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New Warning About the Left’s 2020 Tactics

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It was back in early 2018 that I decided to write a book about the changing demographics in Texas leading toward an ideological shift. If there is one thing serving 22 years in the military taught me, leadership is visionary, prescient. You do not just sit in the now and react. A true leader analyzes trends and assesses information to ascertain a strategic direction. There was no doubt that the progressive socialist left had their eyes on the Lone Star State and their goal was to do as they have done in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. They would flood this strong conservative State with leftists fleeing from their failed blue states, especially into urban and suburban areas, and flip the State.


Anyone with common sense could see what was happening, and yet, we have not had sufficient Red State leadership to call this out. We have Red State governors go to failing blue states and encourage businesses and corporations to move into their states, touting the economic policies that lead to growth, opportunity, and prosperity. However, what these governors failed to do is strongly articulate why these policies led to growth, opportunity, and prosperity . . . not to corporate or business leaders, but to the employees who would follow. As well, we have seen Red State conservative elected leaders allow local school boards to run amok. As well, they have allowed many of their colleges and universities — including some flagship campuses — to be overrun by Marxist/socialist professors.

So, I wrote the book Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death. And, after the elections in November 2018, here in Texas, there is reason for concern. Not panic or fear, but we must be concerned.

The real ideological fight for America, as I have stated in my statement for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, is here in Texas, not Washington, DC. There is no clearer delineation between the philosophical and ideological way forward for Texas, America. As a matter of fact, we shared an article with y’all from The Economist called, “Texafornia,” which asserts that the future of America comes down to two States, California and Texas. Remember, it was just recently that the city council of Austin, Texas voted to allow the homeless to erect tents in the city. What city does that sound like? Certainly not the capital of the State of Texas.

Now, NY Magazine has written another very telling article, signaling that the left does indeed believe the time is near to flip Texas. Think about it: why would a state like Texas want to be turned “blue,” meaning into sadness?

“As the whole world tried to absorb a horrendous act of applied racism from El Paso over the weekend, a fourth House Republican incumbent headed for the exits. The Dallas Morning News reports: Eight-term Rep. Kenny Marchant, who narrowly won reelection last November, is now the fourth Texas Republican congressman in recent days to pick retirement over an uphill fight for political survival next year.

The growing exodus — or “Texodus,” as Democrats have gleefully characterized the parade of departures — both reflects and accelerates the GOP’s fading grip on Texas. Three of the retirements come in highly competitive districts that Democrats have a good shot of flipping.

These retirements (and others like them elsewhere) will definitely erode the already slim odds of a Republican reconquest of the House next year. But their concentration in the Lone Star State could represent a much bigger problem for the GOP. If Texas starts turning blue, the Republican presidential electoral map instantly becomes problematic.

If nothing else, the wave of Texas Republican congressional retirements will ensure that Democrats put a lot of resources into the state, increasing the chances that it will become a presidential (and perhaps Senate!) battleground. But from a big-picture perspective, nothing would better illustrate the political downside of Trumpism than this state, which Republicans have for years claimed as a veritable showcase of conservative governance slipping from their grip.  It would be fitting if Trump and his infinitely compliant party paid an immediate price for his nativist stylings deep in the heart of Texas.”

Yes, the left believes Texas is really in play, and when one considers the “bushwhacking” the Texas GOP took in November 2018, you can see why they are encouraged. The progressive socialist left controls most of the major population centers, and they are seeking to spread their cancer into the surrounding suburbs. Yes, they have a strategy, a ground game . . . and perceived momentum. Then again, so did Hitler’s army until 1942, when it ran deep into Russia and was stalled at a place called Stalingrad.

Now, the left is going to go apoplectic because I made that comparison, but, then again, they are the ones incessantly referring to any and everyone as Nazis. I am just using a strategic battle as an example.

I believe that it is here, in Texas, where there will be a new Alamo stand, and it will lead to a resounding victory. What we must do here in Texas is take the message of individual liberty, freedom, and rights to all communities with boldness and challenge the failures of the left. We must ask the simple question of those who have moved here from failed Blue states, and those who are here in Texas embracing these failed policies . . . why? Yes, we must make it a clear choice between being like the corrupt and rotten rulers of California who have taken a great state and brought it to its knees or be the beacon of the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and individual ruggedness that is Texas.

I see a great opportunity here to crush the progressive socialist left. I welcome this ideological battle knowing that this adversary is prepared for a counter-offensive assault against their insidious ideological agenda.

The fight is on, right here, folks, “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” where the blood runs red . . . never blue!

If this missive leads you to ask what can be done by “We the People,” I have some thoughts about that.

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