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No Safe Spaces

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Howdy, y’all! It is college football playoffs Saturday. Doggone, where did the season go? It seems like it just got started. Some of you are wondering, what does the ol’ Col. think is going to happen today? Well, it is college football and anything can happen but I tend to believe we will have an “all Tigers” college football championship game in early January from New Orleans . . . Gonna be a home game for LSU.

But today’s missive is more than just predicting college football. Last night I was watching the USV vs. Iowa Holiday Bowl game and something happened that blew my socks off. Yes, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren commercial ads came on. Yep, it is that time but I found it ironic that these two avowed progressive socialists — trust me, Elizabeth Warren ain’t no capitalist — would be running during a college football game, on a sports channel . . . in Texas!

Here is why this appears “stuck on stupid.” College football is all about competition, as with all sports. There are winners and losers. Last night, Iowa put a woodshed beat down on USC and they did not care about “running up the score,” nor did the Iowa fans in the stadium. So, why would Sanders and Warren run commercial ads during the time of a game that does not believe in the socialist redistribution of wealth . . . in the case of a football game, points. In football, as with other sports, there are no “safe spaces.” No one sits in a press box and redistributes points because they believe what is happening on the field is not fair. Yes, when you commit a foul, you get penalized, but no team is penalized for success, for scoring.

In football, as with other sports, there are no 'safe spaces.' No one sits in a press box and redistributes points because they believe what is happening on the field is not fair. Click To Tweet

However, that is exactly what Sanders, Warren, and the rest of their progressive, socialist, leftist, “useful idiots” wish to institute here in our America. In sports, there will be a team that wins because they prepared better, played harder, and capitalized on the mistakes of the other team. We do not punish them for being winners. As the great philosopher Ricky Bobby once asserted, “if you ain’t first, you’re last.”

These socialists believe that it is their job to make everything “fair”, but that is not life, as we are created equal, but we are not made equal. No delusional, deranged government bureaucrat or elected official can change that premise. I truly found it oxymoronic — emphasis on the root word moron — that Sanders and Warren would run commercial ads on a sports channel during a college football bowl game. There is such a stark contrast to their inept and incompetent philosophy of governance and the reality of life that is it utterly perplexing.

What about the people in the stands, or those of us watching the game? Did we realize the lunacy, the irony, of those commercials airing during a college football bowl game?

This college football season, as with all sports seasons, starts with teams being equal. They all have a record of 0-0, no wins, no losses. Then the season kicks off, if you remember, my Tennessee Volunteers lost their first game of the season to Georgia State, who has only had a college football program for ten years. No one gave Georgia State a chance, before the game, but that is why we play the game. It is about the equality of opportunity to win . . . not the equality of outcomes decided by others.

So, enjoy today’s college football games, and the two playoff games between LSU and Oklahoma and Clemson and Ohio State. If those goofy Sanders and Warren commercials come on, well, think about what they are advocating, and what you are cheering for.

They are promoting the idea that we are victims who need them. Americans cheer for victors who rise above and persevere. Only the “stuck on stupid” would choose to be predetermined to be a victim.

Texas, and real Americans, choose to make victors!

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