictions haven’t been enforced and no testing has been implemented.

Sonorense group member José Luis Hernández told the Arizona Republic, “There are no health screenings by the federal government to deal with this pandemic. That’s why we’re here in Nogales. We’ve taken this action to call on the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to act now.” 

Uh, yeah, Mexicans are shutting off border crossings and telling Americans to “stay at home.” I guess they no longer for open borders?

Now, considering the utter arrogance of such — not to mention hypocrisy — consider this: if there were Americans on our side of the border shutting down the crossing, let’s say in El Paso, holding signs saying “Stay At Home,” what do you think the response would be from Mexico, the leftist media, and the Democrat Party? We all know that ol’ Robert Francis O’Rourke would do one of his profanity-laced tirades and feign sincere emotion and blather on about caring for these poor migrants who have a right to be in America.

Think about the billions of dollars, taxpayer dollars, that are spent to support individuals who did not “stay at home” and illegally entered these United States of America. How many billions of dollars are sent back as remittances to the places where illegals did not “stay at home” without any taxation? Hmm, I think that is a policy that should change, instead of raising taxes on law-abiding Americans, who are working and “staying at home”…let’s tax the remittances, the billions, being wired back by those who did not “Stay at Home”.

Oh yeah, I can just hear the steam building up in the heads of the leftists as they are about to blow a gasket. But really, tell me, you are not angered and incensed by these people telling us, Americans, to “Stay at Home?”

We once shared a story with y’all about the dangers, diseases, for which our US Border Patrol agents, and their families, are exposed to because of people who didn’t “Stay at Home.” No one seems to care when we expose our law enforcement agents to the dangers of illegal immigration. No one seems to care when Americans are murdered, like Kate Steinle, by criminal illegal immigrants who did not “Stay at Home” — on countless occasions — even after being deported.

For the talking point that America now has the most reported COVID-19 cases in the world, do y’all honestly think China is telling the truth? This flu season we have had some 40 million Americans sick with the flu, over 600,000 hospitalized, and sadly, some 40 thousand have died, just because of the common flu. To date, American has sadly lost some 1,400 to COVID-19.

Those are the facts, the truth. What is also a fact is that every day we are exposed to diseases that we have cured in America because of illegal immigrants who decided not to “Stay at Home,” such as tuberculosis.

The Mexicans want a government crackdown on Americans crossing the border. Americans want the same: for Mexicans illegally crossing our border. Maybe now we can move forward, for just as with Egyptian King Ramses, the Mexicans have pronounced their own fate. Let’s secure the border. In Mexico, Americans are not allowed to reside there and live off Mexican government benefits, so let’s adopt that standard as well.

Open borders . . . nah. Heck, the Mexicans have just said they do not want them either!

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