Photo of Ralph and Pam Northam, and the VA Governor's mansion, in an article by Allen West about new racism charges faced by the embittered couple.

Northams’ Cotton-Pickin’ New Woes

In #SOSS, Culture, Democrats, Education, Front Page, History by Allen West

Oh boy, here we are once again for our end of week reprieve that we affectionately call “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.”

Yes, there are always plenty of choices, selections. God only knows that we could just do a running recognition of everything emanating from the lips of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . “we need to stop having kids?” Really? And, she’s “da Boss?” Hmm, I thought that in a Constitutional Republic, through a system called Representative Democracy, the people are “da Boss.” Perhaps someone missed that Civics class, or maybe Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez took a double helping of Marxist economics.

But, I digress. This week’s Stuck on Stupid Saturday recipient causes me to believe that perhaps this syndrome runs in the family. As I have stated previously, never get in your opponent’s way when they are destroying themselves.

So, with that being said, I wish to announce this week’s Old School Patriot “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” winner, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s First Lady, Pam Northam. As reported by WTVR:

“Virginia’s First Lady is under fire after she handed a piece of cotton to two African-American legislative assistants on a historical tour last week while asking them to “imagine being an enslaved person.” 

In a letter addressed to Pam Northam and obtained by CBS News and WTVR, the 8th grade Senate Page says Northam’s actions during a tour of the Executive Mansion’s old slave quarters were “beyond inappropriate, especially considering recent events with the Governor.”

“There are only three Black pages in the page class of 2019. When you went to hand out the cotton you handed it straight to another African American page, then you proceeded to hand it to me, I did not take it,” the student wrote.

“The other page took the cotton, but it made her very uncomfortable. I will give you the benefit of the doubt because you gave it to some other pages. But you followed this up by asking: “Can you imagine being an enslaved person, and having to pick this all day?”

The student described Northam’s comments and demeanor as unwelcoming, writing, “From the time we walked into the mansion to the time in the cottage house, I did not receive a welcoming vibe. It was very testing to know I had to go somewhere, and I had no choice as to if I went, I had to be respectful, and be on my best behavior, even when the people in positions of power I was around were not doing the same.”

The incident took place in Executive Mansion’s Historic Kitchen, a cottage adjacent to the Governor’s home that was historically used to house slaves. 

The controversy comes weeks after photos featuring blackface and Klansmen robes on Governor Northam’s yearbook page surfaced across the internet, inciting continued calls for his resignation from Democratic leaders and advocacy groups across the country. Northam has denied he was in the photo despite initially apologizing, and has vehemently ignored calls to resign, opting instead to dedicate the remainder of his term towards establishing racial equity.”

Uh, first of all, can you imagine if a white Republican First Lady gave two young black pages pieces of cotton? Okay, you know where I am going. Needless to say, whatever the Northams’ are drinking, I would you advise y’all to stay away from it. How truly, and mind-numbingly, stupid does one have to be to do such a thing? I must revise this week’s recognition from “Stuck on Stupid” to a “Special Kind of Stupid.” Your husband, “da Govna,” along with his Attorney General paisan, are both neck deep in trouble over “blackface” incidents, and you, the First Lady, are going to hand out cotton to black kids?

These folks should resign just for being that stupid, dumb, ignorant, inconsiderate, and yes, racist. First Lady Northam’s faux pas comes on the heels of another revelation from this week. A Maryland State legislator using the despicable “N-word” in reference to her own constituents. But, folks, have no fear, it is all just a mistake, these folks didn’t really mean it, after all, they are white Democrats, they can’t be racists . . . right?

None of this makes the front pages of leftist progressive print media outlets. None of this is beaten to death on progressive socialist news media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and others. None of the leftist blog sites and talk radio hosts, the few that there are, mention this, save for just a quick passing. Why? It’s simple: there is a serious and disgusting double standard rooted in abject hypocrisy, and the Democrats know that they will always get a pass.

Look at Governor Northam: has he stepped down amidst all the calls for him to do so? Of course not, because it is more important to have a Democrat Governor in Virginia than apply the same standards equally. Democrats — progressive socialists — promote this belief in “equality” except with respect to moral standards. It is all about politicized situational ethics. Wear blackface and hand out cotton to black kids? Well, that’s just fine . . . power and politics are more valuable to Democrats. Espouse anti-Semitic rhetoric and get a seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Perfect, move along, nothing to see here.

Governor Northam, his wife, and all these progressive socialists, Democrats, know one thing: just wait out the news cycle and no one remembers. The opposite is true if it is a Republican: the news cycle hammers and hammers and hammers until there is a consequence . . . à la Rep. Steve King or Justice Brett Kavanaugh. What frustrated the left so much in the Kavanaugh case was that there was no response. His nomination was not pulled, now he sits on the Supreme Court.

“Can you imagine being an enslaved person and having to pick this all day?” asked First Lady Pam Northam. The answer for this elitist racist woman, shades of Margaret Sanger, is a resounding, and emphatic, “no!” I cannot imagine picking cotton all day any more than you can imagine yourself barefoot, pregnant, and washing clothes on a scrubbing board, Mrs. Northam. I am doggone tired of this offensive condescension and the white progressive socialist soft bigotry of low expectations. I am tired of these white elitists and their black overseer enablers perpetuating a slave mentality . . . just like this stuck on stupid idea about reparations.

Look here, you Democrats, stop putting cotton in our hands and casting a low eye upon us as if we need y’all to give us something. The insidious mentality of the Democrat Party has brought about a new enslavement of the black community. Not physical bondage, but economic in nature. Sadly, there are numbers within the black community that are more than willing to accept a few more pieces of chicken from Mr. and Missy Charlie just to garner their appreciation.

Ask yourselves: where are Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, or another of the normal race-baiters in this case? Yep, they got paid the 30 pieces of silver, to hush up, betray their fellow blacks, and tell them to stay on our 21st-century economic plantation. Oh by the way, just as a history lesson, the NAACP was founded by two white progressive socialists, Moorfield Storey and Mary White Ovington. W.E.B. Du Bois, yeah, they made him a figurehead, but he was an avowed socialist, who became a communist, and eventually renounced his American citizenship . . . not an example that I seek to follow, nor emulate.

In 1963, even Malcolm X had a very interesting revelation:

“The white Liberal differs from the white Conservative only in one way, the Liberal is more deceitful, more hypocritical, that the Conservative. Both want power, but the White Liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor and by winning the friendship and support of the Negro, the White Liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or a weapon in this political football game, that is constantly raging between the White Liberals and the White Conservatives. The American Negro is nothing, but a political football.”

True words, except I would add, the white Conservative gives any and everyone the football and tells them to run with it and score. The White Liberal plays referee and redistributes scoring based upon their desire to create a dependency.

So many are calling Donald Trump a racist. Well, he has given the black community jobs, better wages, and improving homeownership. First Lady Pam Northam is handing out pieces of cotton and the Democrats want to give out reparations.

For handing out pieces of cotton to black pages, Virginia’s First Lady Pam Northam is this week’s “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recipient. But to all of those blacks who willingly accept the metaphorical cotton ball from these white liberals, y’all are a “Special Kind of Stupid!”