Photo of the tattoed torso of an alleged MS-13 gang member in an article on the gang, illegal immigration, and border security, by Allen West for the Old School Patriot.

The ‘NIMBY’ Effect

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Good Saturday to you, folks!

I first want to extend my sincere appreciation to the staff, faculty, and students of Northwood University who hosted me for their annual Freedom Seminar on their picturesque campus in Midland, Michigan. Northwood University is without a doubt, the premier free enterprise education institution in America.

Now, to the business at hand. It’s Saturday, so y’all know what that means — “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.” I wish that this week’s episode could provide some comic relief, but the issue is very serious and disconcerting. Yes, it is happening because there are people who are abjectly stuck on stupid, but they are having a very detrimental effect on folks that I know, and care about. I have many great friends who serve in the Broward and Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office (BSO and PBSO). These are two of the biggest law enforcement agencies in our Nation, west of the Mississippi River. During my years in South Florida, I spent some fine moments with these everyday heroes, the men and women who don the Green, part of the Thin Blue Line.

Thursday evening there was an event in Palm Beach County that hit close to home. As reported by the Palm Beach Post:

“A confrontation between a man described as an MS-13 gang member and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies turned deadly Thursday night when deputies shot and killed the man after he had shot and wounded a deputy in Palm Beach Gardens, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said. 

The wounded deputy was in surgery after sustaining a gunshot wound to his face. The deputy, who turned 29 Thursday, may face another surgery today, but it is expected that he will recover.

“We’re very lucky that our deputy was only wounded,” Bradshaw said during a news conference at about 11 p.m. Thursday. “He’s in surgery right now. They think they’re going to have [to] do a follow-up surgery tomorrow, but he’s going to make it and we’re very happy about that.”

Neither the name of the deputy nor the deceased suspect had been released as of 7 a.m. Friday. Bradshaw said that members of a Palm Beach County narcotics task force were attempting to serve warrants to search a house and a car in the moments leading up to the confrontation. They were looking for a person known to be affiliated with the MS-13 gang, he said.

The task force officers had probable cause to arrest the suspect on four separate narcotics buys for heroin, cocaine and marijuana, Bradshaw said. The officers tried to arrange a drug buy that would result in the suspect being arrested and questioned by the FBI about the MS-13′s involvement in the drug operation. 

“The bottom line is you see all these people in law-enforcement officers across the country getting killed every single day,” Bradshaw said. “Because these gang members, they don’t have the slightest hesitation to kill a law-enforcement officer anymore.”

Once upon a time, the West family lived in Palm Beach Gardens, and for me to read, and be told by dear friends in the PBSO leadership, that there are MS-13 gang members there, well, it is a matter of great concern. Sure, it may not be as large a concentration as they have in Long Island (Nassau County), New York. However, if there is more than one, that is too many.

But what is of greater concern is that there is a plan to start dumping 1,000 illegal immigrants into Broward and Palm Beach Counties, per month, starting soon. Another dear friend told me that all of a sudden you are seeing the NIMBY effect, (Not in My Backyard). See, when folks believe that this is just a Texas or Arizona border problem, which they declared as a “manufactured crisis,” it was of little concern to them. Now, oops, the problem is about to be dropped off at their doorstep, and there are those folks who are not exactly Constitutional Conservatives are appalled, against the idea.

What is even more special is to hear one Nancy Pelosi now claiming that she never dismissed the issue of illegal immigration as a “manufactured crisis.” Yes, the hypocrisy is laughable to say the least. Why is that happening? Just as the backlash against having illegal immigrants dumped in “sanctuary” states and cities. Heck, you even had Cher come out and decry having a massive influx of illegal immigrants into the Los Angeles area.

I suppose Robert Francis O’Rourke has no problem with the flooding of criminal illegal immigrant gang members into the United States. I presume he deems them as “asylum seekers,” just as Nancy Pelosi referred to them as “newcomers.”

Anyone that refuses to fix our broken immigration system — and I am not talking about some “politicized comprehensive immigration reform” — are indeed stuck on stupid. What is more apparent is that they are willing to endanger the lives of law-abiding Americans, and our law enforcement officers (LEOs) for their political, ideological, and electoral gain.

The young Sheriff’s Deputy in Palm Beach County is indeed fortunate. He has already undergone two facial operations. Just a few inches higher and to the left, and he would have been shot in the eye, perhaps a fatal shot. Now, ask yourselves, who are the people responsible for enabling a vicious MS-13 gang member to be in our country?

Officer Ronil Singh lost his life in California because of a criminal illegal immigrant gang member. Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, two young teenage girls were brutally killed by MS-13 gang members, yet Nancy Pelosi said that these animals had a “spark of divinity” in them . . . really.

I am sure there are more and more instances of MS-13 and other criminal illegal immigrant gangs are threatening the safety and security of Americans, natural born, and legalized. Those who have turned a blind eye to the situation along our southern border are not just stuck on stupid…they are dangerously, and intentionally, ignorant and should not be in elected office as they are not owning up to their oath to our US Constitution, our rule of law.

Folks, that is despicable, that is FUBAR.

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